Join PayTabs at Rise Up Summit 2019 in Cairo, Egypt

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Join PayTabs at Rise Up Summit 2019 in Cairo, Egypt

Join PayTabs at Rise Up Summit 2019 in Cairo, Egypt

Rise Up Summit 2019, the MENA region’s biggest entrepreneurial event of the year, will be held at the American University of Cairo this December. In its seventh run this year, the three-day event will kick off on 5th of December and conclude on 7th December. The Summit aims to provide a platform for startups and other businesses to exchange ideas and resources with one another, providing a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to collaborate and promote their businesses in the regional ecosystem. This year’s Summit will feature more panels, talks, workshops and fireside chats than ever before, all under the theme #JourneytoGrowth, which aims to showcase all the various approaches to sustainable growth and scalability pursued throughout the regional ecosystem.

The Agenda

With a focus on startup culture and innovation, the Rise Up Team have assembled a jam-packed lineup of local, regional, and international speakers, who will take part in presentations, panels and workshops grouped under seven main tracks: FinTech, Emerging Tech, Tech 4 Humans, Creative Culture, Creative Economies, Growth Hacks, and Smart Capital.

There will also be scheduled ‘satellite’ events which will extend beyond the three-days. The satellite events will held across Cairo at several innovation hotspots. Hosted by the movers and shakers of the city, these forums plan to acquaint attendees with the startup ecosystem in the country. The events will also shine a light on different local communities in their own workspaces. The pre-summit events are aimed at providing the backdrop to the main event while in-Summit satellite events are focused on providing an extension to the action happening during the main event. Post-summit satellites will allow participants to keep the momentum going by offering finishing touches to their achievements during the main summit.

The Launchpad section of the event is aimed at providing a unique platform to attendees for making them heard. Here, you can make your own announcements for networking and creating new connections. Whether you are planning to launch a new product or have just received a new round of funding, Rise Up Summit will give you the opportunity to let it be known to everyone. Further, you can also network for the purpose of mergers and acquisitions to fuel your growth. 

Why Attend

Rise Up Summit provides an excellent opportunity to network. Networking events during the Summit will ensure you can meet people sharing your interests and ideas. Rise Up Summit also offers a unique platform to learn and be inspired as it features many inspirational speakers from all walks of life. The main aim of the event is to provide exposure to cultivate ideas and projects in different fields. Talks, panels, and workshops will focus on a wide range of subjects such as “How to Be Investor Ready” or “How to Write a Book?” for example.

The event will have a lineup of highly influential speakers focusing on the Middle East and Africa (MENA) region. Catch them on one of the four stages set up at the summit. The talks are divided into 7 tracks which are Creative Culture, Creative Economies, Fintech, Emerging Tech, Tech 4 Humans, Growth Hacks and Smart Capital. Catch one for in-depth information or attend them all to gain the most comprehensive knowledge about the latest event, choice is all yours


PayTabs is an award winning, B2B Saudi-based company that facilitates processing of online payments securely and efficiently in 168 currencies. PayTabs offers clients services to seamlessly ‘plug and play’ various features on to their websites. It prides itself on offering simple and efficient invoicing services for merchants and professionals.

If you are a small or medium business or even a large enterprise that is looking for an affordable payment gateway for your business and want to talk payments during the event; the PayTabs Egypt team will be on hand to answer all your questions. So visit the PayTabs booth at the event, grab yourself a cupcake and talk to the local team about how their global payment solutions can help power your business through.
Please also join PayTabs General Manager, Egypt Operations, Hany Soliman at a special panel discussion to find out the future of fintech in the MENA region on 7 December 2019.

The Saudi Fintech Tour

The Saudi Fintech Tour

Fintech is the short form of Financial Technology and is used to describe the use of technology for the purpose of facilitating financial transactions. However, it is not a new phenomenon as technology has been used by financial services for a long time. However, with the advent of internet and mobile use, the integration of technology and finance has reached a new level. Some of the most prominent examples of fintech products are Automatic Teller Machine or ATMs, mobile banking, Point of Sale machines and Credit Cards.

Fintech is making great strides in Saudi Arabia as people and businesses embrace the new changes. Fintech has received positive inducements from the rise in general economy and innovations in technology. This new trend has helped firms to grow their businesses by providing new services and products to their clients and other stakeholders. In order to ensure that fintech is fully adapted, it is important to create awareness among public and industries about fintech tools.

Evolution of Fintech

While there is no formal definition of fintech, it may be described as the application of technology for improving various financial activities. Thus, fintech may exist in the form of a business model, an application, a product or a process. Though, most of the time fintech involves use of internet, but it is not a necessary ingredient.

Fintech has seen steep increase in its usage and popularity since the mid-2000s. some of the main milestones in the journey of fintech are the launch of Apple iPhone in 2007 and the increased use of cloud computing. The launch of iPhone is a significant landmark as it heralded the era of smartphones. As smartphones became more commonplace and affordable, the use of internet banking also increased. This development allowed the financial services firms to target clients which were earlier inaccessible due to their geographic location.

Similarly, the developments in cloud computing area ensured that the financial services firms are able to store and transmit the data in a secure manner. For financial services, maintaining the integrity of sensitive data is highly important. It is also required to keep up prompt access to the data to provide fast and smooth services. All these prerequisites were facilitated by cloud computing.

Apart from these two factors, there are several other growth drivers, pushing the fintech market ahead. Today’s customers are less rigid about their financial services practices and are more amenable to using newer technologies. This willingness to embrace change made it easier for financial services firms to roll out new innovations. Further, the sector has seen interest from institutional investors as well. The injection of capital in the area allowed the firms to invest in research and development activities, ensuring that the newer technologies are developed at a fast pace. All these factors combined to make fintech mainstream in a short period of time.

About the Fintech Tour

Fintech Tour organized by Fintech Saudi is a cluster of events and activities hosted by Fintech Saudi’s partners to spread knowledge about fintech and support the development of fintech companies. To date, the Fintech Tour is the largest cluster of fintech events to take place in the Middle East.

Fintech Tour 19 will take place from 1st December – 12th December 2019 across Saudi Arabia and in selected international cities.

Themes this year are spreading fintech knowledge and accelerating fintech entrepreneurship

The Tour will consist of community events and workshops (open to everyone) organized in different cities by Fintech Saudi’s partners related to the themes. Fintech Tour 19 promises to be the most high-profile series of fintech events to take place in Saudi Arabia as it is an effective way to engage with the Fintech Community and other stakeholders.

About PayTabs

PayTabs is proud to be a part of the Saudi Fintech Tour, spreading knowledge about fintech. Join a workshop on the Future of Payments in KSA, presented by Ali Alshehri, Country Manager, PayTabs KSA. Register for the event here:

RAK International SME FAIR

RAK International SME FAIR

To provide an opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises to showcase their products and network, RAK SME together with RAK chamber and RAK expo have organized an international fair. It is scheduled to be held from 14 to 16th November 2019 at the Ras Al Khaimah exhibition centre in UAE

The fair will be attended by over 200 exhibitors from different countries, providing an excellent opportunity for businesses to collaborate. Participants will also be able to listen to business pioneers and leaders via informative workshops and panel discussions.

Meet & Collaborate

While SME events are a common way to achieve new sales and meet prospective clients, RAK International SME FAIR offers several unique advantages

  • Targeted Approach: RAK International SME FAIR follows a very targeted approach to provide specialized services. The event restricts itself to a well-defined number of categories so that each segment is well represented. The main sectors participating in this fair are food & beverage, energy & sustainability, technology & entertainment and furniture & office supplies. Apart from these sectors, the fair is also going to witness participation from businesses that engage in healthcare, wellness & medical segments, trade & business and beauty & cosmetics. The fair will also encompass several other industrial segments to provide a holistic view of the small and medium scale enterprise market in the UAE and globally.
  • New Products & Services: The key objective of the fair is to provide a platform to SMEs to showcase their new products, services and integrated solutions. As businesses from a large number of industries converge at the event, participants will get an opportunity to fulfill their business requirements under one roof. Whether you are looking for legal services for your new business or you want to develop software for your operations, rest assured you will get a wide range of options to explore here.
  • Networking: The fair is set to attract over 200 participants from a wide range of industries. The occasion thus offers a great opportunity to revive old ties or form new alliances. Attendees will get to interact with representatives from diverse number of industries. So, If you are looking for new collaborations within your industrial segment or are planning to enter a new business field, here, you can meet people with expertise in different areas to widen your horizons.Masterclass sessions on business expansion and sustaining SME growth will be particularly useful.
  • Learn New Developments: As this fair is a platform to let exhibitors and visitors interact, it offers a great opportunity to learn about new market developments. Here too, masterclasses and workshops on innovation and facing the future will prove to be relevant to the audience.


PayTabs participation at the RAK International SME FAIR

PayTabs is a leading B2B payment processing service provider in the region. The business is set to showcase its payment gateway solutions at the RAK International SME FAIR over the three days. Drop by, speak to the team and learn more about how they can power your payments, globally.

How to Monetize Your Talent

How to Monetize Your Talent

Whether you are a genius in the kitchen, or you can weave magic with your knitting pins, there are always ways to turn your talents into viable business opportunities. Though this is not always easy to do, it becomes all the more challenging if your talent is still hidden and needs to be brought out. So, here are the top tips to help you bring your talent to the fore and enjoy its full potential.

  1. Identify Your Talent: Have you been complimented for your elegant choice in clothing often? Then probably you have a hidden talent for identifying fashion trends and translating them into practical ideas. Even if you lack formal training in fashion, you may have a special knack for cuts, styles, colors and patterns. So, take a close look at yourself and seek out the things you are good at. And while some talents may be a little more difficult to monetize than others, don’t let money be the main criterion for identifying your passion.


  1. Design a Business Plan: You can start with building a business plan which will help you identify your end goal. For example, you will be able to decide whether you want to pursue your hobby as a full-time business or as a part time money generator. It will also let you identify major expenses associated with your potential business and the means to fund them. You can also think about taking the assistance of professionals to ensure that all the rules and regulations are complied with. You can get such advice at the upcoming Uncover Summit, where Aliaa, the PayTabs QA lead, will be speaking on relevant topics.


  1. Think Out of the Box: Monetizing a hobby is a complicated task which requires patience and some innovative thinking. By working in a step by step manner, you will be in a position to draw up a practical and manageable way to execute your vision. By thinking out of the box, you will be able to come up with new ideas to monetize your hobbies. For example, if you are looking to convert your hobby into a business without leaving your current job, you may have to think about alternative ways to manage your time to accommodate new activities.
  1. Create a Brand and Promote: Once you have decided the talent you plan to bank upon and have drawn a business strategy, it is important to create a brand. In today’s highly competitive world, it is important to have unique propositions which will help you in carving a niche for yourself. Come up with a descriptive business name and an attractive logo to help people retain information about your business. Designing a comprehensive marketing plan will also allow you to utilize your resources in the most efficient manner. Further, network as much as you can to create a pipeline of resources and market opportunities.
  1. Be Prepared for Challenges: While turning your hobby into a business may seem like a dream way to earn a living, the truth is somewhat more modest. Before taking a plunge, you need to ensure that you are truly devoted to your craft and that materialistic goals will not negatively impact your passion. The added pressure of generating revenue from a hobby may leave some people frustrated and unmotivated. Also, be prepared for the setbacks in terms of acceptance of your work and reviews.


Overall, you need to start acting like a businessperson to make your talent flourish. This road will not be always smooth, but with determination, planning, and creative thinking, it can take you to a very pleasant destination indeed.

PayTabs Wins Prestigious FiNext Top Companies in Payments Award

PayTabs Wins Prestigious FiNext Top Companies in Payments Award

Ever since it started operations in 2014, PayTabs has been single-mindedly focused on one thing – use robust technology to help small and medium businesses make simple and secure online transactions. The company has worked towards building innovative solutions to make the world go cashless and embrace new possibilities of accepting payments. It goes without saying that they are proud of the value and opportunities created for more than thousands of payment partners. And it cannot be more satisfying when others recognize this as well.

“After careful consideration and extensive research our awards committee is happy to let you know that ‘PayTabs’ has been selected for the Top Companies in Payments Award”

                                                                -FiNext Judging Committee

The recent award won in Singapore was collected by their distinguished Philippines Country Manager, MayFlor Jalandoni, at the latest FiNext Conference held on 25th-26th April, at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

FiNext Acknowledges the Torchbearers of Global FinTech Sector

FiNext is dedicated to bringing the global FinTech sector under one roof. They allow start-ups, investors, SMEs, incumbent tech providers, financial institutions and other stakeholders to connect and interact with industry innovators. This was the primary idea behind the FiNext Awards Singapore 2019. The FiNext ‘Top Companies in Payments Award’ is one of the premier business awards for achievement in the global payments sector.

While nominees were judged on 5 parameters – Spirit of Innovation, Overall Reach, Industry Impact, Future Readiness, and Market Demand, PayTabs walked away with the highest award distinction for companies specializing in the payments sector – the Top Companies in Payments Award. The judges agreed that PayTabs was a pioneer in the way it had impacted the global payments industry. And, that their brilliant insight and future readiness ensured they also captured the spirit of innovation.

PayTabs Innovative Approach

PayTabs has been providing a smooth way for entrepreneurs, financiers, practitioners, innovators, and enthusiasts to forge partnerships, grow businesses, and access global markets. They hold on to their core system of values to create a unique and secure gateway to their clients. Their smart dashboard is second to none in the way it helps businesses manage their deposits from one platform to the other. The fact that PayTabs gateway is equipped with a PCI DSS certification and anti-fraud protection allows them to enjoy global recognition.

With the latest award conferred upon them (among a series of other highly notable awards), PayTabs is geared to become a leader and pioneer in the payments gateway space.

Standing up to market trends 

The FiNext judging committee acknowledged hand-picking PayTabs from a list of incredible nominations. What worked in the favour of PayTabs was its ability to measure up to ongoing market trends and foresee client needs. They had increased their market demand by addressing these requirements of the market and responding uniquely to emerging trends. With the latest award, PayTabs continues to enjoy a successful journey as one of the premier payment gateway providers in the world.

About PayTabs:

PayTabs is a Saudi-based company that facilitates processing of online payments securely and efficiently. It was founded by Saudi entrepreneur Abdulaziz Al Jouf.

PayTabs caters to small, medium and large enterprises via different business models. PayTabs offers clients services to seamlessly ‘plug and play’ various features on to their websites. It prides itself on offering simple and EFFICIENT invoicing services for merchants and professionals.

PayTabs was awarded the title of ‘Fintech Company of the Year 2018’ at the prestigious Arabian Business Achievement Awards.

With dedicated offices in Saudi Arabia, UAE and presence in Bahrain, India and the Philippines, PayTabs is fast emerging as the preferred payment solution company.