How PayTabs is making it super easy to manage your online store’s payment process

How PayTabs is making it super easy to manage your online store’s payment process

For any brand that has e-commerce store, a good payment gateway partner is of paramount importance to realize the full potential of the business. A good payment gateway must have a great user interface, should be easy to integrate, non-intimidating, aid in the conversion process and finally, make the post-conversion process easy.

Now, there are quite a few payment gateway providers in the market. Which one you choose largely depends on your exact needs. Some provide to option to offer customized pricing. Others allow a simple a quick deposit of funds. Some allow you to get up and running under an hour. And others allow you to accept payments in multiple currencies. But the one provider that has been doing all of this and more is PayTabs.

Easy to integrate with Shopify, Opencart, Magento and WooCommerce, PayTabs offers everything you need to start running and stay in the business quickly and easily. In fact, it offers many native payment options like Alipay, Skrill, Ukash and giropay to ensure your local customers complete the transaction hassle-free.

One of the best features of PayTabs is its PayPage, which can be used for online invoicing. Even if you don’t have a website or CRM, you can simply send the payment link to your customer to receive payment via credit card or debit card. The system also comes with an invoicing solution which makes you look professional and also allows you to keep track of the payments received.

Track your payments on your phone

With the newly launched PayTabs app for both Android and iOS, it has become a breeze to keep track of payments on the go.

If you are a merchant using PayTabs, you can now access your PayTabs dashboard via the app. The app gives you the ability to request a withdrawal and also create PayPage invoices. To a merchant who is constantly on the go, these features come as a welcome relief from having to carry their laptop everywhere.


Take Christina, for example, who runs a specialist tour agency for women travellers. She does spend a few days in office but otherwise she is always on the trips she has organized. Her trips are popular because of strong word-of-mouth marketing and bookings for future trips keep happening everyday. This meant that Christina had to check her bookings daily and also spend time making invoices between her trip.

Then, she discovered PayTabs. Using the app, Christina is now able to check new bookings on the app and create invoices in a jiffy. She is able to accept payments without having to direct users to her website and just sending the payment link over an SMS or a messenger.


Andrea started her business in eco-friendly jewellery which took off like wild fire. The jewellery raw materials were sourced from the Ecuadorian forests and the artisans locally crafted the jewellery with the help of international designers. As a result, Andrea had many clients from different countries wanting to buy jewellery from her, place repeat orders with ease and pay easily.

Andrea adopted PayTabs, which allowed her clients to pay in their local currency. This lead to a higher adoption rate for her products as they were easier to procure compared to competitors. With PayTabs for iOS, Andrea was able to quickly check for payments, generate invoices on time and request withdrawals easily, helping save time and efforts.

As an entrepreneur, she could maintain her accounts easily no matter where her customers came from.

Built keeping in mind the most important requirements for an online store owner, PayTabs is here to make the payment gateway process simple and effortless. Try it out by downloading the PayTabs app now.

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