Playing Golf Can Give You Financial Freedom – Learn These Tips

Only the top 1% of golfers play on the professional circuit and earn millions. But if you have a passion for golf, there’s no reason you can’t use it to earn money online and gain financial freedom!
Sharing your love for the sport and your golfing expertise online could be the perfect way to build a successful business.
If you like the idea of using your golfing skills to create a money-making e-commerce store and gain financial freedom, then here are the steps you should take.

Do Your Research

There are a number of niches in the online golf market. However, take some time to do your research and identify which niche you want to go into.

You may want to specialize in golf equipment for left-handed players or women. Maybe you want to focus on apparel, golf gear in general, or discounted equipment. You could also look at creating a specialized market by providing advice on driving, chipping, and putting for beginners.

While you’re doing your research, you’ll also be discovering your target market. This will help you to create a go-to-market strategy that’s effective from the start.

Choosing The Right Platform

Choosing the right platform is critical to the success of your online business. There are a variety of platforms—like Shopify, Etsy, or BigCommerce—and they all offer different benefits, like SEO or multichannel functionality.

Ideally, you want to choose a platform that will help you manage the start-up of your web store and provide customized payment solutions while remaining scalable and flexible.

Make sure that when your e-commerce store’s pages load, it does so quickly. You can also check what the ranking data is on the platforms that you’re looking at, on AHREFS.

This will help you to make an informed decision on which platform would best suit your business needs.

Create Your Online Store

Now you get to have some fun creating your online store. The website needs to be engaging and attractive to potential clients.

Spend time on the “About Us” page and make sure that the potential buyers know exactly what you can offer them. If you have “social proof”, be sure to include that on your website too.

Offer a payment solution that’s user-friendly, so that customers can make their purchases easily. Make sure that your web store is mobile-friendly too, as this will allow your customers to purchase a golf GPS, golf bag, or set of clubs easily on-the-go.

Digital Products

Open up a new avenue to generate revenue by including digital products. You could look at selling tickets to golf tournaments, golf-related books, or offering online golf tips or coaching lessons.

Digital products allow you to create a passive income by essentially selling the same product again and again. All you’d need to do is update your digital products. The best benefit is that there’s no need to store stock or pay for shipping.


Playing professional golf may not be for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a living from your love for golf. If you’re looking for financial freedom, a golfing e-commerce store is ideal. There are low start-up costs and the potential to earn passive income by including digital products.

Whatever niche you decide to go into, the work you put into your e-commerce golf store will be worth it when you can earn money from your passion.

Playing Golf Can Give You Financial Freedom - Learn These Tips
-Jordan Fuller is a retired golfer, mentor, coach, and writer. He writes for his own golf site, where he shares some tips and tricks about golf.