Smart Ways to Protect Your Business Against Chargebacks


The current pandemic has forced many businesses to go from offline mode to online mode, as social distancing rules and phased lockdowns are still in place. The transition involves a steep learning curve as there are several new elements which businesses need to take care of when they are operating online. Chargeback prevention is one of the most important aspects you need to be careful about. It is one of the most frequent issues an online business needs to deal with. Here are some pointers which can help you navigate through this problem and carry out your business efficiently.

But First, What is a Chargeback?

The simplest explanation of chargebacks is that these are disputed transactions. If a customer raises concerns about the validity of any charges on their credit card, then the merchant is required to reverse the transaction. Such reversal is known as chargeback. While chargebacks are important so that the clients are not saddled with unwarranted payments, such charges can interfere with efficient operations of your business. An online business should try to keep such chargebacks to a minimum and offer relevant features to protect payments. Such charges can not only lead to financial losses but also the wastage of other resources, such as time.

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Tips to minimize chargebacks

Choose an Online Payment Processor Carefully: Online payments form the backbone of a digital business. Since these payments are carried out by specialized processors, it is important that you partner with reliable service providers. Your processor should possess an impeccable track record. They should also be ahead of the curve when it comes to security of the transactions. You should check whether your processor can deploy the latest anti-scam and anti-phishing software. Online scams are one of the biggest reasons behind chargebacks. By eliminating the risk of frauds, you can also minimize the chances of chargebacks. Such processors can help you in implementing proper chargeback prevention measures.

Choose Appropriate Transaction Descriptor: If you are wondering how to handle chargebacks, this is one tip you should remember. Chargeback requests are generally initiated when a customer is not able to recognize particular charges on their credit card statement. So, ensure that your transactions appear in a familiar name to avoid the risk of accidental chargebacks. Instead of registering with the online payment processor in the name of your parent company, you should register with the trade name, which is the name known to your clients. So, if you are facing frequent chargebacks, you might want to get in touch with your online payment processor to see how you appear in your clients’ credit card statements. In case of any issue, get it fixed to avoid hassles.

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Build a Rapport with Your Clients: Businesses that build a strong relationship with their clients are less likely to face chargeback requests. One of the most effective ways to do this is by offering prompt customer services. If your customers are able to contact you and get timely resolution of their issues, they will be less inclined to take the drastic step of claiming chargebacks. It is also important that you do not add any unexplained charges on your bills. Transparent billing practices ensure that your clients have proper payment protection. Total honesty will lead to fewer small business chargebacks and a bigger base of loyalists.

Optimize Your Business Processes:Lax business processes may also lead to chargebacks. If your shipping duration is too long, the customers may not receive their products on time and may demand chargeback. Further, goods arriving in damaged conditions or not as per the description may also lead to chargebacks. In order to avoid such hassles, ensure that your business practices are up to the mark. You should maintain a clear line of communication with your clients. It is also a good idea to provide frequent updates about shipping milestones. If there is any problem with the product, it should be rectified accordingly, so that a chargeback is not required.

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To wrap up, financial discipline is essential for any business, especially when it comes to chargeback prevention. These anomalies should be minimized so that the business can run with maximum efficiency. And by following the simple steps mentioned above and collaborating with reliable online payment processors, you can minimize the risk of chargebacks.