PayTabs Collaborates with UrbanPiper for seamless online restaurant operations

PayTabs Collaborates with UrbanPiper for seamless online restaurant operations

PayTabs is a leading payment processing company in the Gulf region. The service provider constantly endeavors to fortify its service suite to provide best in class solutions to its clients. Its collaboration with Bangalore-based UrbanPiper is another step in this direction.

The Tie-up

The tie-up between PayTabs and UrbanPiper aims to help clients automate the online operations of their restaurant. Through this collaboration, PayTabs will empower online restaurants to facilitate seamless payments from customers. The partnership will ensure that casual restaurants, cafes, fast food outlets and fine dining restaurants are able to unlock their full potential by making their menus and services available for online ordering and payment. The tools provided by UrbanPiper and PayTabs will ensure that restaurants will be able to benefit from safe and secure payments, track payment history and enable the convenience of multiple alternative methods for customers.

About Urban Piper

The features provided by UrbanPiper ensure that you diversify your business using different aggregators but maintain proper control over them from one location. Another unique feature of UrbanPiper is its centralized catalogue management service. With this feature, you can avoid the hassle of visiting each partner portal for updating your stock and offerings. The integration layer provided by UrbanPiper ensures that you can carry out this task with just one click. The service suite also offers Introspect which is a data analytics tool. This feature is designed to let users carry out their reconciliation in an easy and efficient manner. The centralized tool ensures that you get a comprehensive view of your entire online business, thus achieving the efficiency and speed you need.

If your restaurant business is in upswing and you feel the need to run your own portal then UrbanPiper comes to your rescue. The service suite allows you to set up your own shop easily and you are not required to have any coding expertise for this purpose. With the help of this tool, your customers can place direct orders using your website or app, without requiring the assistance of any third party. There are also many ERP solutions integrated in the suite to let you run your business seamlessly.

Urban Piper can help in increasing the reach of your restaurant business. It has over 7,500 active locations in India and the Middle East. Some of the top brands associated with UrbanPiper are Papa Murphy, McDonalds, Tablez and Americana. Its HUB tool lets the businesses collaborate with their aggregators in a smooth manner. Whether you are working with Zomato or with Swiggy or any other 3rd party channel, you can integrate them in your restaurant Point of Sales system with the help of UrbanPiper tools. It can help you economize as your employees now are not required to manage multiple systems.

UrbanPiper offers an efficient operating system which ensures that you do not miss any order or manual pushing. This system can also help you in efficiently handling multiple tabs. You can also improve your efficiency by broadcasting timely updates. The inventory control feature of the suite allows you to improve your operations by minimizing the possibility of cancellations by better managing the inventory.

The use of UrbanPiper lets you enhance customer value by better managing your menu. You can publish different categories in your menu to make it more user friendly. Further, you can also add taxes, items and charges separately so that your customers can exactly know what they are going to pay. The service suite also lets you carry out quick deployment as UrbanPiper has exclusive tie-ups with several top aggregators such as UberEats, Foodpanda and Swiggy. The suite provides regular updates about new features added to the system so that your business can use these services in a timely manner.

Apart from these features, UrbanPiper also has a robust infrastructure. The service provides 99.95% uptime, so that your business remains online and does not suffer outages. Even in the case of very rare outage, UrbanPiper ensures that you are constantly informed about the progress with regard to the recovery.

About PayTabs

PayTabs is an award-winning, B2B payments solution provider. Having processed the first live payment gateway transaction in June 2014, today the company processes transactions in 168 currencies, safely and securely. Using a tool known as API plugins, PayTabs facilitates seamless integration for merchants across 49 industries to ‘plug and play’ features on to their websites. PayTabs prides itself on offering electronic invoicing services for entrepreneurs and businesses enabling them to save time and enjoy added convenience with paperless invoicing. PayTabs’ vision is to be global in outlook but next door in service, whereby payment products can be customized via different business models to suit start-ups, small and medium organizations, and enterprise needs. PayTabs has dedicated offices in the GCC, especially the UAE & Saudi Arabia and presence in many other locales including Egypt, India & the Philippines.