Top E-commerce Tips to Beat the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus outbreak, followed by lockdowns and social distancing practices, has made it essential for almost everyone to go online and shop for everyday items. The impact of this ongoing crisis has been profound on the e-commerce landscape. While some e-commerce segments are thriving, some others are facing major hurdles. However, as a whole, the e-commerce industry has adapted itself to the changed circumstances in a quick and timely manner. Online businesses have undertaken multiple steps to ensure that their customers receive the best possible services during these challenging times. You too can check out some of the top tips to thrive during this pandemic and keep your business up and running.

  • Focus on social media: While restrictions on the movement of goods and people may have impacted your business in a negative manner, keep in mind that these restrictions are forcing people to spend more time on the internet, consuming social media content. So, this is the best time to fully harness the potential of social media platforms and ramp up your engagement strategy. You can create timely and impactful content and media to remain in contact with your existing clientele and to expand into new market segments. The focus on social media will also ensure that your loyal customers continue to remain so in future as well.


  • Upgrade your website and infrastructure: Technology is constantly changing, and often, you may not be able to catch up with the latest trends. This is especially true during normal times when your business is thriving and you do not want to risk any breakdown or interruption of the services. However, the pandemic has changed the concept of normalcy drastically, and you must make sure to use this downtime in a constructive manner. So, try and make changes to your website and other areas of your business such as optimizing your logistics. You can try a new layout for your online store or install a new and improved checkout system. Relatively low business volume will make it easy for you to customize the new changes till you zero in on one that suits you the best.


  • Engage your customer base: The pandemic has also brought you a unique opportunity to spend some time connecting with your customer base. However, your efforts need not be restricted to your existing clients, as you may want to engage with untapped areas of your target markets. Now, there are several ways to build a connection with your present and prospective clients. You can engage in community services at the local level, which may provide you an opportunity to know your client base better. You can also arrange an online charity drive and fundraising events. These steps will earn you the much needed social reputation while letting you help your community.


  • Revamp your financials and records: If you have been planning to try out a new billing system or bookkeeping software, then this is the right time to do so. During busy times, it may not seem appropriate to try out new things as they may lead to disruption of services. So, you can use this downtime for testing things and procedures which may have long term impact on your business. Once your business picks up again, these little tweaks may bring about substantial efficiency. Additionally, installing these systems will also make your business more customer-friendly.


  • Network more: While it is natural that you would want to use this downtime for engaging your customers, it is also prudent to ensure that you widen your network in other areas. This temporary slump has provided you an excellent opportunity to engage with other stakeholders in your business, such as your investors and other collaborators. So, take this time to work on new financial strategies with your investors. You may also want to fine tune your upcoming marketing campaigns. Similarly, remain in close contact with your creative partners too, such as artists, graphic designers etc. You can use this time to chart strategies which can be implemented once things go back to normal.

To conclude, keep these easy tips in mind and make the best use of the time available during this breakout. Lockdowns won’t be forever and you should be prepared when they end.