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The online consumer market has witnessed massive upswing in its development all over the world. The pandemic and the subsequent stall in usual business activities have further fueled the growth of online shopping and transactions. And this surge is especially palpable in emerging economies such as Egypt. The country is witnessing an astronomical rise in its online commerce segment. +50% percent of its population is already using the internet and the penetration rate is expected to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming time period. With its massive population of nearly 100 million and the dramatic growth of internet users, Egypt presents an excellent opportunity for online businesses. It also provides ample scope for online business service providers.

In order to empower the Egyptian online business community with a leading solution, EFG Hermes has joined hands with PayTabs, a leading online service provider in the Middle East. Here’s how this collaboration can help you grow your business online:

  • Offers Seamless Online Payment Process:

    The collaboration between EFG Hermes and PayTabs seeks to make the process of online payments in Egypt smoother, faster and more accessible. With the growth in ecommerce sector, there is adequate scope for this collaboration to make its mark. Both companies deploy latest technologies and tools to make this process seamless. Furthermore, the collaboration resulted in an initiative that grants setup, integration and operations of an online payment gateway completely free of charge during the final quarter of the year for SMEs.


  • Integrated Services:

    The partnership between EFG Hermes and PayTabs ensures that you are able to get a wide range of services with just one contact, PayTabs Egypt. This solution will enable you to integrate its offerings and enhance your business’s synergies. Your business can offer an all-encompassing payment solution to your clients by removing the requirement to interact with multiple vendors, this new collaboration not only helps you save your time and energy, but also cut your expenditures.


  • Ensures Transaction Security:

    Owing to the ever-increasing threat of cyber-attacks, it is important that your business is able to provide data protection services to your clients. Your business requires safeguarding of its own data as well. In such a situation, it is vital that you choose your online payment services providers carefully. PayTabs Egypt is known for using state of the art software to provide protection against cyber hacks and attacks. Its emphasis on security ensures that all tools are up to date and ready to withstand any kind of attack. The collaboration aims to protect both data and funds for all the parties involved.


If you own an ecommerce platform in Egypt that you think qualifies for the SME initiative, apply here

Know more about PayTabs

PayTabs: PayTabs is a top online payment service provider in UAE. While the firm mainly focuses on Small and Medium Enterprises, it offers its services to a wide range of other businesses as well. The company is ever expanding to provide latest services to its clients. PayTabs makes it fast, safe and efficient to make and receive online payments anywhere, anytime, and even track your business’s financial health on a single platform.

The collaboration between these two stalwarts is expected to add a new edge to the online commerce segment in Egypt. With the launch of PayTabs Egypt, businesses of all types and sizes will be able to access cutting-edge online payment services in a holistic manner.

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Every online business needs a reliable and trustworthy payment service provider to reap profits and bring in more traffic. It forms a crucial part of the business’s structure. As it allows them to generate revenue and ensure the liquidity of their concern. However, if your payment service provider is not able to keep up with the growth of your business and changes in the technological environment, it may be time to reconsider your partnership with your provider. Here are some of the top signs that you need to upgrade your online payment system and provider.

  • No Regular Updates:

Since an online payment system is critical for any business, it is important that your provider offers you the latest services. Apart from the range of services, it is also imperative that your provider upgrades the system to provide smooth services. As online payment systems are highly technological in nature, it needs to evolve with changes in circumstances. However, if your service provider does not provide such updates on regular basis, it is time to change your provider. The slow response rate may also hamper the effectiveness of your payment system, causing undue inconvenience to your clients. Smooth communication and updates are essential to keep the system running in a perfect manner. So that your clients get the best possible service.

  • No Customization:

Customization is essential to ensure that your online payment system is in line with the requirements of your client base. And your existing service provider may be offering the same payment solution to all their clients. However, this type of off-the-shelf payment system is not likely to be the best for your business. It is essential that you properly identify your market and your customer base. Then design your online payment system to meet their distinct requirements. Further, your service provider should also be dynamic enough to change the payment system in line with the changes in your business. If your online payment service provider is not able to customize your system to suit the changed environment, then you should consider changing your provider.

  • Complicated Process:

A payment system is a complex system, consisting of several steps. However, you need to ensure that the process is quick for your customers. In order to achieve these contradictory goals, you should carry out periodic testing of your system, and make sure that it is not unduly complex for the customers. The system may also get complicated over a period of time due to alternations or addition of certain features. Thus, the payment process should be designed in such a manner that it can be upgraded in future without making it cumbersome.

  • Low Monetization Options:

New payment systems are cropping up every day. And they are offering multiple payment options to make the shopper’s experience easy and enjoyable. So, if your service provider is not able to provide you multiple payment options, it is highly likely that even your loyal customer base will eventually migrate to other businesses. Essentially, customers should have the flexibility to choose from different payment options to complete their transactions. Further, the service provider should also offer you the option to monetize your engagement. This generally works through a revenue sharing model, where you are paid a certain percentage of the volume of business generated. If your service provider is not offering you any such service, then you might want to change your provider.

  • Limited Support:

Today’s dynamic businesses need different options and if your provider is not able to provide such options, then your clientele may suffer unnecessarily. Also, your service provider should be able to offer timely and adequate crisis resolution support. Multiple channels should be available to reach your provider in case some issue crops up. Ideally, you should also have emergency access to a support system. Which goes above and beyond their usual crisis resolution methods. A smooth-running payment system is essential for any business and even a single problem may cause a big dent in its market reputation. So, if your online payment service provider is not able to provide you reliable support, it is time to move on.

All in all, a robust online payment system forms the backbone of any modern business nowadays. So, it is vital to choose a payment provider that can grow with you and meet your changing needs. So that a smooth experience is always guaranteed for you and your customers.


Businesses now need to deal with online transactions more than ever. For this, you need to set up an online payment processing system that is safe as well as efficient. Such a system can comprise of several service providers. So, it is important to know the precise services provided by each provider. For starters, you need to distinguish between a payment gateway and a payment processor. While both of them provide online payment related services, they have very distinct areas of operations. So, read on to better understand their differences and run your business with confidence.

What is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway is a tool that helps process the payment between the client’s bank account and the business’s bank account. The main function of a payment gateway is to secure the transmission of online payment data from one end to another. These service providers are also responsible for authorizing payments for card-not-present transactions. A gateway is mainly useful for processing online credit card payments.

In simple terms, a payment gateway is a like a middleman between a client and an online business. When a client provides their payment details to an online business, then the gateway sends this data to the payment processor for further action.

For an online business, a payment gateway can provide a wide range of services such as ensuring the safety of personal data, uninterrupted services, and the ability to accept multiple payment options. Furthermore, a payment gateway may also enable your business to accept different currencies, thus enabling international transactions. While selecting a gateway for your business, you should pay proper attention to the service offered as well as the various fees and commissions charged.

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What is a payment processor?

A payment processor is generally a financial institution which carries out payment processing services for online businesses. Such payment processors generally enjoy collaboration with other companies, which have direct interaction with merchants or consumers. A processor acts as a connecting node between a payment gateway and a merchant’s account.

The main task of a payment processor is to facilitate the transfer of payment related information and to keep the data secured. A processor collects the data pertaining to the transaction, validates and executes the instructions, and then deposits the money into the merchant account. It concludes the cycle by informing the payment gateway about the final outcome of the transaction.

There are a wide range of payment processors available in the market today. It is important to pay attention to different criteria while selecting an appropriate payment processor for your business. A processor should not only provide swift and smooth transfer of funds, but it should also be able to ensure that sensitive data transferred remains safe and secure.

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Integration of payment gateway and payment processor

For an online business, it is important to engage the services of both a payment gateway and a payment processor. In order to complete the cycle of online payments, the services of both are required in conjunction with a merchant account.

Essentially, a payment gateway is required to receive the payment related details from the client. Then pass the information on to the payment processor, which carries out the rest of the transaction and sends the status back to the payment gateway.

These service providers should be chosen carefully after taking your business’s specific requirements into account.


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