How to increase sales by improving your customer’s buying journey?

A customer’s buying journey is a path of interactions with the business. It covers all the points from the discovery to the final phase of purchase. In order to make your ecommerce business more effective, it is important to make this journey as smooth as possible. The idea is to stop the customer from leaving midway through the buying process. While every customer has their own unique buying journey, there are certain guidelines which an online business can follow to make the process more convenient and approachable.


As each customer is unique, it is imperative for an online business to ensure that the individual needs of a customer are properly met. This important strategy to attract online customers can take several different forms. You may have to personalize your website linguistically if you are catering to customers from different countries. You may also need to bring about customization for accepting different currencies. Ideally, online businesses should use progressive web apps methodology to give their clients a seamless experience. Personalization ensures that your clients are able to carry out their business in the most efficient manner possible. However, it should also be ensured that your website is still quick to load even after customization.

Attention to Analytics:

Data has become an important tool for online businesses everywhere. Organizations use data to devise new strategies, with an aim to make the buying journey of a customer smoother and increase sales online. It will also help in decreasing payment friction, which is one of the most prominent reasons behind cart abandonment. Another important step to take in this regard is to revamp your checkout page. Your website may also offer the choice to save some of the vital information, so that the customer does not have to add details every time they carry out a transaction. This will save time and energy of the customer.

Make it Interactive and Immersive:

Studies have shown that the customers react positively to online businesses that offer interactive and immersive experience. Since online transactions lack the personal rapport, the ecommerce businesses need to make an effort to replicate the real-life experience to increase sales online. This will also allow the clients to make informed decisions, further reducing the likelihood of incomplete buying journey. This step will also help in optimizing the product return ratio, where the clients had to send back the products which did not meet their requirements. As experience becomes more interactive and immersive, the buying journey will also become more productive.

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Offer Assistance:

As online buying journey lack the personal touch, it is important that your website offers maximum possible assistance to the clients. There are several automated tools available in the market for implementing this strategy to attract online customers. Whether you choose to employ a chatbot or install a live chat function, it is highly likely that your clients will appreciate this additional help. These steps will also enhance customer engagement, leading to a loyal client base. Even if your business is not in position to offer 24/7 helpline, communicating official hours to your customers will increase the engagement level.

Identify Pain Points:

Since buying journey is a continuous process, it is important to recognize various pain points which hinder the smooth experience for clients. For some customers, the problem may lie with product discovery while others may face issues while checking out. To resolve these issues, it is important to look at the data generated through these transactions and undertake remedial measures. It is also vital that you update your online business with latest technological tools to boost safety and security.

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