The Saudi Fintech Tour

The Saudi Fintech Tour

Fintech is the short form of Financial Technology and is used to describe the use of technology for the purpose of facilitating financial transactions. However, it is not a new phenomenon as technology has been used by financial services for a long time. However, with the advent of internet and mobile use, the integration of technology and finance has reached a new level. Some of the most prominent examples of fintech products are Automatic Teller Machine or ATMs, mobile banking, Point of Sale machines and Credit Cards.

Fintech is making great strides in Saudi Arabia as people and businesses embrace the new changes. Fintech has received positive inducements from the rise in general economy and innovations in technology. This new trend has helped firms to grow their businesses by providing new services and products to their clients and other stakeholders. In order to ensure that fintech is fully adapted, it is important to create awareness among public and industries about fintech tools.

Evolution of Fintech

While there is no formal definition of fintech, it may be described as the application of technology for improving various financial activities. Thus, fintech may exist in the form of a business model, an application, a product or a process. Though, most of the time fintech involves use of internet, but it is not a necessary ingredient.

Fintech has seen steep increase in its usage and popularity since the mid-2000s. some of the main milestones in the journey of fintech are the launch of Apple iPhone in 2007 and the increased use of cloud computing. The launch of iPhone is a significant landmark as it heralded the era of smartphones. As smartphones became more commonplace and affordable, the use of internet banking also increased. This development allowed the financial services firms to target clients which were earlier inaccessible due to their geographic location.

Similarly, the developments in cloud computing area ensured that the financial services firms are able to store and transmit the data in a secure manner. For financial services, maintaining the integrity of sensitive data is highly important. It is also required to keep up prompt access to the data to provide fast and smooth services. All these prerequisites were facilitated by cloud computing.

Apart from these two factors, there are several other growth drivers, pushing the fintech market ahead. Today’s customers are less rigid about their financial services practices and are more amenable to using newer technologies. This willingness to embrace change made it easier for financial services firms to roll out new innovations. Further, the sector has seen interest from institutional investors as well. The injection of capital in the area allowed the firms to invest in research and development activities, ensuring that the newer technologies are developed at a fast pace. All these factors combined to make fintech mainstream in a short period of time.

About the Fintech Tour

Fintech Tour organized by Fintech Saudi is a cluster of events and activities hosted by Fintech Saudi’s partners to spread knowledge about fintech and support the development of fintech companies. To date, the Fintech Tour is the largest cluster of fintech events to take place in the Middle East.

Fintech Tour 19 will take place from 1st December – 12th December 2019 across Saudi Arabia and in selected international cities.

Themes this year are spreading fintech knowledge and accelerating fintech entrepreneurship

The Tour will consist of community events and workshops (open to everyone) organized in different cities by Fintech Saudi’s partners related to the themes. Fintech Tour 19 promises to be the most high-profile series of fintech events to take place in Saudi Arabia as it is an effective way to engage with the Fintech Community and other stakeholders.

About PayTabs

PayTabs is proud to be a part of the Saudi Fintech Tour, spreading knowledge about fintech. Join a workshop on the Future of Payments in KSA, presented by Ali Alshehri, Country Manager, PayTabs KSA. Register for the event here: