PayTabs and LimeTray join hands to offer Restaurant Management and Integration Services

PayTabs and LimeTray join hands to offer Restaurant Management and Integration Services

PayTabs is a leading B2B payment processing company in the Gulf region. The service provider constantly works towards enhancing its product portfolio. Its latest collaboration with LimeTray aims to provide better and more diverse services to clients. PayTabs clients can now look forward to making their restaurant business more efficient by optimizing their operations.

The Tie-Up

The collaboration aims to provide one stop solutions for clients to manage their restaurant business. The F&B industry is unique as it is governed by numerous health regulations and service standards. In order to run a food business successfully, it is important to optimize operations and keep the running costs low. This is where LimeTray comes to the forefront.

With the help of this tie-up, restaurant owners can now run their business online and integrate online payment services by using PayTabs payment solutions. Overall, the collaboration will ensure that restaurant business owners are not required to deal with a mishmash of services but have a well-defined set of processes, customer payment options and tools for running their operations.


About LimeTray

LimeTray offers a wide range of services to let restaurant owners customize and optimize their business. LimeTray offers a restaurant software suite which is equipped with many features. It offers end-to-end marketing and technology solutions for the food industry so that business owners do not need to deal with different software for varying functions.

With the help of LimeTray, a restaurant can set its own online food ordering system. As more and more people opt for the convenience of online ordering and home delivery, online food ordering systems can bring about drastic changes in the operations of a restaurant business. With the help of LimeTray, you can now set up your own food ordering website and app, harnessing the power of ecommerce on diverse platforms. The restaurant owners are not forced to join any third party aggregators for promoting their online food business, thus reducing the running costs. The feature comes with an inbuilt loyalty system which helps businesses create a niche market.

LimeTray allows the businesses to customize their discount engine, to offer unique offers to its customers based on their characteristics. Its image intensive menu ensures that you can add images and graphics to the menu to make it more appealing and intuitive. Further, the customization option allows your restaurant to display different variations of dishes. If a client wants to add extra cheese or alter the level of spice for example, then you can offer them the means to do so.

The suite offers a restaurant POS system as well. Being a cloud-based solution, LimeTray’s POS can be operated from anywhere without any constraints. As it is integrated with online and third party orders, you can manage your entire business from a single platform. The POS system has a clutter-free design and is highly efficient; it allows fast order punch-ins, data tracking and quick KOT printing that speeds up daily operations. Added to this, the system comes with an offline mode to ensure that your operations do not suffer even if there is no internet connectivity available.

A successful restaurant requires proper management of customer databases. The CRM solution offered by LimeTray is equipped with unique features such as multi-channel campaign manager and personalization. With these features, you can easily design customized promotional schemes to best meet your requirements. The automation feature of this system helps you in growing your repeat sales by sending automated emails and re-engaging dormant clients of your business.

LimeTray is a leading player in the food-tech space and its software suite is trusted by over 4500 restaurants globally, including prominent brands such as Burger King, Biryani by Kilo and Punjabi by Nature. The synergy will allow PayTabs and LimeTray to offer their clients integrated services to run their business operations more efficiently.