Technology: A Key Differentiator for PayTabs

Technology: A Key Differentiator for PayTabs

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke (Author)

The world of payment solutions has evolved dramatically in recent times, given the growing need of global e-commerce. Most merchants nowadays require a comprehensive solution to take care of their payment needs, whether it is in a single store environment or a marketplace environment. Even offline merchants need payment solutions to effectively manage their orders, especially in the context of international payments. The modern day customer expects no short of magic while paying for a product online, irrespective of the environment. Thankfully, the technology has evolved drastically in recent times to create nothing sort of magic for customers, irrespective of their expectations.

The payments landscape has broadened as the world has shrunk and the need for multiple currencies, alternative payments, split payments, recurring payments rolled into one solution has become an imperative for merchants of all sizes. Apart from the different features in a payment solution, what is required is the ability of the solution to integrate in various ways and provide a wide range of integration capabilities for multiple shopping carts, in the context of e-commerce.  Apart from features of a payment solution, an ideal solution should have a secured technology backend.

In the light of the growing e-commerce landscape, PayTabs has the technology to add business value for any merchant. Key elements of the technology are as follows:

  • 160+ Currencies accepted on the platform.
  • Whether it’s multiple channels, schemes, acquiring banks, multiple shopping cart platforms, security infrastructure and systems, risk management and merchant services, we have you covered in all aspects in the context of building, operating and growing your e-commerce business.
  • Dual layers of fraud management infrastructure, dedicated fraud and account management.
  • 130+ alternative payments options designed to intelligent recommend you options that support your overall business goals.

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