Why Saudi Aramco Entrepreneurship Center, Wa’ed, Invested in PayTabs

Wa’ed Equity advocates an approach that differs from typical Venture Capital functions that focus exclusively on one objective: profit. At Wa’ed Equity, the focus is not only on profit, but also on the creation of quality jobs and economic diversification in the region. Therefore, it is a Venture Capital function with a multinational agenda supporting companies with a broader vision.

By doing a partnership with PayTabs, Wa’ed acknowledged that PayTabs could be a game changer for this region. The vision was similar, we not only want to generate profit but we also want to make entrepreneurs and help them in starting their business online. “I believe we are here for the long run, we are here to stay, we are revolutionizing the E-Business payment concept not Only the Ecommerce” said CEO Abdulaziz Aljouf

One of the major reasons why Saudi Aramco’s investing wing Wa’ed became a partner in PayTabs was because PayTabs was a unique solution that had the ability to build entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia. PayTabs can help build businesses and make entrepreneurs by tackling one of the major problems people face when they start an online business; collecting payments online.

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