A snappier way to Pay!

STC Pay is now offered to all our merchants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Secure Digital Wallet

STC Pay is a secure digital wallet empowering thousands of customers to manage their finances anytime, anywhere. It facilitates sending, receiving, and managing money directly through a mobile app, ensuring utmost security and convenience.

Empowering Online Business

PayTabs is empowering your online business to accept transactions from customers owning an STC Pay wallet. You will find that it’s fast, convenient and secure.

Manage Your Finances

STC Pay enables business owners to take full control and manage their finances anytime, anywhere.
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Should you wish for us to integrate STC Pay as payment option on your website, then please note that you will require the following documentation to get started:

  1. Copy of valid business license issued by Saudi Ministry of Commerce
  2. Copy of Business owner’s ID (Copy of Contact person’s ID)
  3. Valid Bank account and a copy of your IBAN Card
  4. Signed contract
  5. Company Logo

For merchants with an establishment CR or Freelancer certificates, please click here for self-onboarding


Then sign up here and a member of our team will get in touch with you

    Disclaimer: Please note that the following business categories, will not be supported for this service:

    • Charity
    • Websites that promote gambling
    • Any websites that promote services that violate the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    • Financial websites and apps