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Quick and easy online invoicing


INVOICES is an electronic invoicing system designed to help you manage, send and receive payments over the internet or social media.

Keep track of your payments for better financial management.

With PayTabs you can now quickly create and issue digital invoices, online. Customize and itemize your invoices according to your product listing, and that too in multiple currencies. Execute all your transactions seamlessly by issuing invoices and collecting payments online. Shift from the manual invoicing process and switch to PayTabs Invoices – a feature that offers multiple benefits to grow your business.

Invoices & QR, PayTabs

Manage multiple invoices

Invoice management of multiple customers under one umbrella with end-to-end solutions for tracking and controlling payments with ease.

More Customization

Select more than one theme for your payment page! Choose your preferred theme when adding a new invoice. Also benefit from more options to customize your invoices – like header color, and footer color.

QR your invoices!

Seller, TIN, Date, VAT Total and Invoice Total with VAT details on e-invoices are shareable via QR code! It’s also possible to obtain a statement of all paid invoices. Your finance team will love it!

e-invoicing made easy

Simplify your invoices. Elevate your payments