#Payshout Campaign: An opportunity to extend your reach to your target audience

#Payshout Campaign: An opportunity to extend your reach to your target audience

There is plenty of great content available on the web. But the most visible content is the one that has been promoted intensively on the right platforms at the right time. In today’s world, you must focus on promotions, branding, and marketing to deliver your content to the target audience. This ensures extended reach and higher conversions.

#Payshout is PayTabs’s promotion strategy that facilitates collaboration, focuses on relevant content, ensures maximum outreach, and increases the chances of conversions. Read on to know about the #Payshout campaign.

What is #Payshout?

#Payshout is a marketing campaign initiated by PayTabs, a payment solutions company. The idea is to collaborate with the merchants for a promotional campaign. This is an excellent way to showcase a website, a business, a brand, a product, service, or some particular information to the audience on social media platforms.

The #Payshout campaign is a win-win situation for both PayTabs and the merchants. The collaboration ensures that the social media post reaches to a wider spectrum of audience. The merchant can curate content, upload logo, and add additional information while applying for the #Payshout campaign.

How can you benefit from the #Payshout Campaign?

The generic ways of promoting content, business, and ideas still work but you need to put in extra efforts to grab the attention of the onlookers. As social media usage is on an exponential rise, this is the perfect opportunity to reach your audience. Participating in the #Payshout campaign has following benefits:

Collaboration: You have a certain number of followers on social media platforms. When you post content, your content is delivered to your followers and other social media users (based on your targeting approach). Now when you collaborate with PayTabs by participating in the #Payshout campaign, you can extend your reach to their audience as well. Similarly, PayTabs also gets an opportunity to promote their business.

Enhanced Reach: Using the right set of hashtags, keywords, and visuals, you can showcase customized content to a targeted audience, thereby increasing the chances of capturing potential leads. And since there are various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and others, participating in the campaign can be immensely beneficial for both the parties.

Opportunity to Connect: The #Payshout campaign is not just about connecting to customers. The promotional and branding strategy can be applied to capture the attention of other businesses as well. It is possible that these businesses are looking to collaborate with the brands – like yours – offering similar products and services.

How to Use the #Payshout opportunity?

If you are willing to collaborate with the PayTabs payment gateway provider, you can submit content along with some essential information. Follow the given instructions:

  • Create suitable content for the #Payshout campaign. The content can either be a promotional message, an informational message, a greeting, or any other information deemed fit for the social media audience. Along with the content, you can specify hashtags and social media profiles that you want to link.
  • You have to submit a visual depicting the nature of your business. It can either be your brand’s logo, product or service image, or any other type of visual related to your business.
  • When content and visuals are ready, you have to upload them on the PayTabs #Payshout page. Along with this, enter your business’s or website’s name and email address.
  • Before you submit the aforementioned information, you have to grant permission to PayTabs to promote your brand on social media platforms. Once you do so, submit the request for further evaluation by the concerned authorities.
  • Once it is approved, it will go live on social media platforms as a part of the #Payshout campaign.

The Bottom Line

Participating in the campaign can be a game-changing decision for your business. It gives you an opportunity to experiment with a unique way of promoting your brand and reach out to your target audience.