PayTabs collaborates with MBME Pay to launches Govera – an all in one bill payment App

PayTabs collaborates with MBME Pay to launches Govera –  an all in one bill payment App

In a bid to offer customers best in class solutions, PayTabs has collaborated with MBME PAY to launch a new bill payment application branded ‘Govera’. MBME Pay is a leading government and payment service platform in UAE. The state-of-the-art app will allow users to pay their utility bills as well as make other payments right from their smart phones and tabs. The app is intuitive, fast and convenient to use, making it popular among customers of all ages and skill levels.

Get Started

The Govera app is available for both major mobile Oss, Android and iOS and thus is designed to serve a large demographic. Once you download the app to your phone or tablet, you will need to get registered to utilize the services. The process of registration is very simple and requires minimal documentation so that you can use the app at the earliest.

Govera is a highly perceptive app and offers simple onscreen instructions to guide the users in the registration process. You only require a few documents for registering yourself with the app. These documents are an operational UAE mobile connection, a mobile phone, and a valid Emirates ID. After registering yourself, all you need to do is top up the wallet and you can start paying money and meeting your bills online.

Pay everything with Govera

With a few simple taps and clicks, the all-in-one bill payment application will let subscribers pay everything from utility and telecom bills to Salik toll fares and even request iTunes vouchers! The Govera app which is all-encompassing aims to add convenience to millions of subscribers and reduce the time they spend queuing at tellers, at kiosks, online on different bill payment websites or using multiple bill payment applications. The billers range from those in travel and telecom to government services and many more.

Value Added Services

Govera also offers a host of other services. This smart app is integrated with various government functionalities, making your life easier. You can enquire about your bills and clear them online, saving you time, money and effort. Further, you can top up biller accounts so that you can keep receiving uninterrupted services. The app allows you to use different types of debit and credit cards to better manage your financial transactions. You can also store the data regarding your cards so you can make the payments in a faster manner, without needing to add the details over and over again.

Other value-added services provided by Govera include the ability to create ‘Favorites’ list of billers so that you can clear their bills with ultra fast speed. In order to distinguish between different billers, you can also give nicknames to the service providers. The app is highly user friendly as it offers graphical depiction of the bills paid so that the users can exercise higher control over their spending. You can also improve your financial acumen by accessing your payment history.

The Govera app is expected to change the way people pay bills and carry out their other financial transactions. The app comes with state-of-the-art technology to make these transactions safe.