Tips To Choose the Right Payment Integration Method for Your Ecommerce Site

Tips To Choose the Right Payment Integration Method for Your Ecommerce Site

Advancement in technology is gradually making payment integration easier and simpler. However, as new entrants to the world of eCommerce, you may find it a little difficult to choose the right integration method for your eCommerce business. At present, there are three popular integration methods and in this article, we are going to discuss these options in order to help you choose the right option for your business.

  1. Hosted checkout pages

As a matter of fact, this option can be used by any type of merchant, whether small or big.

There are many reasons why small merchants should choose this as their checkout solution. First of all, there is no need to hire a software developer when you integrate it with your website. It also works well when your website is not PCI compliant.

Hosted checkout pages are also beneficial for medium to large-sized merchants, who have already designed and created their checkout pages. This is the quickest way to supplement your alternative payment method. Almost 60% of the shopping cart abandonment incidents take place because people are not able to use their preferred mode of payment. It is more prevalent in the countries where cards are not used frequently.

The benefit of hosted checkout pages for merchants:

It has the following benefits for the merchants:

  • PCI compliance is not complicated
  • No need to store card information
  • Ideal for quick global outreach
  • Supports all major credit cards and major currencies
  • Supports local payment options
  • Offers easy integration

  2. Payment API

If you are among the perfectionists who would like to exercise extreme control as far as design and user experience of checkout pages is concerned, a payment API is the right solution for you.

For card processing, payment API is the ideal solution whereas if you need both card processing and value added services such as coupons and catalogs, currencies and subscription billing, Payment Plus API should be tried.

It doesn’t require customers to leave the site in order to check out and makes checkout a simple process with minimum steps to complete.

The benefit of payment API for merchants:

It has the following benefits for the merchants:

  • The XML based API doesn’t require any specific programming language
  • A native mobile checkout flow can easily be developed
  • Easier PCI compliance through client-side encryption
  • Tokenization enables the sellers to save the card information of the shoppers so that the returning shoppers need not repeat the process all over again

Payment API makes the checkout safe and secure.

 3. Shopping Cart

If you are using any shopping cart such as Magenta or Prestashop, the “shopping cart” is the ideal integration method for you. It offers users almost the same benefits as they get in hosted pages. It is comparatively easier and simpler to setup and it doesn’t require you to make any payment.

Choosing a payment processor

Your selection of the integration method is very important to offer better user experience and it decides your future success in the eCommerce space.  But, there are other factors as well that are no less important. Make sure that the payment processor you choose meets all your business needs and completely fits into your business model.

Make sure your payment processor is able to upgrade their technology and services to match your needs when you grow.  Make sure they offer the functionalities you require at present and might require in future.

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