PayTabs Brings Instant Payments to GCC’s Gig Economy

Omnichannel payment solutions company PayTabs is bringing instant payments to entrepreneurs, freelancers and people working in the gig economy across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

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PayTabs’ Paymes platform will bring fast payments over social media to freelancers, artisans, consultants, micro-vendors and others who sell their products and services across the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia, according to a press release Tuesday (Sept. 20).

Those who are self-employed can also set up a digital storefront on Paymes, which is also serving as PayTabs’ social commerce platform across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The entire process, including uploading freelancer documentation, is facilitated by PayTabs and Paymes.

“Paymes helps the merchant to build a cart for the customer and share it in the same mode they’re communicating with them — be it WhatsApp, Instagram, or other social media. This helps the merchant close the deal quicker instead of redirecting them to a website,” said PayTabs UAE General Manager Neelam Keswani.

She added that the pandemic saw an escalation in “micro-businesses and freelancers like artisans, photographers, fitness trainers and home bakers.”

Paymes is “empowering these merchants,” and as an entrepreneur herself, Keswani said this technology will “enable the gig economy to grow and value add to the UAE economy.”

With the Paymes platform, the GCC’s gig economy can get paid for their talent instantly by sharing a secure payment link over nine different social media platforms including Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. Contactless payments can also be accepted by generating a static QR code.

“In the eCommerce space, while entrepreneurs and businesses find it a challenge to navigate the high costs of setting up their own websites, solutions such as Paymes offer micro businesses multiple advantages,” said Paymes co-founder Hasan Jabbarov.

“By enabling freelancers and micro businesses, to set up their own digital shop window, online shoppers can add their favorite products from the webstore to their cart, complete their delivery details and check out

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