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PayTabs is enhancing its portfolio of solutions to provide more relevant and sustainable services to clients during these exceptional times. The company’s collaboration with Zbooni will now allow PayTabs to offer micro payment solutions to small businesses units that traditionally operate without online presence. Through this tie up, PayTabs seeks to provide entrepreneurs and home based businesses such as bakers, designers, consultants, tailors, craftsmen and women the ability to carry out their business operations in safe manner by continuing to sell on social media platforms and then receiving payments seamlessly and conveniently.

In support of small businesses and in line with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s leadership initiatives during this unique situation, PayTabs is also offering those who sign up for the service zero set up fees or transaction fees until 15 June 2020. This is with the objective of protecting people and reducing the burden on families by empowering SMB’s to  setup their accounts within hours on the Zbooni platform and sell their products through any social media channel.

Let’s have a look at this tie up to see how these new services can help you manage your business in the current scenario. This service is mainly targeted on the businesses offering services such as baking, designing, tailoring, art & fitness, consultation and e-tailing home-made crafts.

What Does Zbooni Do?

Zbooni is a micro payment platform which also offers several user-friendly features for aiding offline as well as online businesses. One of the most prominent USPs of Zbooni is its mobile invoicing service. With the help of its dedicated app, any business can start accepting card payments, including debit cards and credit cards. Its holistic portfolio of services lets you create your online store in a matter of an hour. However, Zbooni goes even further as you do not necessarily need to have online presence to start using its services. Its features are highly applicable to offline businesses as well.

One Stop App: Zbooni offers you a centralized interface to manage your business’s cash flow in an intuitive and efficient manner. Its app is mainly designed to let the businesses accept payments from anywhere. You can manage your cash inflow by generating invoices and sending them through a wide range of channels including WhatsApp and other messaging services. Subsequently, your clients also get the pick of the payment options. They can clear their bills through any major card or even by using Mada. Zbooni lets you collect your dues fast and efficiently.

Easy Sign Up & Documentation Process: Customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can easily set up a Zbooni account by signing up at PayTabs.com/sign_up_zbooni and submitting a couple of documents. The documents required while signing up are as follows:

  • Two Personal IDs (Passport & Local ID) of the authorized signatory of the merchant
  • Personal IDs of Partner/ Shareholder/ Ultimate Beneficiary holding over 10% of the shares in the company
  • Business/ Trade License issued by government or Freelancing Official License (for KSA merchants) matching website business activity.
  • Last 3 months bank statements or a bank letter in case the account is new. Bank account should be under the company name
  • Proof of address (rent contract, electricity bill, mobile bill, bank statement, Wasel etc.)
  • Memorandum of Association/ Shareholder Registry

Mobile Payments: with the massive increase in mobile technology, it is important that your business possesses the ability to process mobile payments. Zbooni is optimally designed to do just that for your business. Clients are not even required to have Zbooni app installed on their phones to make the payments. can simply send them a link through a browser which they can click to complete the payment process. The money is then deposited in your wallet and is transferred to your bank account and PayTabs will now facilitate the process.

Intuitive Operations: Zbooni has made it a lot easier for you to process your payments. The process followed by Zbooni is highly intuitive and convenient to follow. The process starts with creating an account using the app. After this, the business is required to create an order and generate an invoice. Afterward, you simply have to send the link to your clients. Once they confirm the order they are guided through the payment process. Zbooni ensures that the entire process is quick and easy both for you and your clients.

Flat Fee Structure: With Zboomi you do not need to worry about complex fee structures. Zboomi charges a flat fee, which makes it easier for you to keep track of your expenses. Unlike staggered fee structure where your payments pile up with increase in your volume, the expenses ratio remains flat with Zboomi option. The amount is automatically deducted from successful transactions, offering you convenience. There are no hidden costs, no maintenance fee and no set up costs. Its flat structure and simplified process allows all kinds of business including the small ones to use this service. Now, you do not need to use your precious resources for unnecessary paper work.

And now you can avail one-time special offer for small businesses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In order to help businesses in this difficult time, PayTabs has designed a special pricing plan, which is valid until June 15th, 2020. Under this plan, the eligible businesses are not required to pay any transaction fees, set up fees or monthly fees. Further, the businesses are also exempted from any minimum volume requirement. This special offer is only available to new Zbooni customers and existing PayTabs customers in KSA.

PayTabs collaborates with MBME Pay to launches Govera –  an all in one bill payment App

PayTabs collaborates with MBME Pay to launches Govera –  an all in one bill payment App

In a bid to offer customers best in class solutions, PayTabs has collaborated with MBME PAY to launch a new bill payment application branded ‘Govera’. MBME Pay is a leading government and payment service platform in UAE. The state-of-the-art app will allow users to pay their utility bills as well as make other payments right from their smart phones and tabs. The app is intuitive, fast and convenient to use, making it popular among customers of all ages and skill levels.

Get Started

The Govera app is available for both major mobile Oss, Android and iOS and thus is designed to serve a large demographic. Once you download the app to your phone or tablet, you will need to get registered to utilize the services. The process of registration is very simple and requires minimal documentation so that you can use the app at the earliest.

Govera is a highly perceptive app and offers simple onscreen instructions to guide the users in the registration process. You only require a few documents for registering yourself with the app. These documents are an operational UAE mobile connection, a mobile phone, and a valid Emirates ID. After registering yourself, all you need to do is top up the wallet and you can start paying money and meeting your bills online.

Pay everything with Govera

With a few simple taps and clicks, the all-in-one bill payment application will let subscribers pay everything from utility and telecom bills to Salik toll fares and even request iTunes vouchers! The Govera app which is all-encompassing aims to add convenience to millions of subscribers and reduce the time they spend queuing at tellers, at kiosks, online on different bill payment websites or using multiple bill payment applications. The billers range from those in travel and telecom to government services and many more.

Value Added Services

Govera also offers a host of other services. This smart app is integrated with various government functionalities, making your life easier. You can enquire about your bills and clear them online, saving you time, money and effort. Further, you can top up biller accounts so that you can keep receiving uninterrupted services. The app allows you to use different types of debit and credit cards to better manage your financial transactions. You can also store the data regarding your cards so you can make the payments in a faster manner, without needing to add the details over and over again.

Other value-added services provided by Govera include the ability to create ‘Favorites’ list of billers so that you can clear their bills with ultra fast speed. In order to distinguish between different billers, you can also give nicknames to the service providers. The app is highly user friendly as it offers graphical depiction of the bills paid so that the users can exercise higher control over their spending. You can also improve your financial acumen by accessing your payment history.

The Govera app is expected to change the way people pay bills and carry out their other financial transactions. The app comes with state-of-the-art technology to make these transactions safe.

PayTabs Ties up With Expand Cart

PayTabs Ties up With Expand Cart

Don’t have an e-store and still want to sell online? Not a problem! Via PayTabs’ partnership with Expand Cart, clients will now be able to create the right web store and start selling online. The service is aimed at providing one stop solution to merchants who do not have online presence but are willing to expand their reach by creating online stores.

The Collaboration

While PayTabs has championed the cause of providing hassle free and safe online payments, Expand Cart is committed to help merchants in creating their online stores. Expand Cart offers a wide range of services in this regard. It starts with a rich portfolio of templates available online. These templates provide an easy way to kick start the process of website creation. All you need to do is to pick a template and then customize it to meet your specific requirements. Such customization is easy and convenient with the tools provided by Expand Cart.

The collaboration between PayTabs and Expand Cart will allow the customers to carry out full life cycle implementation in an integrated manner. Such assimilation ensures that each and every part of your online store is in sync and provides the best possible services. The task of creating an online presence may be daunting and intimidating. However, this task may be done with the help of online services provided by Expand Cart in an easy manner. You are not required to hire any professional for creating your website and you can do it at your own pace.

About Expand Cart

Expand Cart is a leader in its domain and provides user friendly services for creating imposing online stores. Its portfolio of services includes templates and designs, a store creating platform, hosting servers and marketing activities. The templates included in its repertoire are professionally designed. The exhaustive range of designs ensures that there is something for everyone. So, whether you plan to sell home furnishings or any technical services, Expand Cart portfolio will have a template to cater to your needs.

Expand Cart provides a store creating platform which comes equipped with a unique control panel. The panel has a number of features which help you in building and managing your online store. With the help of features embedded in this panel, you can show all your products in an elaborate manner. Further, you can also enhance the material with the aid of pictures and videos. Other features such as customization of prices and provision of discounts are also available.

Once you have designed your online store, you also need a place to host it from. Expand Cart offers hosting servers which can handle heavy duty websites in a professional manner. It features flexible portal storage which spans multiple servers so as to offer faster and smoother access to your clients. It comes complete with cloud computing architecture to remove geographic constraints. Its cloud servers are located close to the middle east for ensuring speed and faster response. Yours and your clients’ data is secured through the use of latest technologies.

Once you are done with the designing and hosting of your online store, it is time to promote it. Expand Cart has got you covered on this front as well. It offers marketing services such as SEO marketing. Expand Cart aids the process by introducing auto sitemap creation, addition of meta tags and description for items in your store. You can also add promotional features such as discounts and other special features to your listing. There is also provision to collect analytics such as most viewed product, featured products and more. If you are looking to sell your products on social media, then Expand Cart offers your clients the ability to share their favorite products just by the click of a button.

With this collaboration, businesses in middle east now have a dedicated and specialize platform to showcase their products online.

PayTabs Collaborates with UrbanPiper for seamless online restaurant operations

PayTabs Collaborates with UrbanPiper for seamless online restaurant operations

PayTabs is a leading payment processing company in the Gulf region. The service provider constantly endeavors to fortify its service suite to provide best in class solutions to its clients. Its collaboration with Bangalore-based UrbanPiper is another step in this direction.

The Tie-up

The tie-up between PayTabs and UrbanPiper aims to help clients automate the online operations of their restaurant. Through this collaboration, PayTabs will empower online restaurants to facilitate seamless payments from customers. The partnership will ensure that casual restaurants, cafes, fast food outlets and fine dining restaurants are able to unlock their full potential by making their menus and services available for online ordering and payment. The tools provided by UrbanPiper and PayTabs will ensure that restaurants will be able to benefit from safe and secure payments, track payment history and enable the convenience of multiple alternative methods for customers.

About Urban Piper

The features provided by UrbanPiper ensure that you diversify your business using different aggregators but maintain proper control over them from one location. Another unique feature of UrbanPiper is its centralized catalogue management service. With this feature, you can avoid the hassle of visiting each partner portal for updating your stock and offerings. The integration layer provided by UrbanPiper ensures that you can carry out this task with just one click. The service suite also offers Introspect which is a data analytics tool. This feature is designed to let users carry out their reconciliation in an easy and efficient manner. The centralized tool ensures that you get a comprehensive view of your entire online business, thus achieving the efficiency and speed you need.

If your restaurant business is in upswing and you feel the need to run your own portal then UrbanPiper comes to your rescue. The service suite allows you to set up your own shop easily and you are not required to have any coding expertise for this purpose. With the help of this tool, your customers can place direct orders using your website or app, without requiring the assistance of any third party. There are also many ERP solutions integrated in the suite to let you run your business seamlessly.

Urban Piper can help in increasing the reach of your restaurant business. It has over 7,500 active locations in India and the Middle East. Some of the top brands associated with UrbanPiper are Papa Murphy, McDonalds, Tablez and Americana. Its HUB tool lets the businesses collaborate with their aggregators in a smooth manner. Whether you are working with Zomato or with Swiggy or any other 3rd party channel, you can integrate them in your restaurant Point of Sales system with the help of UrbanPiper tools. It can help you economize as your employees now are not required to manage multiple systems.

UrbanPiper offers an efficient operating system which ensures that you do not miss any order or manual pushing. This system can also help you in efficiently handling multiple tabs. You can also improve your efficiency by broadcasting timely updates. The inventory control feature of the suite allows you to improve your operations by minimizing the possibility of cancellations by better managing the inventory.

The use of UrbanPiper lets you enhance customer value by better managing your menu. You can publish different categories in your menu to make it more user friendly. Further, you can also add taxes, items and charges separately so that your customers can exactly know what they are going to pay. The service suite also lets you carry out quick deployment as UrbanPiper has exclusive tie-ups with several top aggregators such as UberEats, Foodpanda and Swiggy. The suite provides regular updates about new features added to the system so that your business can use these services in a timely manner.

Apart from these features, UrbanPiper also has a robust infrastructure. The service provides 99.95% uptime, so that your business remains online and does not suffer outages. Even in the case of very rare outage, UrbanPiper ensures that you are constantly informed about the progress with regard to the recovery.

About PayTabs

PayTabs is an award-winning, B2B payments solution provider. Having processed the first live payment gateway transaction in June 2014, today the company processes transactions in 168 currencies, safely and securely. Using a tool known as API plugins, PayTabs facilitates seamless integration for merchants across 49 industries to ‘plug and play’ features on to their websites. PayTabs prides itself on offering electronic invoicing services for entrepreneurs and businesses enabling them to save time and enjoy added convenience with paperless invoicing. PayTabs’ vision is to be global in outlook but next door in service, whereby payment products can be customized via different business models to suit start-ups, small and medium organizations, and enterprise needs. PayTabs has dedicated offices in the GCC, especially the UAE & Saudi Arabia and presence in many other locales including Egypt, India & the Philippines.

Powering payments and optimizing delivery solutions for better eCommerce

Powering payments and optimizing delivery solutions for better eCommerce

PayTabs and Jungleworks collaborate to integrate payment solutions and delivery management services to provide online businesses with a seamless checkout experience

The Tie Up

As part of the strategic collaboration, businesses will be able to integrate the Tookan app with PayTabs to make mobile and online payments effectively and efficiently in 168 currencies. Online stores that have benefited from Jungleworks’ Tookan app and enjoyed services such as automated dispatch and delivery, will now also be able to benefit from seamless global payment processing with PayTabs. The Tookan app benefits web stores and merchants as they can have their pickups and deliveries auto assigned to their nearest delivery agents as soon as the order is ready for dispatch and these merchants will now also be offered a one-stop shop to manage their online payments safely and securely. PayTabs will also offer merchants a complimentary business manager dashboard to help manage transaction data and history. These advantages will thus make it seamless for e-tailers and online stores to manage both the payment and delivery expectations of their end consumers thus providing them a smooth and hassle-free service.

About Tookan

Tookan is a leading logistics service provider and offers its services to a large variety of businesses. It provides automated dispatch and delivery system, where the pickups and deliveries are auto assigned to the nearest delivery agents. Such auto allocation of resources is done as soon as the order is prepared, offering efficiency to the business operations. Its portfolio of tracking and route optimization services allows you to monitor your workforce in real time by using its delivery tracking system. You can also plan ahead for your upcoming delivery requirements with the help of delivery services management tools.

Tookan boasts of a comprehensive portfolio of delivery related services. Its tool kit features  centralized dispatch dashboard, allowing you to keep a watch over all the functions from one single place. With the help of its automation tools, you can assign task and schedules as per your requirements. Further, the process of dispatching and managing the orders may also be automated, leading to conservation of resources.

However, the execution of tasks and management of resources is only half the story. Tookan further ups the ante by offering robust analytics services. Its various tools allow you to analyze data and prepare reports for control purpose. The analysis may be carried out for finding trends and deviations from set standards. Further, these reports are also useful optimizing performance of drivers and their vehicles.

Tookan provides a service app which may be used by field agents to render their services in the most efficient manner. The task notification feature on the app can be customized to provide operational alerts, so that field agents are always aware of the task lineup. It also lets agents communicate directly with dispatch, managers and customers. The service is especially helpful to offer complete check over the quality of service.

Tookan helps businesses by letting them design optimal navigation systems for serving multiple destinations. The customers are assured of the best services as Tookan enables delivery agents to scan barcodes and add notes. They can also add images and digital signatures as proof of delivery. Give better peace of mind to your clients by ensuring that the goods are delivered to right people and the right place. Tookan also offers several extensions to let you customize the app mix to best suit your requirements.

About PayTabs

PayTabs is an award-winning, B2B payments solution provider. Having processed the first live payment gateway transaction in June 2014, today the company processes transactions in 168 currencies, safely and securely. Using a tool known as API plugins, PayTabs facilitates seamless integration for merchants across 49 industries to ‘plug and play’ features on to their websites. PayTabs prides itself on offering electronic invoicing services for entrepreneurs and businesses enabling them to save time and enjoy added convenience with paperless invoicing. PayTabs’ vision is to be global in outlook but next door in service, whereby payment products can be customized via different business models to suit start-ups, small and medium organizations, and enterprise needs. PayTabs has dedicated offices in the GCC, especially the UAE & Saudi Arabia and presence in many other locales including Egypt, India & the Philippines.