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Working Hours

• Sunday – Thursday
• 8 AM – 5 PM AST Arabian Standard Time (GMT +3)
• 9 AM – 6 PM GST Gulf Standard Time (GMT +4)

To Reach Us

1) Request for a Call Back: For any questions, or concerns regarding your PayTabs Merchant Account or any of the services we offer, please request for support via our call back service. This service has been introduced as a security enhancement and to increase the speed and quality of resolving your support requests.
A member of our Customer Success team will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your request (excluding Holydays)

2) WhatsApp Chat:
Response Guidelines, PayTabs +971 52 218 9208 (No Calls or Voice)

3) We’re ready to listen to your concerns through:
Our Complaint Form

4) Other Support Channels:
Response Guidelines, PayTabs Facebook
Response Guidelines, PayTabs Twitter
Response Guidelines, PayTabs Instagram

Escalating Complaints

• To escalate any complaints not meeting our response time and levels (shown below), issues on service quality, please contact our customer complaint officer at Complaints@PayTabs.com

Please Note: Complaints must include your Merchant ID Number and a brief description of the issue faced. A call-back will be made to the contact number specified as per your Merchant Account.

Service Commitment to You, Our Valued Merchants

. Critical: No transactions are being processed.

. High: Significant loss or impact of service; i.e. High rejections (Acquirer, System and Risk).

. Medium: Moderate Business impact: Moderate loss, transactions continue in an impaired manner.
Examples: Transaction Monitoring Inquiries, add/remove currency, add/remove mode of payment, ownership changes.

. Normal: Minimum Business Impact: Substantially functioning with minor to no impacts to service.
Examples: billing data, refund data, integration support, updating documents, and sales inquiries.

Availability 1st Response Time Frequency of Updates Target Resolution Time Channels - Inbound Channels - Outbound
Critical Working Hours/7 Days 2 Hours Every 30 Minutes 8 Hours WhatsApp, Email, Online Form Phone, WhatsApp, Email
High Working Hours/7 Days 6 Hours Every 3 hours 48 Hours WhatsApp, Email, Online Form Phone, WhatsApp, Email
Medium Regular Working Hours Only 6 Hours Once a day 3 Working Days Phone, WhatsApp, Email, Online Form, Social Media Message Phone, WhatsApp, Email, Online Form, Social Media Message
Normal Regular Working Hours Only 12 Hours Once a day 5 Working Days Call Back Request, WhatsApp, Email, Online Form, Social Media Message Phone, WhatsApp, Email, Online Form, Social Media Message


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Useful Links

How does the PayTabs settlement cycle work?
Upon signing the agreement, the settlement cycle is defined. Let’s take for example T+7 as the settlement cycle. T+7: 1st day means Transaction day + 7 days. Upon completion of the cycle, the amount will be moved to the available balance.

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