PayTabs Market

PayTabs Market

Your go-to express payment platform for managing multiple sellers and vendors

A centralized platform to manage online payments across multiple branches and stores.

PayTabs Market, PayTabs

Most Suited For

Any company with multiple branches or stores in different cities and countries in MENA

PayTabs Market, PayTabs

How it Works

Single dashboard with the ability to create multiple vendor profiles

PayTabs Market, PayTabs

Getting Started

Merchant will go through a single registration and onboarding, while the branches and stores will be listed under the same Merchant.

  1. Merchant signs up and proceeds with onboarding application
  2. PayTabs reviews and approves the application
  3. Group profiles will be created for each sub-stores
  4. Branches and sub-stores can start processing, while merchant can start monitoring transactions.



  • Group profile management and reporting
  • Team and user management
  • Single view dashboard and transaction monitoring


  • Multiple currencies and localized payment options
  • Supports credit cards, debit cards, and wallets
  • Anti-fraud rules
  • Unique and customized invoices
  • Paylinks, and QR payments for social commerce
  • Single and bulk invoices
  • Manual, scheduled and recurring invoicing
  • Ready-made e-commerce plugins
  • Store accounting and payouts

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PayTabs Market, PayTabs PayTabs Market, PayTabs PayTabs Market, PayTabs

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