5 Ways Businesses Can Help Their Communities during COVID-19 Pandemic


It doesn’t come as a surprise that the COVID 19 pandemic has led to widespread panic and despair all over the world. After all, no one was prepared for a crisis of this magnitude. Currently, people are restricted in terms of movements and their access to the outside world, which is causing various physical and mental health issues. Since normal working conditions are suffering, businesses need to take certain smart steps to promote the wellbeing of their communities. Whether you are running a small business or a have a multinational empire, you can make your contribution towards maintaining normalcy by following a few simple tips.

Ensure the welfare of your team

Every business has an obligation to take proper care of its workforce. During the current pandemic, many businesses have taken several steps to ensure that their employees stay safe. Businesses have taken their operations online, which not only helps their workforce but also their customers. This way, they are able to provide essential services to their clients and keep their employees safe at the same time. Even those businesses that cannot let their workers telecommute can ensure their welfare by providing protective equipment like face masks and sanitizers. Many businesses have decided to provide their employees with extra wages too.

Re-purposing the facilities

Since most businesses are closed for regular operations, they can contribute to their communities by donating their idle spaces. For instance, in many areas, empty hotels and hostels have been converted into makeshift shelters for vulnerable people. Such re-purposing helps in ensuring that limited resources don’t get exhausted by the increasing number of patients. Many factories have donated their facilities for manufacturing of essential items such as hand sanitizers and face masks. Many tech companies are also collaborating for tracking the spread of the virus and for keeping people safe. Overall, all businesses are doing their bit by ensuring the efficient utilization of the resources at their disposal.

Organize fundraisers or voluntary activities

Many businesses have extensive networks that can be utilized intelligently during the time of a crisis. Organizing various charity activities, such as fundraising or offering resources for community use can help, for example. Such activities can be undertaken by businesses operating at any level. Even the smallest of businesses can contribute by organizing such events in their localities. Creative approaches can also be taken in this regard. Like, many organizations are using their resources to send digital messages to people who are in need and in isolation.

Help your business partners

No business can thrive in isolation. This is the reason why, during a pandemic, it is imperative to ensure the welfare of your business partners. This is especially true if you outsource several of your business functions. So, you should ensure that you have made the necessary payments that are due to your partners. If your business has suffered heavy losses, instead of defaulting on your due payments, try to work out an equitable solution with your business partners. It is important that you maintain proper work relationships with collaborators, so that nobody has to bear a disproportionate financial burden. Businesses can ensure their long-term survival by providing support to their partners.

Stay in touch with your community

COVID 19 may have resulted in social distancing, but it does not mean that you cannot remain in touch with your surroundings. With the help of modern technological tools, you can ensure that you are aware of your local environment. Apart from supporting the general public, you can also check in on your employees and your business associates. Many businesses have also started community groups where they can pool their resources for the benefit of their local societies. Such community spirit is necessary for sailing through these tough times. You can also organize virtual events to boost the team spirit and morals in your surroundings.

To conclude

COVID 19 has presented our society with an unprecedented situation. However, it has also highlighted the importance of working together for attaining collaborative goals. It has provided businesses with an opportunity to set an example and ensure the welfare of their local economy. And by following the above tips, you can achieve that easily.