All about STC Pay

All about STC Pay

Currently, the e-commerce landscape is exhibiting a lot of dynamism, with businesses of all sizes going online to reach out to countless potential customers locally and globally. However, the success of any e-commerce venture is intimately linked to a couple of key factors, and an online payment management system is one of them. The online payment system you choose should not only be easy to use but also secure at the same time. To fulfill these requirements in an efficient manner, PayTabs has introduced STC Pay, which is a digital secure wallet and it lets individuals have more control over their money.

Why STC Pay?

PayTabs’ collaboration with STC Pay ensures that we are bringing the latest and the best in online payment systems to our clients. STC Pay offers a wide range of services including easy activation, better transaction transparency and instant refund. It also allows you to carry out your financial operations such as sending, receiving and managing your money through its dedicated phone app, ensuring that you are productive even when you are on the go.

STC Pay system is designed to pay for purchases, whether you have bought a candy bar in a convenience shop or a diamond necklace from a glitzy mall. You can use this app to clear your STC bills with just a flick of your finger. The system caters to the needs of busy people as it allows you to make international remittances as well. With this system you can make instant fund transfer to more than 525,000 Western Union locations globally.

STC Pay Powered by PayTabs

With PayTabs, a merchant can apply for an STC Pay account. After proper verification of the documents provided along with the application, the account gets activated and the merchant is able to receive cash from online channels. Currently, PayTabs offers STC Pay facility to only those Saudi merchants who have a proper Saudi bank account and CR. Furthermore, only Saudi individuals with a Saudi mobile number are eligible for making payments using this platform. These features are in line with PayTabs’ strategy to focus on Saudi businesses and propel them towards a high growth trajectory.

The merchants may use any bank to be associated with their STC Pay account as it does not require any specific bank for transactions. STC Pay provides support for various modes of payments for loading the digital wallet. The end client may use any of the major credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa and Amex or debit cards such as mada, to add money to their digital wallet or through IBAN and SADAD transfers.

Grow with PayTabs

PayTabs aims to provide a convenient and secure channel for remitting and receiving payments. Within a short period of time, the company has established itself in the online payment segment. Its tailor made solutions for businesses ranging from small enterprises to mega corporations are reliable and efficient. The company is also at the forefront of electronic payments with its emphasis on developing technologies and partnerships. PayTabs’ security management layers are certified by Visa and MasterCard, offering you absolute peace of mind.