Alternative Payment

Alternative Payments

Offer a variety of payment choices to your customers.

Alternative Payment, PayTabs

Quick and secure solution for payments.

Alternative Payment, PayTabs

Leverage the concept of a global village by offering your customers multiple payment options.

Alternative Payment, PayTabs

Offer local preferences of payment options.

Mada American Express
ApplePay Alternative Payment, PayTabs
MasterCard Meeza
OmanNet STC
UnionPay Valu
VISA Alternative Payment, PayTabs

Many alternative payment options

PayTabs understands the complexities and challenges of global markets and we support you by offering more payment options to your customers that will increase your customer conversion rates and drive your costs down.

Our business intelligence helps us in recommending and providing to you the most efficient and effective payment methods that support your overall business goals.

Alternative Payment, PayTabs STC Pay and MADA valid for merchants in KSA only
Alternative Payment, PayTabs Union Pay valid for merchants in UAE only
Alternative Payment, PayTabs Alternative Payment, PayTabs Apple Pay valid for merchants in KSA and UAE only
Alternative Payment, PayTabs Fawry, Meeza and Valu valid for merchants in Egypt only

Shop without Cards

At PayTabs, we help to understand your customer’s local alternatives to paying, to offer the most appropriate payment mix for your business. With alternative payments, we offer your customers more options and empower them to transact with the most convenient and preferred payment method.


Make better connections and relationships

In today’s hyper-competitive world, create better connections and relationships with your customers by removing their payment obstacles. Alternative Payment Options are a competitive advantage and can become an important driver in your customers’ online shopping experience.

Use alternative payment options that offer convenience at economical fees while increasing your customer’s trust and ease throughout the buying process!