PayTabs is taking payments to a new level at Seamless Middle East, Dubai

PayTabs is taking payments to a new level at Seamless Middle East, Dubai

With businesses and companies getting increasingly digitized, the spotlight on online payments are shining brighter. And PayTabs as a leading payment gateway provider is making the lives of many virtual merchants convenient. To spread the word, it will appear on the Seamless Middle East, Dubai platform from 15-16 April at the Dubai Exhibition and Convention Center.

Payments Everywhere, PayTabs Everyware!

Though most businesses are aware of the benefits of a trustworthy payment gateway solution, there are others who are yet to join the bandwagon. As e-stores continue to mushroom in the Middle East every day, merchants undoubtedly need to ensure they receive their payments safely and quickly. And this is exactly what PayTabs promises and intended to showcase at the Seamless Middle East.

PayTabs will have the opportunity to connect with over 10,000 ecommerce companies, retailers and key providers and vendors from the payment industry. This is thanks to PayTabs state of the art 64sqm exhibition booth at the exhibition, which will showcase the firm’s innovative new products and services.

As a proud gold sponsor of the Seamless Middle East event, PayTabs plans to elaborate on topics like ecommerce, online retail payments and the retail ecosystem. This event is the perfect platform to share innovative ideas and the latest in technology and industry trends. On 15th April 2018, the Chief Digital Officer of PayTabs, will deliver a session on how online payments can be married to customer loyalty for greater customer experience and impact.

PayTabs will showcase its cutting-edge products including Ninja, FarahPay, Vera Pay and as well. These programs are ideal for online merchants in varying industries who wish to embrace a simple and trusted payment gateway and open their business to the rest of the world. Interested retailers will receive live demos on how to utilize PayTabs services in the best manner through these programs, learn to manage transactions and invoices, and how to handle recurring payments. Moreover, some programs like Ninja will allow freelancers to refer PayTabs to other businesses and earn an income through the referrals.

Why PayTabs is the future of online retail?

As an intelligently developed online payment gateway, PayTabs lets e-stores receive payments from anywhere in the world in a very secure and hassle-free manner. It allows you to accept 168 currencies, manage your business digitally through a smart dashboard and its services are priced very reasonably too. The checkout process is simple, seamless and hence keeps your customers hooked till they make the final payment.

PayTabs is also easy to integrate with your platform and mobile apps, and it is PCI-DSS certified as well. Their dual layer fraud protection and 3D secure authentication systems are extremely robust and customer information is well-protected. Setting up an account on PayTabs is super easy too and a sales representative will get in touch with you to familiarize you with the gateway and its functioning.

Visit PayTabs at Seamless Middle East from 15-16 April 2016 and soon, you will be able to manage your business online keep track of payments and even receive financial progress reports that indicate how well your business is doing and what you can do to take it a notch higher with PayTabs!