A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Dynamic Ads for eCommerce

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A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Dynamic Ads for eCommerce

A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Dynamic Product Ads for eCommerce

Online advertising is a highly vibrant concept and is constantly undergoing drastic changes. It is highly challenging to draw customers’ attention and then to keep them engaged. Facebook dynamic ads are one of the most powerful marketing tools available today. Despite their unique features, these ads are not difficult to master. So here are some of the tips to get you started with Facebook dynamic ads.

What are Facebook Dynamic Product Ads?

Facebook is constantly innovating when it comes to product ads on its pages. The social media site has a well diversified product portfolio which contains different types of ad formats to suit different requirements. Its latest offering is dynamic product ads which are highly amenable to personalization, making them more effective. As per the definition given by Facebook itself, dynamic ads eliminate the need to create individual ads for different products. Instead, you are just required to provide a template and the data and images from your feed are automatically incorporated.

How to Set it Up?

Dynamic ads are highly impressive but fortunately, the task of setting them up is not that daunting. With a couple of directives, you can easily install your own dynamic ad mechanism. However, before you embark upon this journey, you need to make sure you have your basics down i.e. you already have a Facebook Page, a Facebook ad account and a Business Manager account.

Install Facebook Pixel: Before getting started with dynamic ads, you have to make sure that you have properly installed Facebook Pixel, which is a small code which is required to be embedded in the website. Alternatively, you can opt for installing Facebook SDK, which is highly useful for tracking the performance of the ads and providing analytics. However, if you are using any compatible eCommerce platform such as BigCommerce or Shopify, then you are not required to alter your code for creating Facebook Pixel. Instead, you can simply use a third party module to install Pixel.

Designing Product Catalog: For running dynamic Facebook ads, you are required to prepare a detailed product portfolio. This portfolio should contain vital information such as item description, pricing and pictures. A well-designed catalog is highly important as it acts as a repository of the product information. Your data feed should contain all the information which you want to be included in the ads. You can also create multiple data feeds.

Create Product Sets: For making dynamic ads more productive, you can go for creating product sets. This exercise is useful ensuring that your dynamic ads are more targeted and result in better cross sells and up sells. You can use different criterions such as availability, category, brand or product type. The ideal way is to create sets with broad themes as very narrowly defined parameters may lead to sparse products in each category. Facebook dynamic ads allow up to 5 custom columns for adding more data.

Define Target Market: Now is the time to identify the market segments you are looking to capture with your dynamic ads. The retargeting option allows you to focus on a range of visitors such as people who added items to cart but did not actually purchase them. You can also cater to specific customers to up sell or cross sell your products. Another interesting option is to go for custom combination where you can create your own filters to better meet your business’s requirements. You can also choose to broaden your horizons and go for broad audience targeting by opening up your products to newer market segments.

Create an Ad Template: Now comes the final stage of creating the ad template. For this purpose, you need to head to the Ads Manager option and click on Create and choose Catalog Sales. The process designed by Facebook for creating an ad template is highly intuitive. You can use your product catalog for populating various fields. There is also the provision of using dynamic placeholders to let you control the content.

Once your dynamic ad is live, it is important to keep track of its performance. You can accordingly change various parameters of ads to make them more suitable for your business and business objectives.

Crack the Marketing Code To Attract New Customers To Your Small Business

To sell your products and services as a small business, you need the right information. I have distilled the vast information available online to make it easy for you to promote your business and attract customers on a shoestring budget.

This information comprises of some old school methods of promotion combined with some modern and innovative methods. All of these activities together will yield wonderful results. I have tried to make sure that the tips suggested here are proven yet low cost methods to promote your business and attract your customers.

All of the methods listed here may not be suitable for your business type, so focus on the ways that would work best for your business.

These methods can broadly be divided into three major categories.

  1. Offline Promotion
  2. SEO and digital marketing
  3. Other innovative methods

A. Offline Promotion

As far as offline methods of promotion are concerned, we can again divide it into the following points:

1.  Volunteer work
Start volunteering for community services in your neighborhood. Arrange free health checkup camps or simply sponsor an event.  Just try it, your community, church or mosque is waiting for your services. Its worldly incentives include free publicity.

2. Host community meetings

In spite of the fact that it’s prevalent mostly in the Western countries you can try it in the East as well. Invite groups such as book clubs, football fans, local groups, and political and religious groups for a meet up or get-together. Offer freebies, discounts, donuts and coffee. They will likely come back to buy from you.

3. Distribute leaflets and flyers

One of the most powerful weapons of the old school marketing arsenal, leaflets and flyers are still relevant and effective.

4. Do some charity and conduct charity shows

Arrange charity shows and invite children and other artists to organize the show. Distribute the proceeds to the poor and the weak and get free publicity.

5. Hold in person events

Get outside your premises and offer your services outside, or simply organize an event and invite people to your place. Collect their contact information, offer freebies and discount coupons, or send coupons to their mailing address.

6. Partner with other related businesses

If you are a wedding planner, partner with music bands, flower shops, decorators, caterers and other event organizers. Partner with these businesses and distribute discount coupons and membership cards to their customers. Offer a free appetizer on their first visit.

7. Offer great customer service

Customer service is the key to success in any business – big or small. Offer exceptional customer service, so that you get a lot of referrals and word of mouth promotion.

8. Nurture existing customers and expand your customer base

Use your existing customers to expand your customer base. Give personalized gifts to your customers on their marriage anniversaries and birthdays. Offer incentives to your customers to bring more customers for you. It may be a jumbo discount or a free offer.

B. Digital marketing

Digital marketing is one of the most effective ways to attract customers to your startup or small business. Try the following action tips and experience a flood of customers pouring in:

  1. Create a website
    It’s the first step of digital marketing and a platform for all your future campaigns. Later on, you can create a blog and a video log on YouTube.
  2. Go for directory listing
    List your business on all local and popular online directories to improve your visibility. Hire an SEO professional, if it’s too much for you.
  3. Create your presence on “Google My Business”
    It’s Google’s own way of local listing and SEO for your business. It will not only create your online presence, but also increase your visibility in organic searches.
  4. Create your presence on social channels
    Choose a social media channel that is popular among your customers and audiences and use it fully to promote your brand. It can be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or WhatsApp.
  5. Do some online advertising
    Try Facebook and Google advertising. It instantly brings results, leads and traffic. This is the fastest way to convert your prospects well before you appear on organic searches.

C. Other innovative methods
Apart from these, there are some other innovative methods as well that you can try to attract customers.

      1. Leverage influencer marketing through word of mouth
        Use your existing customers to act as your brand ambassadors. Offer “real” and “valuable” incentives for every sale you close through those customers. You can also use them to distribute your flyers etc. Reward the people, who mention your brand in their public meetings and social gatherings. Run campaigns like, bring 5 customers and take your free gift, etc.
      2. Offer free gifts, discounts and deals
        This is a great way to promote your business. “Free” is a magic word in the world of business, use it to your advantage. Look for opportunities to offer freebies.
      3. Arrange contests

    Contests are a great way to attract customers. Arrange both offline and online contest. Use your creativity.

    4. Share your knowledge

    Sharing knowledge is a great way to promote yourself and your business. You can use a blog, a Vlog(video blog)            or an event to share your knowledge. Make sure it offers value to your customers.

    Final thoughts
    There is a long list of tips you can try to promote your business and attract customers. We have tried to present  all the valuable information at one place. Most of these tips can be tried by startups and cash strapped small businesses. You can learn digital marketing through Google itself. Pour some passion into it and see the magic.