The Most Popular Online Payment Methods

Online payment methods have become increasingly popular due to widespread use of internet-based shopping. Efficient payment solutions not only ensure that your business retains its liquidity but also endeavors to provide smooth services to the clients. The right payment method helps you attract more customer and address a larger market. However, before choosing one for your business, it is important to keep certain facts in mind. The selected methods should be flexible yet robust. To make things easier, here is the list of the top online payment methods.

  1. Credit Cards:

    Credit cards have emerged as one of the most frequently used online payment methods. These cards usually have international acceptability, making them highly useful for online transactions. If you want to offer this feature to your customers, you need to decide whether you want your own dedicated merchant or an intermediary holding account. It is important determine the best option as selecting one over the other can result in different business processes and funding times. This method is highly flexible as the client may choose to make payments in installment. Further, these cards also offer high level of transaction security.


  1. Internet Banking:

    This is an upcoming online payment method. Internet banking comes with various payment options, which are tailored to meet different requirements of clients. This electronic payment system is considered safe and secure. The client may be required to pay certain charges to their bank for using these services. However, this method is still relatively cheaper than most of the other online payment methods.


  1. Mobile Payments:

    Mobile payment methods are regulated transactions that is performed from your mobile device. This payment method has become widely popular as people consider contactless payment to be the safest option. It is secure, fast and convenient. Mobile may be used for processing payments made by a chip card or a credit card. This payment option is highly flexible as it incorporates several methods such as typing the credit card number or simply dipping a chip card to process a payment. There has been development of mobile payment hardware as well for the purpose of swiping physical cards and processing the payment. This method of online transaction will likely to gain more traction in the coming times.


  1. Online Payment Gateway:

    You can offer this payment method to your clients by simply adding an online payment solution. It is the simplest way for organizations to collect online payments from their website or an app. This solution is swift and convenient. Choosing a reliable online payment gateway is an important decision as several options are available in the market. However, it is vital to check out all the options and pick the one that best suits your business as many gateways offer one stop solution. These gateways not only allow you to expand your market but also to offer security and safety to your clients.


  1. Click to Pay Email Invoicing:

    Email invoicing is amongst the most user-friendly methods of online payments. It is a fully integrated and intuitive to use. It also allows your clients to generate their payment by producing an invoice. Businesses can streamline their process with this method. With increasing number of people making online purchases, the payment solution has become quite popular. It is also fast as when a customer clicks the link and pays the invoice, it is automatically updated in the system as paid, saving both your time and energy.


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