The Importance of Mobile in Financial Services

The Importance of Mobile in Financial Services

The ever-increasing use of mobile phones in day-to-day lives is redefining the landscape of financial services and it is impacting banks, NBFCs, insurance companies and even online stores in various ways.  Today, the digitally aware section of society is using their mobiles to receive messages from financial institutions, pay EMIs, shop online, transfer money and book a restaurant or movie easily. Mobiles are replacing the conventional financial practices and you can now buy anything online without having to use cash or card, thanks to e-wallets.  This is because even smartphones have become cheaper and can be used even by kids and the elderly. Now let’s take a look at how mobile is revolutionizing financial services:

  • Impact on financial lenders – The banking sector as well as NBFCs are embracing mobile technology these days to make their operations smoother, and to reach out to a wider section of the society. Since mobile phones are widely available in rural and suburban areas today, a farmer too can get a loan conveniently with a single phone call or text. A small rural business can get funding even while sitting at home and he or she will receive notifications through the mobile phone as well. Opening an account with a bank has become convenient too this way. So, mobiles have played a huge role in boosting financial inclusion and are encouraging the economically weaker section of the society to use banking services.


  • Impact on insurance – Insurance is something that a lot of people opt for, be it to protect themselves against financial emergencies or accidents or medical emergencies etc. But with the advent of mobile phones, more and more customers research online about various insurances before picking one. They can compare the cost and benefit of choosing different insurances on their mobile phones as well. Hence, it is in the best interest of the insurance companies to use mobile technology to advertise their policies and reel in both new and old policy holders. This way, they can reach out to more target audience than they previously thought was possible.


  • Impact on online businesses – E-stores these days focus on mobile shopping apps as much as they do on their website. This is because most customers use mobile phones or smartphones to shop for fashion apparel, cookware, hardware, medicines, cosmetics and even baby care products. They have less time to spare for physical shopping and are always on the go, which makes it tough for them to use a laptop or desktop all the time. Naturally, online businesses need to ensure that the payment gateway they offer on mobile apps is secure, fast and hassle-free. This will prevent shoppers from abandoning their carts midway because of a slow gateway or one which has many redirections.

Mobile revolution and payment gateways

From buying a pizza to shopping for wedding jewelry to ordering flowers for a birthday – everything happens on mobiles these days. And simple and smart mobile apps are hence popular. But without a proper payment gateway, you will never attract enough customers through mobile marketing and your sales will dip.

Gateways like PayTabs are hence a wise choice for online stores. They deposit funds in merchant accounts fast, protect customer and transaction data, prevent frauds, and are very easy to integrate into your mobile app. Moreover, as they offer a variety of payment options, shoppers can easily pay using their credit and debit cards. The shopping experience cannot get better than this! So, it is time to adopt mobile technology whether you are a business, bank or insurance company, without a second thought, as this technology is here to stay!