Powering payments and optimizing delivery solutions for better eCommerce

Powering payments and optimizing delivery solutions for better eCommerce

PayTabs and Jungleworks collaborate to integrate payment solutions and delivery management services to provide online businesses with a seamless checkout experience

The Tie Up

As part of the strategic collaboration, businesses will be able to integrate the Tookan app with PayTabs to make mobile and online payments effectively and efficiently in 168 currencies. Online stores that have benefited from Jungleworks’ Tookan app and enjoyed services such as automated dispatch and delivery, will now also be able to benefit from seamless global payment processing with PayTabs. The Tookan app benefits web stores and merchants as they can have their pickups and deliveries auto assigned to their nearest delivery agents as soon as the order is ready for dispatch and these merchants will now also be offered a one-stop shop to manage their online payments safely and securely. PayTabs will also offer merchants a complimentary business manager dashboard to help manage transaction data and history. These advantages will thus make it seamless for e-tailers and online stores to manage both the payment and delivery expectations of their end consumers thus providing them a smooth and hassle-free service.

About Tookan

Tookan is a leading logistics service provider and offers its services to a large variety of businesses. It provides automated dispatch and delivery system, where the pickups and deliveries are auto assigned to the nearest delivery agents. Such auto allocation of resources is done as soon as the order is prepared, offering efficiency to the business operations. Its portfolio of tracking and route optimization services allows you to monitor your workforce in real time by using its delivery tracking system. You can also plan ahead for your upcoming delivery requirements with the help of delivery services management tools.

Tookan boasts of a comprehensive portfolio of delivery related services. Its tool kit features  centralized dispatch dashboard, allowing you to keep a watch over all the functions from one single place. With the help of its automation tools, you can assign task and schedules as per your requirements. Further, the process of dispatching and managing the orders may also be automated, leading to conservation of resources.

However, the execution of tasks and management of resources is only half the story. Tookan further ups the ante by offering robust analytics services. Its various tools allow you to analyze data and prepare reports for control purpose. The analysis may be carried out for finding trends and deviations from set standards. Further, these reports are also useful optimizing performance of drivers and their vehicles.

Tookan provides a service app which may be used by field agents to render their services in the most efficient manner. The task notification feature on the app can be customized to provide operational alerts, so that field agents are always aware of the task lineup. It also lets agents communicate directly with dispatch, managers and customers. The service is especially helpful to offer complete check over the quality of service.

Tookan helps businesses by letting them design optimal navigation systems for serving multiple destinations. The customers are assured of the best services as Tookan enables delivery agents to scan barcodes and add notes. They can also add images and digital signatures as proof of delivery. Give better peace of mind to your clients by ensuring that the goods are delivered to right people and the right place. Tookan also offers several extensions to let you customize the app mix to best suit your requirements.

About PayTabs

PayTabs is an award-winning, B2B payments solution provider. Having processed the first live payment gateway transaction in June 2014, today the company processes transactions in 168 currencies, safely and securely. Using a tool known as API plugins, PayTabs facilitates seamless integration for merchants across 49 industries to ‘plug and play’ features on to their websites. PayTabs prides itself on offering electronic invoicing services for entrepreneurs and businesses enabling them to save time and enjoy added convenience with paperless invoicing. PayTabs’ vision is to be global in outlook but next door in service, whereby payment products can be customized via different business models to suit start-ups, small and medium organizations, and enterprise needs. PayTabs has dedicated offices in the GCC, especially the UAE & Saudi Arabia and presence in many other locales including Egypt, India & the Philippines.