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Marketing and cashflow issues threaten small businesses in MENA

Small businesses are the backbone of the majority of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) economies. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), over 90% of the region’s businesses are small businesses.  In 2021, over 77% projected revenues that were steady or growing.

Freelancing is booming in the region after the pandemic. A 2022 survey by found that 78% of respondents plan to do more freelance work and 87% believe there is a surge in demand.

While the growth of entrepreneurship and freelancing is a positive sign, it is not easy to succeed in MENA. The region is still learning about digital marketing and fintech. Many SMEs are still adapting to the internet age. Only 55% of SMEs in MENA have a website. A meagre 46% have a social media presence.

Two of the key challenges they face are setting up their own platform to attract clients and getting paid on time, without hassle. 82% of small businesses fail due to cash flow issues, so it is a challenge that can end your business.

Payment was easy to set up and use right away, the dashboard is user friendly and to the point. Highly recommend it for freelancers.

Mostafa Kandil, MK
Paymes Customer, Egypt

Paymes is here to help

Paymes, a new platform launched by PayTabs, will put these worries to rest. Paymes is now available in Egypt for its 18 million gig workers. More markets in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) will be able to access Paymes soon.

Paymes allows you to

  • set up an online store for your products and services
  • promote what you sell online
  • get paid in seconds – no long paperwork for you or the buyer
  • share secure payment links over 10 social platforms including Instagram, WhatsApp and Telegram

It is supported by Facebook Commerce and completely free to set up.

Paymes is a solution for small businesses and freelancers
Paymes helps you make your small business a success

PayTabs has been a trailblazer in the region in fintech innovations. The company has developed many country-specific solutions, including mada (Saudi Arabia) and K-Net (Kuwait).

Paymes is a solution designed for small businesses and freelancers. It is made for craftsmen, coaches, designers, tailors, home cooks, gardeners, and anyone else who is freelancing or running a small business.

Whether you already have a business or simply have an idea in mind, you can use Paymes to create the vision you have in mind. There are no setup fees or monthly costs, just transparent transaction fees.

Paymes lets you build your own online store in minutes
Start an online store and attract customers with Paymes

Paymes will allow you to receive instant payments from anyone anywhere in the world. Sharing a QR code or a link with the buyer is all that is necessary.

They only need to enter credit card details. You only need your IBAN details to collect the payment.

Receive payments from anywhere in minutes with Paymes
Paymes offer a simple way of paying and getting paid

 Paymes has a unique edge in the Egyptian market by offering a simple tool with very few steps for freelancers and social media businesses to enroll and build their marketplace.

Freelancers can now easily digitize their businesses in short 2-3 steps and display their products on Paymes for customers to buy and pay online.

We’re excited to launch Paymes and continue our efforts in enabling micro-businesses and adding value to them.

Mohamed Serry
Country Manager – Egypt, PayTabs

Build your dreams with Paymes

Take charge and build the future you wish for.  Let go of your marketing and cash flow worries. Start using Paymes today.

You only need digital copies of your Egyptian National ID card and a bank account statement. You can register with any Egyptian bank account, mobile wallet or Meeza prepaid card.

Create an account online or download the Paymes app on Apple App Store and Google Play.

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