#Payshout – Join the PayTabs Merchant Shoutout Program this Ramadan

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#Payshout – Join the PayTabs Merchant Shoutout Program this Ramadan

#Payshout – Join the PayTabs Merchant Shoutout Program this Ramadan

The popularity of Payshout, a promotion campaign launched by PayTabs to help businesses find more ground online and explore more business avenues, continuous to grow. With the season of Ramadan in full swing, most e-commerce businesses feel it’s a great time to reach out to the right audience through our merchant shoutout program, which proposes an excellent way to showcase a website, a business, a brand, a product, or a service to the audience.

75 and counting

The only way shoutouts work is when the host or influencer is sincere, specific and public. At PayTabs, we make it a point to be honest about our dealings and offer relevant information to our clients and customers. This dedication has resulted in over 75 merchants joining with our network, this season to have Payshout promote their business online through our social media accounts.

Compared to industry specifics, this is a huge achievement, and one we are very proud of. The fact that PayTabs provides one-stop revolutionary solutions for all spheres of businesses, gives us the opportunity and exposure to reach a varied spectrum of customers. Most websites, products, brands and services online (in touch with us) realize this and could not wait to sign up as soon as possible to the successful #Payshout program.

Don’t Miss the Golden Opportunity

The flavour of Ramadan is in most shoppers’ hearts and you don’t want to miss this opportunity to get your business known by hundreds and thousands of people. Our social media outreach involves interaction with customers and clients from all corners of the world.

So, if you have an e-store or an online business or product, then sign up to our merchant shoutout program and get noticed. This could be the thing that makes all the difference in your sales and profit this season.

This is how we can benefit your business and brand:

  1. Popularity and Exposure

We make your brand popular and noticed by thousands of potential customers. Our social media efforts reach out to people from all regions of the world. You don’t have to worry about local exposure anymore. With the help of our global payment platform that accepts over 168 different currencies, you can make your mark on the world.

  1. Generate Leads and Engage New Audience

If you are thinking of taking your brand to the next level, then collaborate with us on our #Payshout campaign because we don’t just stop at flaunting your content, but take it to a whole new level on various social media platforms. You can enjoy brand awareness and reach new audience groups simply and easily.

  1. Use Your Signature Content

Payshout is unlike any other regular merchant shoutout opportunity. We focus the limelight on your business, e-store, brand, products, and services by publishing your content. You get to put your logo and use any content that you think will work with your targeted audience. PayTabs provides the medium for you to enhance your business exposure, like we provide the ultimate payment gateway to enable quick deposits.

You Can Still Sign Up

Don’t worry if you missed out the first wave. You can still sign up with PayTabs merchant shoutout program #Payshout. Simply get in touch with us and submit your content, creative image, logo, and the name of your website, brand or e-store. We will do the rest to make sure you get the best from this opportunity.

The Final Word

Our shoutouts happen periodically and we make sure that we reserve a special spot for every partner business. You don’t need to worry about being overshadowed from your competitors or other businesses in different niches.

In return for our outreach, we request our partners for a one-year commitment to engage PayTabs as your exclusive payment processing provider. We open the world of payments at your fingertips with our innovative and technology-robust payments solutions. With plenty of payment features, ease of integration, seamless compatibility, and compliance with security protocols, we ensure that our partners get the maximum benefits from their online business.

The bottom line is that Payshout is a wonderful opportunity for your business to grow its online presence and a unique way to boost your brand awareness. So what are you waiting for? Explore Payshout today.

PayTabs’ special pricing offer for start-ups in UAE

PayTabs’ special pricing offer for start-ups in UAE

PayTabs is offering an exclusive pricing model for their payment gateway services to start-ups applying through MAGNiTT (UAE ONLY)

PayTabs’ special pricing offer for start-ups in UAE

Reinforcing its strong focus on the SME and start-up space, PayTabs has tied up with MAGNiTT, the leading community and data platform for startups, investors and enablers in the MENA region. As part of the arrangement, PayTabs is offering customized, discounted pricing for its payment gateway services to start-ups that apply through the MAGNiTT platform. The details of the exclusive offer valid for the UAE market are as below:

  • Transaction fees of 2.50% + 1 AED
  • Set up Cost – Waived off
  • Withdrawal fee – 25 AED

The eligible entrepreneur needs to submit an online application form and would be subsequently contacted by the PayTabs team with further instructions on how to avail the benefit.

PayTabs provides convenient and secure online B2B payment solutions that facilitate business enterprises, especially SMEs and start-ups, to receive payments online through agile technology. With the affordable and easy-to-use PayTabs platform start-ups can pay and receive money online, prepare online invoices, utilize API plugins to integrate one’s website to PayTabs’ payments gateway, and even create an online ecommerce store. This is a huge benefit for start-ups looking to build scale and transact business, locally as well as globally. Start-ups will be able to compete on a level playing field with established players and geographical spread will no longer be a barrier to receiving payments.

PayTabs provides customized products for SMEs, simplifying online card acceptance, and ensuring lower costs and minimal instances of fraud. Services provided comprise a secure payment gateway, fraud prevention systems with convenient electronic payment, and ecommerce platforms suited for social media compatibility. The payment solutions are completely secure, complying with world-class security infrastructure standards, as certified by Visa and MasterCard.

All of these align with MAGNiTT’s start-up focused business model. Start-up founders can use their profiles uploaded on MAGNiTT to directly approach and apply for funding to venture capitalists and angel networks based across the MENA region. MAGNiTT also provides a news board to help connect to start-up talent and enable networking opportunities. The detailed database allows entrepreneurs to study market trends and subscribe to research in related fields, so as to stay abreast of the latest developments. MAGNiTT has a considerable following in the MENA region.

The common aspects linking PayTabs with MAGNiTT are transparency and the start-up focused model. PayTabs, based out the MENA region, is PCI DSS V3.2 Service Provider Certified, which means it provides secure digital payment solutions.

MAGNiTT caters primarily to the entrepreneurial eco-system allowing founders a platform to connect with stakeholders – funders, mentors, coaches, support service providers, and skilled talent across the MENA region.

It is believed that this alignment of goals and a common strong presence in the MENA region shared by PayTabs and MAGNiTT would enable entrepreneurs to derive rich benefits in terms of launching start-ups with convenient payment processing facilities.

Kindly note that this offer is no longer valid

#Payshout Campaign: An opportunity to extend your reach to your target audience

#Payshout Campaign: An opportunity to extend your reach to your target audience

There is plenty of great content available on the web. But the most visible content is the one that has been promoted intensively on the right platforms at the right time. In today’s world, you must focus on promotions, branding, and marketing to deliver your content to the target audience. This ensures extended reach and higher conversions.

#Payshout is PayTabs’s promotion strategy that facilitates collaboration, focuses on relevant content, ensures maximum outreach, and increases the chances of conversions. Read on to know about the #Payshout campaign.

What is #Payshout?

#Payshout is a marketing campaign initiated by PayTabs, a payment solutions company. The idea is to collaborate with the merchants for a promotional campaign. This is an excellent way to showcase a website, a business, a brand, a product, service, or some particular information to the audience on social media platforms.

The #Payshout campaign is a win-win situation for both PayTabs and the merchants. The collaboration ensures that the social media post reaches to a wider spectrum of audience. The merchant can curate content, upload logo, and add additional information while applying for the #Payshout campaign.

How can you benefit from the #Payshout Campaign?

The generic ways of promoting content, business, and ideas still work but you need to put in extra efforts to grab the attention of the onlookers. As social media usage is on an exponential rise, this is the perfect opportunity to reach your audience. Participating in the #Payshout campaign has following benefits:

Collaboration: You have a certain number of followers on social media platforms. When you post content, your content is delivered to your followers and other social media users (based on your targeting approach). Now when you collaborate with PayTabs by participating in the #Payshout campaign, you can extend your reach to their audience as well. Similarly, PayTabs also gets an opportunity to promote their business.

Enhanced Reach: Using the right set of hashtags, keywords, and visuals, you can showcase customized content to a targeted audience, thereby increasing the chances of capturing potential leads. And since there are various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and others, participating in the campaign can be immensely beneficial for both the parties.

Opportunity to Connect: The #Payshout campaign is not just about connecting to customers. The promotional and branding strategy can be applied to capture the attention of other businesses as well. It is possible that these businesses are looking to collaborate with the brands – like yours – offering similar products and services.

How to Use the #Payshout opportunity?

If you are willing to collaborate with the PayTabs payment gateway provider, you can submit content along with some essential information. Follow the given instructions:

  • Create suitable content for the #Payshout campaign. The content can either be a promotional message, an informational message, a greeting, or any other information deemed fit for the social media audience. Along with the content, you can specify hashtags and social media profiles that you want to link.
  • You have to submit a visual depicting the nature of your business. It can either be your brand’s logo, product or service image, or any other type of visual related to your business.
  • When content and visuals are ready, you have to upload them on the PayTabs #Payshout page. Along with this, enter your business’s or website’s name and email address.
  • Before you submit the aforementioned information, you have to grant permission to PayTabs to promote your brand on social media platforms. Once you do so, submit the request for further evaluation by the concerned authorities.
  • Once it is approved, it will go live on social media platforms as a part of the #Payshout campaign.

The Bottom Line

Participating in the campaign can be a game-changing decision for your business. It gives you an opportunity to experiment with a unique way of promoting your brand and reach out to your target audience.

Unique Gift Guide for Every Occasion – February Edition

We understand how difficult it could be to find a perfect gift for your loved ones. Should it be flowers, or chocolates, or would jewellery do the trick? Well, let us help you find the right gift for any occasion that fits your budget.

Unique Gift Guide for Every Occasion – February Edition

Flowers to the rescue

Your every attempt to woo somebody can fail but with flowers, comes a guaranteed smile. If you are not sure about someone’s likings and preferences but you still need to buy them a gift, we’d say flowers should be on the top of your potential gifts’ list. From a basic 6 rose bouquet at a very reasonable price to something a little more out there with a 20 pink rose basket, you can pick one that fits your budget and seems relevant to your relationship with the person you are gifting to.

Cakes, chocolates and all things sweet

Have you ever met someone who said no to a box of chocolate or a delicious cake? We know we haven’t. Sweets can add a touch of celebration to even the smallest of occasions. So if flowers don’t seem enough, slide in a box of assorted chocolates or a chocolate cake to make their day brighter and sweeter. There are some amazing options available for those who love gluten-free or vegan cakes in Dubai.

Say it with personalized merchandise

Nothing says thoughtful as a personalized gift. If you very well know the person you are buying the gift for, make sure to let them know! A cool merchandise of their favourite movie or TV show will not only bring a smile to their face, but it will also show them how much you care to remember the things they mention in their day-to-day life. Also, who doesn’t like to geek out about their favourite characters in everyday life? Be it a slogan mug or a trendy phone cover, it will remind them of your affinity every time they’ll look at your gift.

Go all out with gift combos

Gift combos are nothing but a bundle of joy! When you are not sure if one thing would do the trick or if what you have picked is what your loved one likes, we’d recommend you to go for hampers or combos. It could be anything from a set of personalized pillow and mug to a breakfast hamper of all their favourite things. The choices are unlimited!

 Luxury gifts which are impossible to say no to

When you are deciding on a gift for someone who has held a special place in your life and you want to let them know how important and cherished they are in your life, you can either surprise them with a chic handbag from their favourite luxury brand or a fragrance that can linger around to remind them of you. It will not only bring a smile to their face, but it will also make them feel loved and valued. You can also gift them a classy watch or an exquisite piece of jewellery served with a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates to seal the deal!

Say it with words

If you are feeling truly inspired, then invest in some miniature greeting artworks. 3D pop-up greeting cards give both senders and recipients a ‘wow’ and deliver a surprise factor upon opening.

Choose from a range of innovative techniques such as origami, kirigami and sliceform technology to gift the essence of three-dimensional artforms. These bespoke 3D Pop up Cards are all about mixing art, craft and science and your words to create a unique gift.


PayTabs Eid Campaign

PayTabs Eid Campaign

PayTabs EID Campaign – The Perfect Platform for Success for Online Merchants

The end of Ramadan is marked by Eid al-Fitr, which is a very significant religious holiday for Muslims all over the world. This is the day when special Eid prayers are offered, Zakat-al-fitr charity is observed, and lovely gifts are exchanged between relatives and friends. So, shopping for oneself and others on this holiest of days is a joyful experience, which PayTabs intends to heighten further with their EID Campaign. And it brings great news for online merchants especially!

What is the campaign all about?

The PayTabs EID campaign is an online campaign that will promote merchants who use PayTabs as their payment gateway. The campaign will be conducted on social media channels to feature both online merchant brands and their products, which will help bring in more buyers and boost these online businesses.

PayTabs believes in empowering small and medium businesses to reach “never before” heights of success. Hence, through this campaign, they wish to encourage customers to shop for EID gifts from those online merchants who use PayTabs. Merchants who offer a wide array of sweets, clothing, electronics and home-ware will be promoted.

Participating merchants include

SouqproS is one of the participating online merchants that offer a wide array of automotive accessories, and electronic items like camera sensors, PlayStation controllers, virtual games, and gaming consoles etc. Prepaid cards for gaming are also offered at various prices by this brand. Shoppers can also pick up fashion items like funky t-shirts. This e-store promises fast delivery and offers different payment options, thanks to its collaboration with PayTabs.

Tee Arabia is another popular online merchant that will be participating in this EID Campaign. It offers customized t-shirts, hoodies and sweaters, with your favorite colors and prints. From floral to vintage to quirky prints, you can pick from a wide variety of designs. The brand has a Design Lab where you can specify what you need. It also offers free shipping and caters to group orders and school or corporate orders as well. How cool is that?

Nuun is another participating brand that you should consider buying from if you are looking to gift luxurious watches to someone special. These timepieces combine Spanish charm and Arabian culture and are affordable yet stunning. Inspired by the Kingdom of Bahrain, Nuun watches come in 5 elegant designs, feature exotic bezels, and are made of light polycarbonate for daily use. You can wear them to office, parties or even sport events. If you are an online shopper, you should make the most of PayTabs EID Campaign to come across such great brands!

Lalabella  specializes in events, signature floral arrangements and decadent sweet and salty delights. Customers can choose their favorite selection of chocolates or salty treats in one of their ready-to-go trays or towers, especially designed for Eid. Customers can even assemble their own trays, plate, or box with your favorite selection to match their taste. Their floral services include: Hand-tied arrangements, Vase arrangements and Table flower arrangements designed to make your celebration all the more festive.

Where should you shop online from this Eid?

If you are shopping for gifts online this Eid, choose the merchants being promoted by the PayTabs EID Campaign. They offer a wide variety of wonderful products that will make your loved ones feel special. From watches and fashion apparel to virtual games, homeware and cookware, you will be spoilt for choices. Plus, paying for these items will be super easy as PayTabs is the payment gateway for them. It is fast, secure and efficient too. All your card and transaction information will be secure when you pay through PayTabs, which will protect you from online frauds.

PayTabs also offers multiple payment options like Visa, MasterCard, Union Pay, Alipay, Sadad and so on, which makes your shopping experience all the more convenient. You can pay through cards or use online wallets to pay for the items you purchase. So, this EID, do more than just shop for yourself and your family. Encourage small and medium businesses which have great potential through PayTabs, and get hold of all the stylish and useful products you need simultaneously.