Merchant Shoutout



In the digital era, a shoutout is typically defined as a positive mention, credit, or greeting over social media, made by one party, about another. At PayTabs, because we are constantly looking for ways to add value to your business, we’ve come up with our own version of the shoutout. A #Payshout.

Care for a shoutout about your e-store, website, product, brand or service on PayTabs social media platforms? Then get in touch with us by submitting the following information and make good on this opportunity!

Join us in the digital era with a #Payshout—a positive mention or greeting about your e-store, website, product, brand, or service on PayTabs’ social media platforms. Submit your details to seize this opportunity and elevate your online presence!

Terms and Conditions

•    Payshout on our platforms is conditional upon receiving a constructive review about our services on Trust Pilot, Google or our mobile app on Playstore.

Ready for a shout-out?

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