PayTabs Collaborates with Nazeel.net to facilitate payments in the Hospitality Industry

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PayTabs-Collaborates-with-Nazeel.net to-facilitate-payments-in-the-Hospitality-IndustryPayTabs, a leading payment solutions provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is now collaborating with Riyadh-based Nazeel.net, a cloud-based hotel management software and systems provider, to offer cutting-edge payment services to its clients. The new and promising tie-up is expected to be especially useful for hotels, motels, chalets, resort chains and real estate sectors. Here is a closer look at the many benefits arising from the association:

  • Teaming Up with the Best: net is an undisputed leader in the hospitality sector, with over 45 percent market share in the kingdom. In fact, it books 23 million hotel nights annually through its platform. With its unique leadership position, Nazeel.net can provide advanced solutions to its clients. Over 4,300 hotels have already expressed their faith in Nazeel.net for managing their properties. And the collaboration with PayTabs will further allow the clients to benefit from novel payment solutions and business tools. The long-time expertise of Nazeel.net will help the businesses in attaining maximum efficiency and optimality. The synergies generated by Nazeel.net’s hotel management software and solutions and PayTabs’ payment solutions will help clients attain greater convenience.


  • Customized Solutions: The collaboration seeks to empower the hospitality industry in the region, by making the payment system simpler, faster, and more secure. According to the data published by Global News Wire, the Saudi Arabian hotel industry is driven by rapid economic growth, the development of real estate projects investment, and innovative constructions. These factors are driving tourism in the region as well, which is expected to fuel the growth in the hospitality industry.


  • Global Edge: The region is expected to attract visitors from all over the world. The kingdom is especially looking to increase the number of Hajj and Umrah tourists. These two streams are the prominent sources of visitors in the region. According to an estimate, there were 19 million such visitors in 2019 and the government is now looking to increase the number to 30 million by 2030. These visitors come from different countries, and thus, require hospitality establishments to deal in a wide range of currencies. PayTabs, with its new collaboration, will be able to offer digital payment solutions to hospitality services providers in the region. This move will lend a global touch to their operations.


  • Operational Dashboard: The collaboration will prove to be especially helpful for businesses that are planning to take their operations online. This shift can help enhance their revenues and returns. PayTabs and its collaborator Nazeel.net can help in setting up the business’s payment gateway in an easy manner. With the help of Nazeel.net’s specialized dashboard, hospitality management companies can easily manage their daily operations. From a single window, they can enjoy a bird’s eye view of all their business operations, giving them better control. The business owners can also select the frequency of their reports. Whether they are looking for hourly reports or weekly, this system is all set to provide them with relevant details.


  • Innovative Payment Solutions: Together, PayTabs and Nazeel.net are in a position to provide unique and innovative payment solutions to hospitality services providers. The robust technologies used by PayTabs will not only ensure that the businesses are able to process their cash flows promptly, but also help them boost their own and their clients’ security. The promptness of processing will help businesses to maintain their liquidity, while the security measures will keep sensitive data away from prying eyes. Ensuring safety of the data will also allow hospitality businesses to build a reputation in the market and create a niche for themselves.


PayTabs and Nazeel.net together aspire to facilitate digital hotel bookings and reservations in KSA. They are wholeheartedly working towards achieving the Saudi 2030 vision of cashless payments.



Running an e-commerce store requires two main components – great online visibility that will attract more customers and secondly, a secure and robust payment system that will ensure that your customers can pay you easily and you can receive online payments from anywhere safely. Finding the right tools to set up your online store and finding the right payment gateway to accept payments are crucial for the success of your business. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about where to find the best of these two services.

In an effort to expand the scope of its services, PayTabs, the leading payment processor operating in the MENA market, has joined hands with Zid, which offers a complete ecosystem to build and operate an online store. Merchants will now be able to access PayTabs’ best-in-class payment offerings and global reach as well as Zid’s e-commerce solutions to enjoy better sales and online visibility.

PayTabs allows businesses to transact in 168 different currencies, helping them to expand their global footprint. It also maintains its market lead by employing cutting edge technologies and forging new alliances.

The Collaboration

This collaboration will allow PayTabs to offer its payment solutions to 4,000 online stores. Zid is focused on offering its services to retail businesses in e-commerce sphere. The service provider currently works with over 2,000 retailers, engaged in over 14 sectors in retail market. The company has developed expertise to provide specialized services to help these businesses with varied requirements. Zid provides an entire ecosystem of services to help a business enter the e-commerce segment and sustain itself.

Zid can help the businesses set up their online stores, without requiring to be familiar with coding and all the other technical stuff. It lets startups build online presence in a simple and straightforward manner. Once done with setting up an online shop, entrepreneurs can focus on forming networks and collaborations. This is yet another area where Zid’s services can be an asset to any organization looking to capture a share of the emerging online market.

The partnership between PayTabs and Zid will ensure that their customers receive a wide range of services under a single platform. With their end to end offerings, the collaboration is designed to provide seamless services to help small businesses kick start their online enterprises and then grow in a sustainable and efficient manner.

About Zid

Zid is an online solution provider which helps businesses in growing their presence online. It helps in a variety of ways with its wide range of services. Zid has completed over 500,000 orders till now while its sales volume has crossed SAR184 million. With over 850 training and consulting hours, Zid has considerable experience dealing with diverse problems and issues faced by the businesses. The firm specializes in providing services and consultancies with regard to online transition of the businesses. It also offers a variety of payment options to help your firm grow internationally by letting you accept the payments in different currencies and in different countries. Further, it also allows its partners to offer cash on delivery payment option to its clients, which is fast becoming one of the most important payment methods for online customers.

As Zid aims to become one-stop solution provider for online businesses, it arranges logistics services for the clients. With its varied collaborations, the clients can pick their preferred delivery partners for achieving efficiency and economy. Further, Zid also aids businesses in managing their inventories with the state of art tools.  Overall, Zid successfully integrates technology and business savvy to allow firms in capturing online market.



PayTabs is a leading payment gateway for businesses in Middle East. The processor mainly offers services to small and medium enterprises, helping them grow their business through a simple and secure online payment process. In order to further enhance its services, the company has now collaborated with Invoice Bazaar. This new collaboration is especially impactful in today’s work environment where businesses are facing multiple issues due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic.

The Benefits

The collaboration between these market innovators seeks to provide cutting-edge support to their clients.

  • Crisis Management: Currently, businesses are facing a lot of issues due to the onslaught of a highly unexpected situation. However, the use of technology and relevant tools can help in minimizing losses caused. These tools may also help businesses in optimizing the use of their resources. The tie-up between PayTabs and Invoice Bazaar can go a long way in this direction. Now, merchants will be able to obtain economical working capital funding through the help of Invoice Bazaar.
  • Liquidity and Asset Management: The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted the businesses in a profound manner. This impact is even more palpable in the case of small and medium sized enterprises. According to IFC World Bank, these enterprises account for more than 50 percent employment and 90 percent of businesses globally. The collaboration between PayTabs and Invoice Bazaar seeks to provide working capital services to this segment. The businesses will be able to carry out mobile and online payments using PayTabs platform while Invoice Bazaar will assist with microfinancing activities.
  • Easy Operations: PayTabs and Invoice Bazaar offer an integrating platform for carrying out different operations. With Invoice Bazaar services, the existing client base of PayTabs in the UAE will be able to cash in their receivables in a prompt manner. They will also be able to carry out their online and mobile transactions in a more efficient mode. Further, the tie-up also offers a wide range of other services such as streamlined electronic invoicing and PayTabs comprehensive business manager dashboard.
  • State of the Art Technology: The collaboration brings forth many tools for serving its client base. The dashboard allows the businesses to handle their operations from a centralized location. It also helps in keeping proper track of all the expenses and incomes. Invoice Bazaar offers unique working capital solutions and MSMEs can ensure optimal utilization of their resources with the help of such solutions. The tie-up will also help in carrying out ecommerce activities and aid online payment. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the demand for online shopping has shot up as well.

About Invoice Bazaar

Invoice Bazaar is a FinTech company which is engaged in the receivables finance segment. The main aim of the company is to provide services to SMEs with regard to their working capital requirements. This is an essential service as several businesses are undergoing liquidity crisis on account of the current pandemic. These services are vital to ensure their survival.

Invoice Bazaar uses its in-house technologies and technology platform to provide state-of-the-art services to its clients. The company team has more than 50 years of experience in this domain and has offered its services to various multinational concerns such as Goldman Sachs, HSBC and Citi. So far, it has disbursed over AED 0.5 billion to its MSME clients. The company was bestowed with “MENA FinTech of the Year” award in 2019.

About PayTabs

PayTabs is a B2B payments solution provider. The company processed its first live payment in June 2014 and since then has come a long way. PayTabs now offers its services in 168 currencies through its integrated services platform. The company serves over 49 industries through its API plugins and Plug & Play features. PayTabs services are designed to help businesses save their time and money, optimizing the utilization of their resources.

PayTabs has dedicated offices in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt. These offices enable the company to lend a local touch to its services. It can further customize its products and services to meet your business’s distinct requirements in a more holistic manner.



PayTabs is enhancing its portfolio of solutions to provide more relevant and sustainable services to clients during these exceptional times. The company’s collaboration with Zbooni will now allow PayTabs to offer micro payment solutions to small businesses units that traditionally operate without online presence. Through this tie up, PayTabs seeks to provide entrepreneurs and home based businesses such as bakers, designers, consultants, tailors, craftsmen and women the ability to carry out their business operations in safe manner by continuing to sell on social media platforms and then receiving payments seamlessly and conveniently.

In support of small businesses and in line with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s leadership initiatives during this unique situation, PayTabs is also offering those who sign up for the service zero set up fees or transaction fees until 15 June 2020. This is with the objective of protecting people and reducing the burden on families by empowering SMB’s to  setup their accounts within hours on the Zbooni platform and sell their products through any social media channel.

Let’s have a look at this tie up to see how these new services can help you manage your business in the current scenario. This service is mainly targeted on the businesses offering services such as baking, designing, tailoring, art & fitness, consultation and e-tailing home-made crafts.

What Does Zbooni Do?

Zbooni is a micro payment platform which also offers several user-friendly features for aiding offline as well as online businesses. One of the most prominent USPs of Zbooni is its mobile invoicing service. With the help of its dedicated app, any business can start accepting card payments, including debit cards and credit cards. Its holistic portfolio of services lets you create your online store in a matter of an hour. However, Zbooni goes even further as you do not necessarily need to have online presence to start using its services. Its features are highly applicable to offline businesses as well.

One Stop App: Zbooni offers you a centralized interface to manage your business’s cash flow in an intuitive and efficient manner. Its app is mainly designed to let the businesses accept payments from anywhere. You can manage your cash inflow by generating invoices and sending them through a wide range of channels including WhatsApp and other messaging services. Subsequently, your clients also get the pick of the payment options. They can clear their bills through any major card or even by using Mada. Zbooni lets you collect your dues fast and efficiently.

Easy Sign Up & Documentation Process: Customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can easily set up a Zbooni account by signing up at PayTabs.com/sign_up_zbooni and submitting a couple of documents. The documents required while signing up are as follows:

  • Two Personal IDs (Passport & Local ID) of the authorized signatory of the merchant
  • Personal IDs of Partner/ Shareholder/ Ultimate Beneficiary holding over 10% of the shares in the company
  • Business/ Trade License issued by government or Freelancing Official License (for KSA merchants) matching website business activity.
  • Last 3 months bank statements or a bank letter in case the account is new. Bank account should be under the company name
  • Proof of address (rent contract, electricity bill, mobile bill, bank statement, Wasel etc.)
  • Memorandum of Association/ Shareholder Registry

Mobile Payments: with the massive increase in mobile technology, it is important that your business possesses the ability to process mobile payments. Zbooni is optimally designed to do just that for your business. Clients are not even required to have Zbooni app installed on their phones to make the payments. can simply send them a link through a browser which they can click to complete the payment process. The money is then deposited in your wallet and is transferred to your bank account and PayTabs will now facilitate the process.

Intuitive Operations: Zbooni has made it a lot easier for you to process your payments. The process followed by Zbooni is highly intuitive and convenient to follow. The process starts with creating an account using the app. After this, the business is required to create an order and generate an invoice. Afterward, you simply have to send the link to your clients. Once they confirm the order they are guided through the payment process. Zbooni ensures that the entire process is quick and easy both for you and your clients.

Flat Fee Structure: With Zboomi you do not need to worry about complex fee structures. Zboomi charges a flat fee, which makes it easier for you to keep track of your expenses. Unlike staggered fee structure where your payments pile up with increase in your volume, the expenses ratio remains flat with Zboomi option. The amount is automatically deducted from successful transactions, offering you convenience. There are no hidden costs, no maintenance fee and no set up costs. Its flat structure and simplified process allows all kinds of business including the small ones to use this service. Now, you do not need to use your precious resources for unnecessary paper work.

And now you can avail one-time special offer for small businesses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In order to help businesses in this difficult time, PayTabs has designed a special pricing plan, which is valid until June 15th, 2020. Under this plan, the eligible businesses are not required to pay any transaction fees, set up fees or monthly fees. Further, the businesses are also exempted from any minimum volume requirement. This special offer is only available to new Zbooni customers and existing PayTabs customers in KSA.

PayTabs Ties up With Expand Cart

PayTabs Ties up With Expand Cart

Don’t have an e-store and still want to sell online? Not a problem! Via PayTabs’ partnership with Expand Cart, clients will now be able to create the right web store and start selling online. The service is aimed at providing one stop solution to merchants who do not have online presence but are willing to expand their reach by creating online stores.

The Collaboration

While PayTabs has championed the cause of providing hassle free and safe online payments, Expand Cart is committed to help merchants in creating their online stores. Expand Cart offers a wide range of services in this regard. It starts with a rich portfolio of templates available online. These templates provide an easy way to kick start the process of website creation. All you need to do is to pick a template and then customize it to meet your specific requirements. Such customization is easy and convenient with the tools provided by Expand Cart.

The collaboration between PayTabs and Expand Cart will allow the customers to carry out full life cycle implementation in an integrated manner. Such assimilation ensures that each and every part of your online store is in sync and provides the best possible services. The task of creating an online presence may be daunting and intimidating. However, this task may be done with the help of online services provided by Expand Cart in an easy manner. You are not required to hire any professional for creating your website and you can do it at your own pace.

About Expand Cart

Expand Cart is a leader in its domain and provides user friendly services for creating imposing online stores. Its portfolio of services includes templates and designs, a store creating platform, hosting servers and marketing activities. The templates included in its repertoire are professionally designed. The exhaustive range of designs ensures that there is something for everyone. So, whether you plan to sell home furnishings or any technical services, Expand Cart portfolio will have a template to cater to your needs.

Expand Cart provides a store creating platform which comes equipped with a unique control panel. The panel has a number of features which help you in building and managing your online store. With the help of features embedded in this panel, you can show all your products in an elaborate manner. Further, you can also enhance the material with the aid of pictures and videos. Other features such as customization of prices and provision of discounts are also available.

Once you have designed your online store, you also need a place to host it from. Expand Cart offers hosting servers which can handle heavy duty websites in a professional manner. It features flexible portal storage which spans multiple servers so as to offer faster and smoother access to your clients. It comes complete with cloud computing architecture to remove geographic constraints. Its cloud servers are located close to the middle east for ensuring speed and faster response. Yours and your clients’ data is secured through the use of latest technologies.

Once you are done with the designing and hosting of your online store, it is time to promote it. Expand Cart has got you covered on this front as well. It offers marketing services such as SEO marketing. Expand Cart aids the process by introducing auto sitemap creation, addition of meta tags and description for items in your store. You can also add promotional features such as discounts and other special features to your listing. There is also provision to collect analytics such as most viewed product, featured products and more. If you are looking to sell your products on social media, then Expand Cart offers your clients the ability to share their favorite products just by the click of a button.

With this collaboration, businesses in middle east now have a dedicated and specialize platform to showcase their products online.