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As an e-commerce business owner, we’re giving you more reasons why you should sign up for our payment gateway solutions. From real-time onboarding to the flexibility to receive your business payments over social media channels; with PayTabs, your digital payment experience just got simpler!

Payments Platform
“State of the art”
Payments Platform
  • Social commerce payment tools, customized reporting, single integration and a dynamic merchant dashboard are some key benefits merchants can enjoy via PT 2.0; our cutting edge payment platform.
  • These are designed to enhance your customer’s user experience, automate, and streamline payment processes.
Get paid via Facebook, Whatsapp or Instagram
Get paid via Facebook,
Whatsapp or Instagram
  • Sell from the comfort of your home, share a secure payment link with your customers and get paid via PayLinks!
  • PayLinks is a secure web link that you can share on any digital channel or social platform, and your customers will be directed to a payment page instantly. It’s that simple. We promise.
Competitive Pricing
Competitive Pricing
  • We offer transaction charges of just 2.85% + 27 cents and for start-ups a flat chart of $49.99 with no transaction fees.
  • For high volume merchants transacting over USD50,000 per month, call us for specialized rates or learn more
Digital Payments, PayTabs
A faster, simplified
onboarding process
  • We offer real time onboarding and require simple documentation to make it easier to onboard your web-store, and start accepting payments in no time.
  • Our application process is smooth and easy so your business can start trading as quickly as possible.
Integration in a Box
Integration in a Box
  • From Shopify to Magento, with PayTabs integration in a box service we got your website’s integration covered!
  • Your customers can check out smoothly and your business can start accepting payments securely.
Dedicated Customer Support Team
Dedicated Customer
Support Team
  • We care about the thousands of merchants that we support around the globe. Our Customer Success Team is always happy to help.
  • Reach us via any of our support platforms or receive 24/7 online guidance from our solutions portal with step‑by‑step answers to your most frequently asked questions.
Faster Fund Settlement with No Payment Holds
Faster Fund Settlement
with No Payment Holds
  • We don’t hold your funds.
  • We settle to your account within 24 hours of the transaction passing through the acquiring Bank. Now that’s fast!
No Reserves for Small and Medium Businesses
No Reserves for Small
and Medium Businesses
  • We believe you should have immediate access to all your funds which is why we don’t hold on to your funds.
Preferred Regional Partner Network
Preferred Regional
Partner Network
  • We have multiple strategic partners across the region which offer a complete spectrum of integrated services required to kick start your e-commerce business.
  • These include invoicing, accounting services, logistics and more.
Tap to Receive Payments
Tap to Receive
  • Tap to phone has been re-invented by PayTabs.
  • For traditional merchants, the key advantage of the PayTabs Touch over traditional POS machines is that our Tap to Phone app does not require additional hardware to work, making the solution simpler and more cost effective.

Every reason why PayTabs should power your digital payments.

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