Benefits of being a PayTabs channel partner

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Benefits of being a PayTabs channel partner

Benefits of being a PayTabs channel partner

‘If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together.’ A companion is necessary in the journey of life. We couldn’t agree more! At PayTabs, our goal is to walk far and long, and that was the premise behind creating PayTabs channel partner program. This program gives you an opportunity to earn money while referring to PayTabs payment solutions. A mutually beneficial relationship at its very best!

What is the PayTabs partner program?

The PayTabs partner program was created to be a mutually beneficial arrangement between you and the company. Under this program, you become a channel partner with PayTabs payment solutions company in order to promote PayTabs as an online payment solution to your merchants. That is, you as a partner will be required to refer PayTabs online payment solutions to merchants. In return, you will be paid commission based on the monthly transactional amount.

Once you register as a PayTabs channel partner, you can start promoting instantly. The online payment solutions can be promoted through your website, advertisements, personal contacts and blogs. Once the merchants begin using PayTabs as per your referral, your payments will be processed on a monthly basis.

What are the benefits of becoming a channel partner?

  • It is a simple and easy way to earn some extra income by referring products and services of PayTabs.
  • As a PayTabs channel partner, you receive exposure to online marketing.
  • By becoming a channel partner, you enable yourself to offer comprehensive solutions to your own clients.
  • Give your customers access to globally recognized products and services.
  • By registering under the PayTabs Partner Directors, you get the exclusive opportunity to reach out to new customers.
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest highlights and proceedings in the PayTabs services, and also get exposure to the latest industry insights.
  • PayTabs provides you with a committed relationship manager with the sole purpose of providing support to the partners.
  • PayTabs provides a fully automated system through which referrals, transactions etc. can be easily monitored.
  • Get global recognition amongst partners for your achievements.
  • Get exclusive tools, support, and services that enable you to provide better solutions to your customers.
  • Special training and guidance from experts to help you provide better customer service and satisfaction.

The PayTabs channel partner program not only gives you the opportunity to earn good money but also provides you with all tools and support that you will need in order to achieve your goals. By partnering with PayTabs, you can make a ton of extra cash just by referring our online payment solutions to merchants, while we grow our client base.

With the special training and support that is provided by PayTabs to its partners, in addition to several ways in which you receive global exposure and recognition for your hard work, the PayTabs channel partner program is an opportunity not to be missed! A mutually beneficial program, becoming a PayTabs channel partner is a win-win for all!

PayTabs’ winning alliance with Zoho Books

PayTabs’ winning alliance with Zoho Books

PayTabs’ winning alliance with Zoho is set to revolutionize digital payments

PayTabs has always moved ahead with the aim of making payment processes simple and secure for small and medium businesses. In a step towards that, it has joined hands with Zoho Books to further enrich its product offering. The partnership with Zoho, a cloud accounting software provider, will enable integration of accounting operations into the current multiple payment options available to PayTabs’ customers. The inclusion of this additional facility into the PayTabs platform will enhance the payment collection experience for business owners in the Middle East.

Zoho offers online end-to-end accounting solutions to business units to simplify financial operations like billing, invoicing, finalization of ledger accounts, preparation of financial statements, automation of VAT compliance and multi departmental integration within organizations. While PayTabs offers a convenient ‘plug and play’ feature for secure, online payment processing, as there was a need for the customer’s payment transactions to be seamlessly integrated into the book keeping records for financial reporting. The incorporation of Zoho’s accounting database with PayTabs would enable availability of complete financial records, including customer receipts, at one’s fingertips. Thus, it is expected that this alliance will throw open the following business advantages:

  1. Instant payment system: Since the records of the finance function are completely integrated with the payments gateway, there is no time lag involved in acceptance of online payments by merchants from e-commerce customers. The set-up process is easy to understand and use, and can be commissioned immediately. The instant receipt of cash inflows, without delay, would considerably improve the liquidity position of the business units.
  2. Facilitates easy reconciliation of transactions: It is imperative that the accounting transactions, including payment receipts are captured in the system and can be traced back to their source and time. This enables effective monitoring of transactions and ease of preparation of financial statements. Zoho facilitates separate recording of customer payments and transaction fees in a clearing account. Thus, the individual ledger accounts of the finance function, especially the revenues realised from online customer payments, can easily be accessed by business units at any point of time.
  3. Supports multi-currency formats: Business enterprises that transact with global customers would be required to accept payments in multiple currencies. The combined features of PayTabs and Zoho would enable reporting of financial metrics, including acceptance of multi-currency customer payments in over 168 global currencies. All this would be enabled automatically, without any need for intervention by money conversion agencies or forex dealers.
  4. Flexibility in Payment methods: Business units can provide the option of multiple payment methods, especially to their customers, based out of the GCC. Besides traditional channels like Visa and MasterCard, business units can offer regional payment methods like SADAD and MADA in KSA, OmanNet in Oman, and KNet in Kuwait.
  5. Cash boost: One has often heard of the adage ‘Cash is king’. Receipts from customers by way of digital payments is an important component of the revenue stream for e-commerce merchants. This instant credit of cash facilitated by a superior and secure payment gateway like PayTabs, can significantly contribute towards enhancing the cash situation of the business. The cash can be fruitfully channelized towards critical working capital operations of the business enterprise. Further, one can also simultaneously keep track of the cash balance of the business from the accounting system, integrated by Zoho.

The alliance is clearly a win -win situation for both PayTabs and Zoho. The business opportunity is also expected to yield rich dividends for the business enterprises that would be able to conveniently receive payments for their invoices online.  This would, in turn, enable prompt receipt of payments, with zero hassles of extensive paperwork. Further, as fast becomes the new normal with digital, the alliance would generate greater returns for merchants and facilitate complete automation of its finance and book keeping function. Happy days ahead for merchants!

K-Net Payment Gateway: Kuwait’s Leading Online Transaction Service

K-Net Payment Gateway: Kuwait’s Leading Online Transaction Service

Are you a merchant in Kuwait looking for a secure and efficient payment gateway to accept online payments? The solution is K-Net payment system, suitable for online retail businesses, operating in Kuwait. It is also the most popular gateway, with 71% people using K-Net as the APM. This payment system has also opened up a wide world of opportunities for online merchants, as you can now trade with more potential customers and get paid easily. Read on to learn more about K-Net electronic payment solution.

What is K-Net Payment Gateway?

The Shared Electronic Banking Services Company, better known as K-Net, came into existence in 1992. The company is jointly owned by 11 of Kuwait’s national banks. It began its operations in 1994 when The Kuwaiti Network – financial switch of Kuwait – was formed to facilitate hassle-free transactions.

K-Net payment gateway was introduced in 2004 as an online payment solution for private and public institutions. The payment gateway allows merchants to collect payments in exchange for trading products and services. The transactions happen over the internet in real-time. Currently, K-Net payment gateway processes only debit card payments.

How Does the K-Net Payment Gateway Function?

K-Net is a joint venture of the national banks of Kuwait. Apart from this, K-Net is associated with member banks that provide K-Net payment gateway services to their customers. As of now, K-Net accepts local debit cards issued by the member banks. To become a member bank, a bank has to undergo the certification process. Once the process is complete, a member bank has the rights to process payments initiated via K-Net payment gateway.

The payment gateway is developed for collecting online payments by using debit cards. The process is initiated and accomplished in a secure environment, maintained using Security Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. The payment solution integrates with the websites developed using web technologies like ASP, PHP, ASP.Net, and others.

What about the Security Aspects of K-Net Payment Gateway?

The transactions happening over K-Net payment gateway are secured with SSL protocol. The encrypted mechanism prevents any data breach and foils any hacking attempts. Moreover, in 2017, K-Net signed a deal with Gemalto, a global pioneer in digital security.

Gemalto is responsible for authenticating debit card transactions by generating and sending SMS one-time passwords (OTPs) to the users. This prevents any fraudulent attempts during the transaction process.

How to Apply for and Integrate K-Net Payment Gateway?

If you want to install K-Net payment gateway on your website, you need to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Obtain a business license to operate online retailing of products and services
  • Open a business account with a member bank
  • Secure your website with an SSL certificate
  • Sign a contract with the member bank to get a nomination
  • After getting the nomination, K-Net will provide plugins and necessary documentation for installing the payment gateway

You should note that transaction charges may vary from bank to bank. Further, K-Net payment gateway is solely meant for online debit card transactions. For credit card transactions, you should consult the bank.

Install K-Net Payment Gateway Now

For a retail business owner planning to venture into e-commerce or online trading of services, installing K-Net payment gateway is the most feasible option, as it ensures seamless, secure, and low-cost transactions. You will be able to attract more customers who are tech-savvy and use their mobiles for online shopping, as well.

Benefits of mada for merchants

Benefits of mada for merchants

All about mada and how it benefits online merchants

Saudi Arabia now has an advanced electronic payment network known as mada that works throughout the country and involves the use of a debit card, which can be used at ATMs, POS or point of sales as well as for online shopping! Those who have mada cards can use it to withdraw money from their bank accounts through ATMs, shop for goods and services online, and even pay utility bills. mada cards are issued by local banks in Saudi Arabia and come with the latest security features and value added services. The mada payment network connects with other major payment systems like MasterCard, American Express, GCC Net and VISA so that mada debit card holders can make cashless online transactions both locally and globally, seamlessly. Just like a regular ATM card, a mada card features a 16-digit number, CVV and expiry date.

mada is not just for consumers

The best thing about mada is that, it encourages people in Saudi Arabia to shop from local online merchants, as the latter can accept payments through this card easily. Rather, this card will be the primary mode of payment! If you are wondering how far the mada network is going to boost the growth graph for e-stores, here are some figures that will help. Currently, there are 16 local banks in Saudi Arabia that are issuing mada debit cards for use at POS, ATM as well as web stores. 29 million mada cards have been issued already and 22 million out of them work smoothly with international payment schemes like MasterCard and Visa.

mada and PayTabs

Being one of the leading online payment gateway services’ technology in the Middle East, PayTabs now supports mada debit cards that are used on e-stores, websites and merchant portals in Saudi Arabia. This ensures that online transactions are secure, fast and protected against frauds like identity thefts, phishing etc. Besides mada, PayTabs also lets merchants offer many other payment options to shoppers, making it easy for small businesses to grow.

PayTabs is enabling mada as a new accepted card scheme, just like VISA, American Express and MasterCard. This means that the customer will go through the same payment steps as before, and the checkout experience will be as smooth with a mada card as it is with a VISA or others.

What benefits does mada offer to merchants?

Accepting mada debit cards as the primary mode of payment on your website through PayTabs, has multiple benefits:

  • Your sales will receive a boost as more and more people in Saudi Arabia are embracing mada and carrying out their online transactions through this versatile debit card.
  • Shoppers will be able to make payments seamlessly and without any hassle, just like when they do with their regular debit or credit cards. By accepting mada as a payment, you will simply give them more flexibility and convenience when they are buying products or paying bills online.
  • Thanks to the special value added services that mada provides, you will gain more financial control over your business, and daily purchase volume will go up.
  • Human processes like bookkeeping, tracking daily inventories and revenues will become automated with mada, thereby reducing the risk of human errors.
  • You will be able to keep an eye on cash flow and all sales transactions with better ease and efficiency.

How should merchants get started?

As you are now aware of the many benefits that accepting mada cards on your website can bring you, here is what you have to do to get started with this process:

  • You will need an active account with PayTabs first, as this gateway ensures smooth, secure transactions as well as more growth opportunities for your business.
  • You will also need to have an active account with any of the partner banks in Saudi Arabia
  • A business or commercial license will have to be issued to you by Saudi Arabia.
  • Next, you will need to sign the Bank/mada agreement, as the banks and the mada payment network work together to offer you the many benefits mentioned above.
  • Finally, you can integrate mada service into your website and start accepting safe, simple and smart payments from mada cardholders.

Do note that this process can take anywhere from 5 to 7 working days. However, once it is set up, you will see significant improvement in website traffic and sales. So, choose PayTabs and mada together if you wish to stay ahead of competition in the cut-throat eCommerce landscape.


How PayTabs and its Ninja are redefining the landscape of online retail payments dramatically!

How PayTabs and its Ninja are redefining the landscape of online retail payments dramatically!

PayTabs is a highly secure and very well-designed payment platform that lets online merchants accept funds instantly within 24 hours. And that happens without the issues of hidden fees or high costs. You can seamlessly and conveniently accept payments from all major credit cards from all countries both via websites and mobile applications. Your website developers can make the most of PayTab’s state-of-the-art technology solutions which can be easily integrated with your platform to ensure a wonderful customer experience.

There are many advantages that PayTabs has which makes it the ideal payment platform.

  • Quick Integration – You can fully integrate PayTabs with your platform within 24 hours and start receiving payments online safely.
  • Perfect merge of Global and Local services – The gateway accepts payments in 168 currencies from all over the world and conveniently allows shoppers to pay in their local currencies.
  • All business models are supported – The platform is capable of supporting multiple types of platforms and business models across the globe. All customers thus receive payment gateway services as per their local requirements.
  • Quick fund deposit – You can trust PayTabs with your money and rest assured that the deposits will be transferred to you within two business days.
  • Anti-Fraud protection – PayTabs has an inbuilt double-layered fraud protection system which works hard to prevent stealing of financial information and data related to transaction history.
  • Compliance with international standards – PayTabs is compliant with PCI and DSS when it comes to processing card transactions to protect your payment information.

About Ninja

Developed by PayTabs, Ninja is a one of a kind referral program. It was created to help individuals like developers, freelancers, and even online merchants profit from an additional income. PayTabs as a leading payment gateway appreciates the needs of local entrepreneurs in emerging markets in North Africa, Middle East, and the Asia Pacific. Though its digital payment solutions are available around the globe, they are simple and secure enough to suit business needs in every market.

And the good news is that Ninja partners can share the PayTabs mission and vision to boost their business and income in a whole new way. If you have the ability to promote PayTabs’ reliable payment solutions to your network and earn extra cash along the way, sign up today for Ninja. It’s very simple and you will get started in no time.

Close look at the 4-step Ninja journey:

  1. Signup – Provide your name, contact details, address, a copy of your id, professional experience and the reason for your interest in becoming a PayTabs partner. Click on submit and you are done with this stage.
  2. Complete Training– PayTabs is going to provide you training on how to promote the payment platform to people and businesses you know.
  3. Refer Business– There are 49 line of businesses that PayTabs accepts. You can promote PayTabs among any of these businesses.
  4. Start earning money– Earn money as these businesses integrate PayTabs as their payment partner.

The benefits of being a PayTabs Ninja:

  1. Network partner – PayTabs aim is to build a network of partners to make cashless payments a more widespread occurrence.
  2. Referral program – When you refer businesses to start using PayTabs so that they accept payments through this gateway, you can earn from every transaction thereafter.
  3. Learning team – You can now improve your skills and gain more knowledge on online payments with free training offered by this program. You can access round the clock support from the PayTabs local team as well.
  4. Flexible environment – Now, you yourself can decide how to manage your own time, business and revenue channels from anywhere, and at any time, without the need to report to a boss. Get to work on your own terms easily.
  5. Targeted Industries–If you are wondering what kind of businesses you can refer to use PayTabs, the list is long and includes 49 different lines of businesses. From retailers to apparel boutiques, schools, hotels, or airlines, you can refer them all.

To find out more on Ninja: visit our page today!