PayTabs Collaborates with Nazeel.net to facilitate payments in the Hospitality Industry

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PayTabs-Collaborates-with-Nazeel.net to-facilitate-payments-in-the-Hospitality-IndustryPayTabs, a leading payment solutions provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is now collaborating with Riyadh-based Nazeel.net, a cloud-based hotel management software and systems provider, to offer cutting-edge payment services to its clients. The new and promising tie-up is expected to be especially useful for hotels, motels, chalets, resort chains and real estate sectors. Here is a closer look at the many benefits arising from the association:

  • Teaming Up with the Best: net is an undisputed leader in the hospitality sector, with over 45 percent market share in the kingdom. In fact, it books 23 million hotel nights annually through its platform. With its unique leadership position, Nazeel.net can provide advanced solutions to its clients. Over 4,300 hotels have already expressed their faith in Nazeel.net for managing their properties. And the collaboration with PayTabs will further allow the clients to benefit from novel payment solutions and business tools. The long-time expertise of Nazeel.net will help the businesses in attaining maximum efficiency and optimality. The synergies generated by Nazeel.net’s hotel management software and solutions and PayTabs’ payment solutions will help clients attain greater convenience.


  • Customized Solutions: The collaboration seeks to empower the hospitality industry in the region, by making the payment system simpler, faster, and more secure. According to the data published by Global News Wire, the Saudi Arabian hotel industry is driven by rapid economic growth, the development of real estate projects investment, and innovative constructions. These factors are driving tourism in the region as well, which is expected to fuel the growth in the hospitality industry.


  • Global Edge: The region is expected to attract visitors from all over the world. The kingdom is especially looking to increase the number of Hajj and Umrah tourists. These two streams are the prominent sources of visitors in the region. According to an estimate, there were 19 million such visitors in 2019 and the government is now looking to increase the number to 30 million by 2030. These visitors come from different countries, and thus, require hospitality establishments to deal in a wide range of currencies. PayTabs, with its new collaboration, will be able to offer digital payment solutions to hospitality services providers in the region. This move will lend a global touch to their operations.


  • Operational Dashboard: The collaboration will prove to be especially helpful for businesses that are planning to take their operations online. This shift can help enhance their revenues and returns. PayTabs and its collaborator Nazeel.net can help in setting up the business’s payment gateway in an easy manner. With the help of Nazeel.net’s specialized dashboard, hospitality management companies can easily manage their daily operations. From a single window, they can enjoy a bird’s eye view of all their business operations, giving them better control. The business owners can also select the frequency of their reports. Whether they are looking for hourly reports or weekly, this system is all set to provide them with relevant details.


  • Innovative Payment Solutions: Together, PayTabs and Nazeel.net are in a position to provide unique and innovative payment solutions to hospitality services providers. The robust technologies used by PayTabs will not only ensure that the businesses are able to process their cash flows promptly, but also help them boost their own and their clients’ security. The promptness of processing will help businesses to maintain their liquidity, while the security measures will keep sensitive data away from prying eyes. Ensuring safety of the data will also allow hospitality businesses to build a reputation in the market and create a niche for themselves.


PayTabs and Nazeel.net together aspire to facilitate digital hotel bookings and reservations in KSA. They are wholeheartedly working towards achieving the Saudi 2030 vision of cashless payments.

Powering payments and optimizing delivery solutions for better eCommerce

Powering payments and optimizing delivery solutions for better eCommerce

PayTabs and Jungleworks collaborate to integrate payment solutions and delivery management services to provide online businesses with a seamless checkout experience

The Tie Up

As part of the strategic collaboration, businesses will be able to integrate the Tookan app with PayTabs to make mobile and online payments effectively and efficiently in 168 currencies. Online stores that have benefited from Jungleworks’ Tookan app and enjoyed services such as automated dispatch and delivery, will now also be able to benefit from seamless global payment processing with PayTabs. The Tookan app benefits web stores and merchants as they can have their pickups and deliveries auto assigned to their nearest delivery agents as soon as the order is ready for dispatch and these merchants will now also be offered a one-stop shop to manage their online payments safely and securely. PayTabs will also offer merchants a complimentary business manager dashboard to help manage transaction data and history. These advantages will thus make it seamless for e-tailers and online stores to manage both the payment and delivery expectations of their end consumers thus providing them a smooth and hassle-free service.

About Tookan

Tookan is a leading logistics service provider and offers its services to a large variety of businesses. It provides automated dispatch and delivery system, where the pickups and deliveries are auto assigned to the nearest delivery agents. Such auto allocation of resources is done as soon as the order is prepared, offering efficiency to the business operations. Its portfolio of tracking and route optimization services allows you to monitor your workforce in real time by using its delivery tracking system. You can also plan ahead for your upcoming delivery requirements with the help of delivery services management tools.

Tookan boasts of a comprehensive portfolio of delivery related services. Its tool kit features  centralized dispatch dashboard, allowing you to keep a watch over all the functions from one single place. With the help of its automation tools, you can assign task and schedules as per your requirements. Further, the process of dispatching and managing the orders may also be automated, leading to conservation of resources.

However, the execution of tasks and management of resources is only half the story. Tookan further ups the ante by offering robust analytics services. Its various tools allow you to analyze data and prepare reports for control purpose. The analysis may be carried out for finding trends and deviations from set standards. Further, these reports are also useful optimizing performance of drivers and their vehicles.

Tookan provides a service app which may be used by field agents to render their services in the most efficient manner. The task notification feature on the app can be customized to provide operational alerts, so that field agents are always aware of the task lineup. It also lets agents communicate directly with dispatch, managers and customers. The service is especially helpful to offer complete check over the quality of service.

Tookan helps businesses by letting them design optimal navigation systems for serving multiple destinations. The customers are assured of the best services as Tookan enables delivery agents to scan barcodes and add notes. They can also add images and digital signatures as proof of delivery. Give better peace of mind to your clients by ensuring that the goods are delivered to right people and the right place. Tookan also offers several extensions to let you customize the app mix to best suit your requirements.

About PayTabs

PayTabs is an award-winning, B2B payments solution provider. Having processed the first live payment gateway transaction in June 2014, today the company processes transactions in 168 currencies, safely and securely. Using a tool known as API plugins, PayTabs facilitates seamless integration for merchants across 49 industries to ‘plug and play’ features on to their websites. PayTabs prides itself on offering electronic invoicing services for entrepreneurs and businesses enabling them to save time and enjoy added convenience with paperless invoicing. PayTabs’ vision is to be global in outlook but next door in service, whereby payment products can be customized via different business models to suit start-ups, small and medium organizations, and enterprise needs. PayTabs has dedicated offices in the GCC, especially the UAE & Saudi Arabia and presence in many other locales including Egypt, India & the Philippines.

Boost sales conversion with the right payment integration strategy

Boost sales conversion with the right payment integration strategyWhile window shoppers are welcome to browse the e-commerce website, merchants are mainly concerned with serious buyers who proceed to the payment gateway after adding the products to the cart. We shall look at the various approaches of how to integrate a payment gateway and the best option to increase sales conversion.

  1. Redirect the customer: The online payment platform is hosted on an external third-party webpage. It is not integrated into the merchant’s own website. Thus, the customer is redirected to a website with a different URL.
    • Disadvantages: The merchant lacks control of the payment process as it is outsourced to an external vendor. The customer might not enjoy services of the same standard as those offered by the merchant. Poor server speed or any other payment processing error that hampers payment would adversely reflect on the brand image of the merchant.
    • For the merchant: The merchant has no control over the operational aspects like error message, back-end process and security levels. Further, there is no way for the merchant to confirm customers’ payments. In many cases, redirection can hurt sales. The customer might abandon the purchase on being directed to a separate website with different design and logo, owing to security concerns. One might even end up losing business to a rival that offers more convenient features in accepting payments.
    • For the customer: The time for the transaction to be completed depends on the speed of the third-party server. Generally, an online customer would prefer a transaction that takes minimum time until final checkout. The customer would like to see a confirmation of the order delivery on the merchant’s website after payment. It might not be possible to return to the e-commerce site after payment.
  2. I-frame based forms: The iframe feature allows one to add an external payment form to one’s website. This works like an appendage to one’s payment page, in return for a code received from the payment solutions company. However, the design is as per the payment provider. This would cause inconsistency with the layout of the webpages of one’s own website. Further, in case the third-party servers are down or operating slowly, the customer might face issues in making payments. One would not be in a position to offer much support and track the error in real time as the payment process is outsourced. Code changes might also have limited options. The delay might result in the customer cancelling the order or abandoning the cart. Payment management is difficult as the merchant lacks control over the process.
  3. Customized forms: The custom form is completely integrated into the merchant’s own website. Thus, the payments process is completely managed onsite. The input fields like the customer details to be entered within the HTML payment page can be entirely customised. The payment processor handles the security aspect of the payment gateway, ensuring it is compliant with the leading PCI certification. This ensures that the customer data is safe and confidential. Since the merchants obtain real-time information, they can offer live chat support to the customer in the event of any difficulty in making payments. With the customization feature, the merchant can design a payment form compatible in look and need with the rest of the website. The last option is a sure-shot way to boost sales conversion. The merchant has complete control of the transaction and there is no risk of any dilution in quality at any stage.

In online transactions, it’s best not to risk losing control of the business transaction to a third party at the crucial stage of payment processing. Hence, it’s best for a merchant to take complete ownership from start to end of each online transaction. This would entail having a seamlessly integrated, customized payments platform within one’s e-commerce site. Often, a crucial decision like payment integration can result in winning or losing customers.

PayTabs Wins Prestigious FiNext Top Companies in Payments Award

PayTabs Wins Prestigious FiNext Top Companies in Payments Award

Ever since it started operations in 2014, PayTabs has been single-mindedly focused on one thing – use robust technology to help small and medium businesses make simple and secure online transactions. The company has worked towards building innovative solutions to make the world go cashless and embrace new possibilities of accepting payments. It goes without saying that they are proud of the value and opportunities created for more than thousands of payment partners. And it cannot be more satisfying when others recognize this as well.

“After careful consideration and extensive research our awards committee is happy to let you know that ‘PayTabs’ has been selected for the Top Companies in Payments Award”

                                                                -FiNext Judging Committee

The recent award won in Singapore was collected by their distinguished Philippines Country Manager, MayFlor Jalandoni, at the latest FiNext Conference held on 25th-26th April, at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

FiNext Acknowledges the Torchbearers of Global FinTech Sector

FiNext is dedicated to bringing the global FinTech sector under one roof. They allow start-ups, investors, SMEs, incumbent tech providers, financial institutions and other stakeholders to connect and interact with industry innovators. This was the primary idea behind the FiNext Awards Singapore 2019. The FiNext ‘Top Companies in Payments Award’ is one of the premier business awards for achievement in the global payments sector.

While nominees were judged on 5 parameters – Spirit of Innovation, Overall Reach, Industry Impact, Future Readiness, and Market Demand, PayTabs walked away with the highest award distinction for companies specializing in the payments sector – the Top Companies in Payments Award. The judges agreed that PayTabs was a pioneer in the way it had impacted the global payments industry. And, that their brilliant insight and future readiness ensured they also captured the spirit of innovation.

PayTabs Innovative Approach

PayTabs has been providing a smooth way for entrepreneurs, financiers, practitioners, innovators, and enthusiasts to forge partnerships, grow businesses, and access global markets. They hold on to their core system of values to create a unique and secure gateway to their clients. Their smart dashboard is second to none in the way it helps businesses manage their deposits from one platform to the other. The fact that PayTabs gateway is equipped with a PCI DSS certification and anti-fraud protection allows them to enjoy global recognition.

With the latest award conferred upon them (among a series of other highly notable awards), PayTabs is geared to become a leader and pioneer in the payments gateway space.

Standing up to market trends 

The FiNext judging committee acknowledged hand-picking PayTabs from a list of incredible nominations. What worked in the favour of PayTabs was its ability to measure up to ongoing market trends and foresee client needs. They had increased their market demand by addressing these requirements of the market and responding uniquely to emerging trends. With the latest award, PayTabs continues to enjoy a successful journey as one of the premier payment gateway providers in the world.

About PayTabs:

PayTabs is a Saudi-based company that facilitates processing of online payments securely and efficiently. It was founded by Saudi entrepreneur Abdulaziz Al Jouf.

PayTabs caters to small, medium and large enterprises via different business models. PayTabs offers clients services to seamlessly ‘plug and play’ various features on to their websites. It prides itself on offering simple and EFFICIENT invoicing services for merchants and professionals.

PayTabs was awarded the title of ‘Fintech Company of the Year 2018’ at the prestigious Arabian Business Achievement Awards.

With dedicated offices in Saudi Arabia, UAE and presence in Bahrain, India and the Philippines, PayTabs is fast emerging as the preferred payment solution company.

Increase your revenue from existing customers

Increase your revenue from existing customers

Strategies to boost sales from existing customers

Merchants are often faced with the problem of stagnant or worse, diminishing revenues from existing customers. Constantly reinventing and innovating one’s service offerings, cross selling and reducing the customers’ pain points are key strategies to enhance revenue realisation from existing clients. We shall look into some of the winning strategies that can help merchants improve sales conversion from their existing customer base:

  1. Customer engagement: Interactions with the e-commerce merchant influence client perceptions. Superior post purchase support and FAQs on the website about the products are some examples. It is also a good idea to have a payment gateway process that includes easy grievance redressal for chargebacks. The feature should ideally ensure that the customer can provide the necessary documentation and the complete transaction details available with the merchant are also accessible. This would facilitate transparency and improve the credibility of the merchant.
  2. Winning customers’ loyalty: Merchants often face declined payments in case the customer fails to update his/her card data, resulting in card expiration issues. The payment solutions company can ensure smooth transaction processing with automatic data updating facility.This would also go a long way in improving customer experience and reduce order cancellation.
  3. Omnichannel payment option: Merchants can allow multiple payment options including digital payments via mobile applications, thus enabling 24*7 transactions. Thus, time and space will no more be limiting factors in online purchases.
  4. Quick authentication: A BCG survey estimates that the average e-commerce website requires shoppers to click 23 times before a purchase is completed. Merchants need to revamp the shopping experience and enable a one-click checkout with secure online payment systems. This would drastically reduce cart abandonment and revenue losses.
  5. Local payment solutions: Some customers would prefer to pay with familiar, local payment modes. Thus, the merchant should integrate a payment platform that supports alternative payment methods in local currency as well. This would help retain local customers, who might not be aware of global digital payment trends.
  6. Product differentiation: Merchants and payment providers can offer personalised recommendations to customers based on the data repository of past transactions. For example, in case of multiple saved cards, the website could suggest one of them as the primary card option based on the historical usage. Further merchants could also enable better site selection options, so that the customer undergoes minimum navigation through the website before purchase completion.
  7. Cross selling: One can also offer innovative payment features like instant financing, and flexible payback terms to encourage big ticket and frequent purchases
  8. Rewarding customers’ loyalty: A loyalty program with item discounts or freebies would positively impact website visits and sales size. The merchants can promote the benefits program by sending targeted -mail campaigns to existing customers with details of customized rewards and points status.
  9. Low cost payment option: A charge for using the payment gateway is often a big put-off for customers. Thus, merchants should integrate a convenient ‘plug and use’ payment portal, which is free of charge for the customer.
  10. Secure payment option: This is a critical aspect to ensure return customers. Merchants must ensure that the payment gateway and the e-commerce portal can securely store card tokens and confidential customer information. This would speed up the transaction time as the customer would not have to re-enter all the details each time before a purchase transaction.
  11. Expert advice: To further enhance customer appeal, one may also consider the inclusion of a knowledge section or blog with practical information on the transaction steps and the payment process. An educated customer would be more willing to return again for additional purchases.
  12. Keeping one’s ear to the ground: It might be a good idea to include an optional pop-up survey or a quick questionnaire to extract customer opinions or reviews on the ease of online operations and the product experience. This way one could address any shortfalls and win customers’ confidence.

With growing competition in the digital space, it is imperative that along with new customer acquisition, merchants devise innovative and strong strategies to grow business from existing customers. Providing excellent quality of payment experience, fostering customer trust through improved ease of online purchases, and winning a higher share of the customers’ wallet with quality products and service offerings are crucial for higher sales conversion from repeat customers.