Mena Switch

Go Borderless With PayTabs in MENA

Trade with the GCC and MENA markets no matter which continent in the world your business may be located.

Global merchants have huge flow of purchases, bookings and transactions from consumers residing in the MENA region. Today, consumers find it costly to pay in foreign currency but with the PayTabs MENA switch solution, they can opt to pay in local currency, using a local payment method. Through MENA Switch, we open the local market to all global processors and service providers.

We offer Payment Service Providers premium access to major payments options such as MADA, STC Pay and OmanNet in the MENA region, through our Application Programming Interfaces.

Mena Switch, PayTabs
Mena Switch, PayTabs
Mena Switch, PayTabs
Mena Switch, PayTabs
Mena Switch, PayTabs
Mena Switch, PayTabs

Trade with the GCC

So even if you’re a global merchant, you can now enjoy unparalleled access to trade with the GCC market and send and receive payments via this unique solution

Fast Track to Growth

E-commerce in the region is set to be worth $48bn by 2022. Grab your share asap!

Rise of e-commerce

UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt will remain the largest and fastest-growing e-commerce markets in the region

If you want your business to capture a share of that growth at no additional cost, we can make it happen. Talk to us