Presenting before you all PayTabs to power the future of payments in the MENA region

Do you also like to have instant access to the amount paid by your clients using all major credit cards from all over the globe on your websites or mobile apps with just one click? Then go no farther than this comprehensive payment processing solution for your company. Allow your business to take payments immediately and without any hidden costs with PayTabs, a powerful payment platform. To get an insight into the company, let’s delve into the article!PT

About the firm that provides payment solutions

PayTabs has become an early starter in the sector known as “fintech” since it was the first homegrown firm to deliver seamless B2B e-commerce solutions to SME’s. PayTabs developed and exported a comprehensive stack of game-changing mobile apps, hotel, government, education, airline, travel, transportation, and biller solutions, backed by private Saudi investment, to interlink the multi-billion-dollar corporate market chain in the MENA region.

PayTabs focuses on B2B payment solutions, and the business claims to have completed transactions in 168 currencies across 49 sectors. PayTabs has concentrated on expanding across the MENA region, Southeast Asia, and many African and European nations since securing a $20 million investment round in 2017. It has offices in the United Arab Emirates, as well as locations in India, the Philippines, and Bahrain. The firm began operations in Egypt for the first time in 2019. PayTabs has asserted its proper place as a worldwide end-to-end payments solutions powerhouse by releasing PayTabs Switch, a real-time, integrated, turnkey platform, in 2020.

The founder of the company

Abdulaziz Al Jouf

Abdulaziz Al Jouf is a natural leader who is fiercely supportive of his team and their personal growth and development. He is energetic, enthusiastic, focused, and hands-on. He is a self-described risk-taker who is always looking for new chances and making the most of them. He sees failure as a lesson in which he may gain vital experience, rather than a flaw. When he drew the notion of a cheap payment gateway for Saudi Aramco investors on a Starbucks napkin in 2015, his goal was to help retailers in the MENA area have a secure online payments solution.

What is the mechanism behind it?

As a trader, here’s everything you need to know:

  • Accept payments: PT Touch will allow you to accept payments via a smartphone app utilising contactless cards or wallets.
  • Connectivity: To use this device-independent solution, you’ll need a cell phone number and access to Wi-Fi or mobile data -it’s that simple!
  • Processed by PayTabs: Payment processing is then handled by PayTabs’ Touch Terminal Management Server.
  • Secure payments: PT Touch is a completely protected and compliant technology that includes all protection measures required by VISA/Mastercard for your extra piece of mind.

Vision and mission of PayTabs

  • By making the seemingly endless world of payment processing easy, quick, and smooth, PayTabs wants to be global in vision yet local in service.
  • It aims to fuel the payments of tomorrow.
  • Move quickly and decisively to develop unique goods and solutions that will disrupt the internet.
  • Make an impression and concentrate on creating genuine value and providing exceptional customer service.
  • Challenge and push the boundaries to achieve excellence, every single day.
  • Finally, have the courage and boldness to take calculated risks.

The way forward

Because of the nature of contactless transactions and the convenience afforded during lockdowns, consumers are more inclined to utilize digital payments now than ever before. According to recent polls, digital payments will grow fast in the GCC and MENA areas, with smartphone adoption expected to reach 91 percent by 2025.

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