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Misk Webinar | How to Skill Up As You Scale Up

28 September, 2022, 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm KSA
Venue: Virtual

You validated your product, gained some traction in the market, and it is time to grow your market share. As part of top management or a founder of a scale-up, you will encounter many challenges as your team grows, with talent coming from different educational levels, career paths, cultures, and nationalities. You start releasing and executing carefully thought-out plans, which will have many points of failure. You will miss deadlines, go over budget, or the project might fail to achieve your objectives. There are many reasons that contribute to failure. In this workshop, we will explore the SAUS approach (Skill-up As You Scale-up) of implementing principles for operational excellence. You will also learn how to use the FASTMARC framework, which will help you increase clarity on what you need to focus on to reduce uncertainty and remain focused. The FASTMARC framework can be applied in any top management function.

Misk Webinar | How to Skill Up As You Scale Up