PayTabs Egypt partners with Waffarha to introduce digital payment solutions

PayTabs Egypt, MENA’s payment processing powerhouse, announced its partnership with digital savings platform Waffarha. The collaboration aims to offer the Egyptian market prime deals on various products and services at affordable prices. The products may be purchased with user-friendly online payment solutions backed by cutting-edge technology.

Through this collaboration, end-users of Waffarha’s platform can access the best deals and utilise PayTabs Egypt’s payment options to pay for their purchases via a quick and seamless process. Additionally, sellers on the platform will now be able to reach a wider range of customers by offering more accessible payment methods.

Shoppers can access Waffarha’s website or mobile application, discover the best deals on products and services such as food and beverages, activities, health and beauty, and hotels and resorts, and enjoy a convenient shopping experience by paying with credit cards. Customers can also save card details for future payments.

“At Waffarha, our team has worked relentlessly over the years to ensure that our platform benefits both sellers and end-users, and we aim to build on this success and take it a step further through this collaboration with PayTabs, Egypt’s leading gateway to e-payment solutions,” said Tarek Magdy, CEO of Waffarha. “Market research has shown that people are changing the way they shop, becoming more reliant on digital payment solutions for day-to-day purchases. Joining forces with PayTabs Egypt paves the way for people in Egypt to not only seamlessly shop online, but to also enjoy the wide range of bargains the market has to offer.”

The partnership will allow more customers to use Waffarha to shop seamlessly via PayTabs Egypt’s payment gateway platform. In contrast, sellers on Waffarha’s platform can expand their market footprint by accessing a broader spectrum of clients across the country, particularly those who prefer to use credit cards, thereby accessing more customer segments.

PayTabs’ General Manager Africa, Hany Soliman, said, “We couldn’t be prouder of this partnership, as it is a crucial step to facilitating payment solutions for a large consumer market such as Egypt. Collaborating with a savings giant such as Waffarha has enabled us to avail an innovative, user-friendly platform where end-users can pay their bills in a few minutes and with just the click of a button. This partnership will drive the country’s mission towards a cashless society and contribute to people’s comfort by facilitating access to convenient payment solutions. With PayTabs Egypt, it has always been our goal to make people’s lives easier through simple and trusted payments, and this partnership is one that will allow more access to affordable deals that will certainly make purchasing decisions more enjoyable.”

Throughout the years, PayTabs has built and launched a full stack of game-changing mobile applications, as well as hospitality, governmental, education, travel, transport, and biller solutions, to interlink the multi-billion-dollar enterprise market chain in the MENA region.

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