Online Payment

Online payment gateway

Start, build and grow your e-commerce business with our secure digital payment solutions.

Digital Payments

We offer a faster, simpler onboarding process. Your shoppers can enjoy multiple payment options on your check out page.


Your developers can access secure tools which can be easily integrated with your platform to provide a delightful customer experience.

Seamlessly accept payments from debit cards, credit cards and digital wallets on websites or mobile applications.

Support multiple business models

Our platform supports multiple business categories from retail and travel to education and hospitality. We have a solution to suit every business model across the globe.

Online Payment, PayTabs

Faster Fund Settlement

Receive quick access to payments. In the spirit of trust, we ensure deposits are transferred to your account within 24 hours of the transaction passing through the acquiring Bank.

Anti-Fraud Protection

PayTabs has a built in two-layered fraud protection system which includes an in-house fraud protection layer and 3D secure 2.0. This ensures secure payment processing.

Global standards compliant

PayTabs is PCI DSS certified to protect your payment data and information and facilitate seamless, secure transactions.

Integration methods

No matter what your CMS is, PayTabs can work with you

Online Payment, PayTabs

Shopping Cart Plugins

Integrate PayTabs with popular E-Commerce platforms via our payment plugins

Online Payment, PayTabs


A seamless on-page checkout process, no redirection needed with our elegant iFrame.

Online Payment, PayTabs

Express Checkout

Simple well-designed pop-up payment window, keeping customers on your website throughout the payment process.

Online Payment, PayTabs

Mobile SDK

Integrate PayTabs into your mobile apps using our Android and iOS SDKs.

Online Payment, PayTabs

Direct API

Integrate PayTabs payment into your platform using our various APIs.

SME Friendly

PayTabs has designed it’s product suite keeping small and medium sized businesses in mind.

Payments are secured with us

Being PCI-DSS certified and armed with 3D secure 2.0 authentication and a dual-layer fraud protection system, PayTabs makes transactions 100% safe. Customer data and transaction history are protected securely, to prevent fraud.

3D Secure 2.0 Authentication
Online Payment, PayTabs
3D Secure 2.0 Authentication
Online Payment, PayTabs
Amex SafeKey
Online Payment, PayTabs
PCI-DSS Certified
Online Payment, PayTabs
Secure products and protection from online fraud
Online Payment, PayTabs
99.99% Fraud Free Transactions
Online Payment, PayTabs
Dual Layer Fraud Protection & Management
On the List of Visa Global Register of Service Providers


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