#Payshout – Join the PayTabs Merchant Shoutout Program this Ramadan

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#Payshout – Join the PayTabs Merchant Shoutout Program this Ramadan

#Payshout – Join the PayTabs Merchant Shoutout Program this Ramadan

The popularity of Payshout, a promotion campaign launched by PayTabs to help businesses find more ground online and explore more business avenues, continuous to grow. With the season of Ramadan in full swing, most e-commerce businesses feel it’s a great time to reach out to the right audience through our merchant shoutout program, which proposes an excellent way to showcase a website, a business, a brand, a product, or a service to the audience.

75 and counting

The only way shoutouts work is when the host or influencer is sincere, specific and public. At PayTabs, we make it a point to be honest about our dealings and offer relevant information to our clients and customers. This dedication has resulted in over 75 merchants joining with our network, this season to have Payshout promote their business online through our social media accounts.

Compared to industry specifics, this is a huge achievement, and one we are very proud of. The fact that PayTabs provides one-stop revolutionary solutions for all spheres of businesses, gives us the opportunity and exposure to reach a varied spectrum of customers. Most websites, products, brands and services online (in touch with us) realize this and could not wait to sign up as soon as possible to the successful #Payshout program.

Don’t Miss the Golden Opportunity

The flavour of Ramadan is in most shoppers’ hearts and you don’t want to miss this opportunity to get your business known by hundreds and thousands of people. Our social media outreach involves interaction with customers and clients from all corners of the world.

So, if you have an e-store or an online business or product, then sign up to our merchant shoutout program and get noticed. This could be the thing that makes all the difference in your sales and profit this season.

This is how we can benefit your business and brand:

  1. Popularity and Exposure

We make your brand popular and noticed by thousands of potential customers. Our social media efforts reach out to people from all regions of the world. You don’t have to worry about local exposure anymore. With the help of our global payment platform that accepts over 168 different currencies, you can make your mark on the world.

  1. Generate Leads and Engage New Audience

If you are thinking of taking your brand to the next level, then collaborate with us on our #Payshout campaign because we don’t just stop at flaunting your content, but take it to a whole new level on various social media platforms. You can enjoy brand awareness and reach new audience groups simply and easily.

  1. Use Your Signature Content

Payshout is unlike any other regular merchant shoutout opportunity. We focus the limelight on your business, e-store, brand, products, and services by publishing your content. You get to put your logo and use any content that you think will work with your targeted audience. PayTabs provides the medium for you to enhance your business exposure, like we provide the ultimate payment gateway to enable quick deposits.

You Can Still Sign Up

Don’t worry if you missed out the first wave. You can still sign up with PayTabs merchant shoutout program #Payshout. Simply get in touch with us and submit your content, creative image, logo, and the name of your website, brand or e-store. We will do the rest to make sure you get the best from this opportunity.

The Final Word

Our shoutouts happen periodically and we make sure that we reserve a special spot for every partner business. You don’t need to worry about being overshadowed from your competitors or other businesses in different niches.

In return for our outreach, we request our partners for a one-year commitment to engage PayTabs as your exclusive payment processing provider. We open the world of payments at your fingertips with our innovative and technology-robust payments solutions. With plenty of payment features, ease of integration, seamless compatibility, and compliance with security protocols, we ensure that our partners get the maximum benefits from their online business.

The bottom line is that Payshout is a wonderful opportunity for your business to grow its online presence and a unique way to boost your brand awareness. So what are you waiting for? Explore Payshout today.

9 smart ways to boost your eCommerce business during Ramadan

9 smart ways to boost your eCommerce business during Ramadan

It has been observed that the sacred month of Ramadan is a time when the online spending by Muslims all over the world rises significantly. Throughout this month, devout Muslims fast, pray, donate to the needy, and exchange gifts with loved ones. This holy month culminates with Eid al-Fitr, a festival that marks the breaking of the month-long dawn to sunset fast. And it encourages all Muslims to purchase various household as well as personal and gift items. A study conducted by The Arabian Marketer also showed that a 15% growth in retail and a 35% growth in travel through online sales were noticed during Ramadan 2015. As a result, ecommerce companies have started offering whopping discounts and attractive promotions on fashion apparel, electronics, sportswear, automotive and more. But are such measures enough to attract Ramadan shoppers? Not really! Here are a few things to keep in mind if you wish your sales to peak during this sacred month:

  1. Make your ecommerce store mobile-friendly – During Ramadan, most people are usually away from their desktops or laptops, but are active on their mobiles, which include smartphones and tablets. Google also shows that more people during this period watch more YouTube videos and search on the internet through mobile phones. Hence, a mobile-friendly and easy to navigate website is crucial to lure such shoppers.
  2. Focus on the right times – Weekend, early morning hours, shortly before the sunset and right after the sunset when the faithful breaks his or her fast are the peak times for shopping. And you will have to be ready for that.
  3. Say yes to Arabic – In a country where the majority speaks Arabic, it will do your website a lot of good if it has a version in that language. Ensure that your site supports local currencies and payment platforms like Paytabs. Such payment gateways assure easy and transparent fund transfer.
  4. A pre-Ramadan campaign can help – To emotionally connect with potential shoppers, it is a good idea to go for a pre-Ramadan campaign. It shows that you appreciate the local culture and respect the sacred month.
  5. Track across devices – Modern online shoppers often keep switching from their PC to mobile to tablet, during a single purchase. And this trend increases during Ramadan. So unless you can track customer behavior across different devices, you might approach a shopper with a product he or she no longer wants. And this way, you might lose out on a potential sale.
  6. Stand apart from competition – Since most or all ecommerce companies will be vying for the customers’ attention, you need to build special digital marketing strategies to stand out from the crowd. Unique or rare offers might help.
  7. Find out what works best for you – Not all industries are affected in the same way by Ramadan. For instance, fashion outlets usually benefit the most from the sale of kid’s clothing. Travel agents on the other hand benefit when they keep an eye on the best times for booking flights and hotels.
  8. Don’t ignore feast days – The last 3 days of Ramadan might witness a sharp decline in sales, since everyone is feasting and celebrating. But you mustn’t give up hope because of that. Remember that though people are away from their laptops or computers, they will definitely carry around their mobiles. Reach out with a warm message on Eid, so that your engagement with the shoppers continues.
  9. Make the most of social media – Interactions on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter increase by leaps and bounds during Ramadan. A study by Motion Point reveals that this hike can be as much as a third! Hence, strategic social media marketing will come in handy and drive more traffic towards your website.

So, gear up for Ramadan with the smart tips mentioned here. There is every possibility that you might end up reaping more benefits than ever before!