PayTabs announces the launch of the pioneering “Paymes” platform in the field of e-commerce to support self-employed and small businesses in Egypt

PayTabs announces the launch of the pioneering “Paymes” platform in the field of e-commerce to support self-employed and small businesses in Egypt. Through this strategic partnership with the “Paymes” social platform, merchants will be able to collect their dues through social media platforms.

Cairo : PayTabs, the leading multi-award winning B2B payment solutions provider in Eurasia, today announced the launch of Paymes, the leading e-commerce platform across social media platforms in Central Asia, to be It serves as the social commerce platform for PayTabs in the Middle East and North Africa region. This strategic partnership will facilitate the process of collecting payments through social media platforms in a matter of seconds, to serve millions of workers in many fields, including independent business owners, craftsmen, consultants, home workers, personal trainers, temporary contract workers and others. This partnership will contribute to maximizing the benefit from the wide network that is unique to PayTabs in the markets in which the company operates, to enhance the spread of the Paymes brand.

This partnership is considered the first achievement of Paymes as a platform for PayTabs to serve social media merchants and freelancers in the Middle East, provided that this service will be launched in Egypt first to benefit from the PayTabs Egypt network. This new financial services technology platform will increase the customer base, as well as provide opportunities for small businesses to generate revenue. Paymes will allow its user base of small business owners in the Egyptian market to log into the platform and create their own digital store to display the products or services they provide, and thus add products directly to shopping carts, enter their contact and delivery data, and complete transactions with ease. and safety. Thanks to the tools and means provided by the “Paymes” platform, users will be able to create secure links to complete payments through social media platforms, including Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, in addition to accepting contactless payments by creating a QR code.

In this context, Abdulaziz Al-Jouf, CEO and founder of PayTabs, expressed his happiness to sign this agreement with Paymes, in light of the rapid and increasing spread of shopping on social media platforms in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as the high rate of reliance on employers. Temporary and small business, from design and consultancy to clothing and painting. He pointed out that the comprehensive research carried out by the company showed that this agreement aims to support such commercial activities due to its great importance in the economy, adding that the “Paymes” platform is working to make payment methods available through social media platforms for small business owners in Egypt, and the platform also seeks To maximize the use of digital solutions that contribute to facilitating the lives of millions of those who contribute to supporting and revitalizing the Egyptian economy. Al-Jouf explained that the next stage in the company’s strategy targets the markets of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, as part of the company’s continued interest in the market for commerce through social media platforms in the Middle East and North Africa.

It is worth noting that the research conducted by VISA entitled “Small Business Recovery in 2021” revealed that half of the Egyptian merchants surveyed consider investing in digital payments as essential to the recovery of the market. The latest data indicates that the number of temporary job holders in Egypt is 14 million, but reports issued by Reuters consider that this data is much less than the real numbers. Accordingly, this partnership between the two platforms aims to seize the growth opportunities that the market pulses with, and seeks to provide secure digital payments solutions to small merchants to serve the commerce market through social media platforms.

For his part, Hani Suleiman, General Manager of PayTabs in Africa, said that the e-commerce market is witnessing rapid growth, as well as the base of freelance workers, which presents promising opportunities that attract investors. He stressed that PayTabs has signed this partnership with the Paymes platform to present its experience in the Egyptian market, as part of its efforts to continue providing innovative, high-quality products and solutions that meet the aspirations of various segments of customers, whether potential or new. He pointed out that the “Paymes” platform possesses innovative tools and means that will redraw the map of the digital payments market, and the platform is also characterized by ease of use and efficiency in completing daily transactions, which makes it the best way for small merchants to communicate with customers in effective and easy ways. He stressed that this partnership comes within the framework of PayTabs’ commitment to exploring new horizons that help customers succeed and expand in the e-commerce market through social platforms.

On the other hand, Hasan Jabarov, co-founder of “Paymes”, stressed that the world is currently witnessing the largest ever base of small and freely working merchants, especially after the outbreak of the (Covid-19) virus pandemic. Jabarov looks forward to cooperating with PayTabs to achieve the real breakthrough that small merchants are waiting for. He also expressed his happiness in providing them with a helping hand in the field of e-commerce and facilitating their work through social media platforms. Jabarov added that the platform will allow users to create links on social media platforms to get their dues in just a few seconds. He pointed out that the platform will allow merchants to display and market their products and services in Egypt and around the world, which will benefit them and achieve the profits they aspire to. Jabarov concluded that “Paymes” aims to achieve success as quickly as possible in Egypt, the Middle East and the world in general.

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