Payments Form The Core of Digital India

Payments Form The Core of Digital India

The Indian e-commerce market is estimated to grow to $102.8 Billion by 2020. With a growing internet penetration and a plethora of private and government commercial services being offered through the web, that number doesn’t seem unrealistic.  India is by far, one among the top 3 markets for e-commerce globally. If you thought the $100 bn+ figure is staggering, hold your breath because leading research consulting firm Boston Consulting Group(BCG) estimates that the Indian Digital Payments Industry will grow to $500 Billion by 2020.

In recent times, the world has seen a FinTech revolution and India has been at the forefront of spearheading that revolution. The increase in adoption of digital and mobile payments has been staggering and as a testimony, 50% of India’s population is expected to be part of the digital payments industry 2020, according to the Boston Consulting Group.

The growth has been driven by a tremendous government push in digital payments arena fueled by the Digital India proposition.  Several government services at the federal and the state level have migrated in the digital space and encourage digital payments. The growth has been also aided by the fact that majority of the population has an Aadhar card number, which enabled reliable delivery of many essential services through authentic verification.

Having said that, the Indian digital payments scene is largely focused around domestic payments. There’s a large untapped market for international payments. We know that the regulations for international payments is not easy in India, but things are changing rapidly. There is tremendous scope for Indian exporters who are selling online, internationally to ramp up their operations. Not to mention, there’s enough room for exporters who aren’t online, to get their businesses online and sell to the world.

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