Top Ways to Boost Referral Traffic and Attract Customers

Referral traffic is the number of people who visit your website through your links posted on other websites. However, not all referral traffic is the same. While you try to increase your referral traffic, it is also important to pay attention to the quality of your referral traffic. Remember that good quality traffic leads to higher sales and consequently better revenue. Here are some of the tips which will help you gain more and better quality referral traffic.

Collaborate: One of the most tested methods of generating referral traffic is to collaborate with other media players. You can start by referring other businesses on your website, which may in turn refer your business on their websites. Such swapping is essential for building initial momentum. This method of referral generation leads to an exponential increase in traffic. There are also several online platforms which specialize in such referral networks. You can become a part of such networks where different patrons help each other by providing mutual referrals. On an individual basis, you can start by referring your family, friends or other acquaintances’ businesses and build on it.

Offer Incentives: While you may start by referring your personal network’s businesses, after a while, you will need to ramp up your game. You can increase you referral potential by offering incentives to people who are willing to endorse your business. You can start providing freebies or other incentives to your regular customers. This step will not only help you build your referral network, but will also help in gaining repeat purchases. You can offer special discounts or free items every time any of your existing customers refers your business. It is helpful to keep such a system tier-based, which means, you can provide higher or more lucrative incentives when such referrals get converted into sales. With this one step, you can make sure your existing customers become more loyal to your business, while generating new clients at the same time.

Start Blogging: Blogging is an excellent way to create and maintain an online presence. Apart from creating your own blog, where you can offer helpful information, you can also generate referral traffic by posting guest blogs. Writing guest blog posts also helps in enhancing the visibility of your business. However, in order to maximize the potential of guest blog posts, it is important that you provide value to the blogs you are writing on. You can do this by identifying customer pain points and then offering solutions for them. It is also imperative that you pick the right platform. For this purpose, you should identify your target market and then engage with the bloggers who are active in that segment.

Use Local Partner Sites: Your business may be online, but it does not mean that all the promotional activities also have to be carried out online. One of the most efficient ways of promoting your business offline is to work with local partner sites. You can start by sponsoring some local events. However, such events should be closely related to your core business. You can also carry out speaking assignment at such events. Such programs let you connect with people organically, ultimately helping you in boosting your business. While you may start with local events, later on, you can expand your horizons to attend distant events as well.

Work on Your Landing Page: You can also recalibrate your website to generate high referral traffic. You should ensure that your landing page is not only attractive but is functional as well. You can further boost the traffic to your website by adding calls to action on your main page. Apart from putting in relevant information there, you can also add testimonials on your landing page to induce new visitors to make a purchase. The page should be divided into appropriate categories to make navigation easier. As a finishing touch, all your buttons and calls to action should stand out to persuade your clients to take an action.

All in all, every business has its unique features, and your strategy to boost your referral traffic should be in line with your goals. However, the above tips are likely to work for all types of businesses. With these easy to implement steps, you can ensure that your business is in full swing.