How TAPn’GO QR Platform is Shaping the Restaurant Industry

TAPn’GO QR Platform Shaping Restaurant

The UAE’s hospitality market, worth USD 7.37 billion at present, is poised to reach USD 9.46 billion by 2029. And restaurants, an integral part of this booming hospitality sector, cater to guests with varying tastes and budgets. However, the checkout experience is often suboptimal because of traditional processes that involve cash or card machines and long wait time. This impacts customer satisfaction, leading to poor tipping and lost revenue.

TAPn’GO from PayTabs is set to transform the scenario though, since guests can settle checks quickly and safely by simply tapping a NFC cube or scanning a QR code. The TAPn’GO QR platform allows guests to easily check the bill or order, view digital menus, split the bill or pay it in full, add tips for servers, receive receipts via email, follow the restaurant on social media, and post Google reviews. Customers can make payments using Google Pay, Apple Pay, or credit cards.

Now, let’s understand the TAPn’GO benefits and how it can revolutionize dining experiences in the UAE.

Advantages of TAPn’GO for Restaurant Businesses

As a unique technology, TAPn’GO eliminates the need to make complicated calculations while splitting a bill or request separate bills. Guests can use smartphones to divide a bill in just a few seconds. This convenience makes them happy and encourages them to reward the hospitality teams generously (up to 40% higher tips). Other benefits for merchants like you include:

  1. Direct POS Integration

The payment collected from guests goes straight to your bank account and you receive an instant notification. Staff members also get payment notifications on their smartphones, smartwatches, the TAPn’GO dashboard, and via email.

  1. Cost-efficiency

The service fee for using the TAPn’GO QR platform is extremely reasonable. You can expect affordable transaction fees, nil subscription fees, and nominal device fees.

  1. Less Friction

With TAPn’GO, you can do away with expensive card payment machines that tend to malfunction and waste the guest’s time. When it’s time for bill payment, guests can check the same with a scan or tap, without interacting with a server. This minimizes the possibility of unnecessary disputes.

  1. Eco-Friendly

Since the TAPn’GO technology is paperless, you can reduce your carbon footprint and position your brand as sustainable and environment-friendly.

  1. Better Brand Reputation

By enabling guests to share their experiences and feedback on review and social platforms through TAPn’GO, you can boost brand awareness and reputation, strengthen engagement, get repeat visits, and attract new customers. This means more revenue.

  1. In-depth Analytics

Access important data on date, time, table number, transactions, bill amounts, guest feedback and ratings, Google reviews, and tips. You can analyze the same, generate detailed reports, and make informed decisions.

TAPn’GO Is Not Just for Restaurants

TAPn’GO is a smart payment solution for restaurants as well as:

  1. Food Courts

Big families that want different dishes from different stalls don’t need to swipe cards repeatedly. They can keep paying while continuing to order.

  1. Food Carts and Trucks

A large group of friends can place one order and easily split the bill without asking the merchant to carry out multiple transactions.

  1. Vending Machines

Customers don’t need to carry small denominations, cash, or local currency while getting a snack or drink.

  1. Beach Clubs and Lounges

TAPn’GO can send instant notifications for guest orders, guest calls, and payment confirmations.

TAPn’GO Contactless Payment Is Perfect for Your Restaurant

Embracing TAPn’GO from a reputed payment gateways platform like PayTabs is your best bet for thriving in the UAE’s dynamic hospitality landscape. You can enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, ease checkout, and improve customer satisfaction. You can understand customer behavior better and derive actionable data-backed insights. It will help you boost your brand image and get more traffic in the future.