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The online consumer market has witnessed massive upswing in its development all over the world. The pandemic and the subsequent stall in usual business activities have further fueled the growth of online shopping and transactions. And this surge is especially palpable in emerging economies such as Egypt. The country is witnessing an astronomical rise in its online commerce segment. +50% percent of its population is already using the internet and the penetration rate is expected to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming time period. With its massive population of nearly 100 million and the dramatic growth of internet users, Egypt presents an excellent opportunity for online businesses. It also provides ample scope for online business service providers.

In order to empower the Egyptian online business community with a leading solution, EFG Hermes has joined hands with PayTabs, a leading online service provider in the Middle East. Here’s how this collaboration can help you grow your business online:

  • Offers Seamless Online Payment Process:

    The collaboration between EFG Hermes and PayTabs seeks to make the process of online payments in Egypt smoother, faster and more accessible. With the growth in ecommerce sector, there is adequate scope for this collaboration to make its mark. Both companies deploy latest technologies and tools to make this process seamless. Furthermore, the collaboration resulted in an initiative that grants setup, integration and operations of an online payment gateway completely free of charge during the final quarter of the year for SMEs.


  • Integrated Services:

    The partnership between EFG Hermes and PayTabs ensures that you are able to get a wide range of services with just one contact, PayTabs Egypt. This solution will enable you to integrate its offerings and enhance your business’s synergies. Your business can offer an all-encompassing payment solution to your clients by removing the requirement to interact with multiple vendors, this new collaboration not only helps you save your time and energy, but also cut your expenditures.


  • Ensures Transaction Security:

    Owing to the ever-increasing threat of cyber-attacks, it is important that your business is able to provide data protection services to your clients. Your business requires safeguarding of its own data as well. In such a situation, it is vital that you choose your online payment services providers carefully. PayTabs Egypt is known for using state of the art software to provide protection against cyber hacks and attacks. Its emphasis on security ensures that all tools are up to date and ready to withstand any kind of attack. The collaboration aims to protect both data and funds for all the parties involved.


If you own an ecommerce platform in Egypt that you think qualifies for the SME initiative, apply here

Know more about PayTabs

PayTabs: PayTabs is a top online payment service provider in UAE. While the firm mainly focuses on Small and Medium Enterprises, it offers its services to a wide range of other businesses as well. The company is ever expanding to provide latest services to its clients. PayTabs makes it fast, safe and efficient to make and receive online payments anywhere, anytime, and even track your business’s financial health on a single platform.

The collaboration between these two stalwarts is expected to add a new edge to the online commerce segment in Egypt. With the launch of PayTabs Egypt, businesses of all types and sizes will be able to access cutting-edge online payment services in a holistic manner.

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Join PayTabs at Rise Up Summit 2019 in Cairo, Egypt

Join PayTabs at Rise Up Summit 2019 in Cairo, Egypt

Rise Up Summit 2019, the MENA region’s biggest entrepreneurial event of the year, will be held at the American University of Cairo this December. In its seventh run this year, the three-day event will kick off on 5th of December and conclude on 7th December. The Summit aims to provide a platform for startups and other businesses to exchange ideas and resources with one another, providing a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to collaborate and promote their businesses in the regional ecosystem. This year’s Summit will feature more panels, talks, workshops and fireside chats than ever before, all under the theme #JourneytoGrowth, which aims to showcase all the various approaches to sustainable growth and scalability pursued throughout the regional ecosystem.

The Agenda

With a focus on startup culture and innovation, the Rise Up Team have assembled a jam-packed lineup of local, regional, and international speakers, who will take part in presentations, panels and workshops grouped under seven main tracks: FinTech, Emerging Tech, Tech 4 Humans, Creative Culture, Creative Economies, Growth Hacks, and Smart Capital.

There will also be scheduled ‘satellite’ events which will extend beyond the three-days. The satellite events will held across Cairo at several innovation hotspots. Hosted by the movers and shakers of the city, these forums plan to acquaint attendees with the startup ecosystem in the country. The events will also shine a light on different local communities in their own workspaces. The pre-summit events are aimed at providing the backdrop to the main event while in-Summit satellite events are focused on providing an extension to the action happening during the main event. Post-summit satellites will allow participants to keep the momentum going by offering finishing touches to their achievements during the main summit.

The Launchpad section of the event is aimed at providing a unique platform to attendees for making them heard. Here, you can make your own announcements for networking and creating new connections. Whether you are planning to launch a new product or have just received a new round of funding, Rise Up Summit will give you the opportunity to let it be known to everyone. Further, you can also network for the purpose of mergers and acquisitions to fuel your growth. 

Why Attend

Rise Up Summit provides an excellent opportunity to network. Networking events during the Summit will ensure you can meet people sharing your interests and ideas. Rise Up Summit also offers a unique platform to learn and be inspired as it features many inspirational speakers from all walks of life. The main aim of the event is to provide exposure to cultivate ideas and projects in different fields. Talks, panels, and workshops will focus on a wide range of subjects such as “How to Be Investor Ready” or “How to Write a Book?” for example.

The event will have a lineup of highly influential speakers focusing on the Middle East and Africa (MENA) region. Catch them on one of the four stages set up at the summit. The talks are divided into 7 tracks which are Creative Culture, Creative Economies, Fintech, Emerging Tech, Tech 4 Humans, Growth Hacks and Smart Capital. Catch one for in-depth information or attend them all to gain the most comprehensive knowledge about the latest event, choice is all yours


PayTabs is an award winning, B2B Saudi-based company that facilitates processing of online payments securely and efficiently in 168 currencies. PayTabs offers clients services to seamlessly ‘plug and play’ various features on to their websites. It prides itself on offering simple and efficient invoicing services for merchants and professionals.

If you are a small or medium business or even a large enterprise that is looking for an affordable payment gateway for your business and want to talk payments during the event; the PayTabs Egypt team will be on hand to answer all your questions. So visit the PayTabs booth at the event, grab yourself a cupcake and talk to the local team about how their global payment solutions can help power your business through.
Please also join PayTabs General Manager, Egypt Operations, Hany Soliman at a special panel discussion to find out the future of fintech in the MENA region on 7 December 2019.

PayTabs Payment Gateway Option for Egypt

PayTabs Payment Gateway Option for Egypt

By the end of 2019, there will be 50.7 million internet users in Egypt. With the rise in internet penetration, users will spend more time browsing social media, learning courses and skills, and shopping online. Evidently, digital payment will also witness a tremendous boost. PayTabs is working relentlessly to be a contributor in the digital payment revolution in Egypt.

If you are planning to integrate a payment gateway into your online store, mobile shopping app, or any other venture, look no further than PayTabs – a payment gateway facilitating smart and convenient online payment solutions. Why PayTabs deserves your attention? Read on to know more.

Smart Payment Options

The era of online transactions began with credit and debit card payments. The times have changed and now, there are numerous payment methods available for making an online transaction. By the end of 2018, alternative payment methods (APMs) will constitute 59 percent of all the online transactions. The popular payment methods include digital wallets, online banking, peer-to-peer transactions, gift vouchers, EMI payments, POS payments, and a few others.

PayTabs understands the importance of APMs. Therefore, it offers various alternative payment options in Egypt – such as Visa, MasterCard, SADAD, AliPay, WeChat Pay, UnionPay, and others. Besides these APMs, PayTabs allows merchants to transact in 168 currencies. You can indulge in the export and import of products and services without worrying about online transactions.

PayTabs facilitates payment collection within 24 hours via different modes of payment. There is a provision for generating invoices and sending these to your customers. Whether you have a website or not, online invoicing is available for taking payments online. If your business revolves around subscription-based services, use PayTabs to collect recurring payments.

The Smart Dashboard assists in analyzing sales performance. You can check out completed transactions, pending transactions, and failed transactions. Identify the most popular payment methods. This will allow you to strategize for a higher conversion rate.

Seamless Integration

Payment gateway integration is a deciding factor when it comes to selecting an online payment processor. Whether you own a website, a mobile app, or a brick-and-mortar store in Egypt; a payment gateway should integrate and perform seamlessly. PayTabs is compatible with e-commerce websites such as Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, CS.cart, OpenCart, and others. There are dedicated e-commerce plugins that integrate with these e-commerce platforms. You just have to customize it according to your requirements.

And if you have developed your own website using any other script or platform, you can use PayTabs APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). These APIs integrate with the website without any hassles. Similarly, there are PayTabs SDKs (Software Development Kits) that integrate with mobile apps. There are dedicated iOS and Android SDKs for mobile apps available on both iOS and Android.

PayTabs takes care of customer experience as well. The iFrame on-page checkout feature prevents any redirects and allows customers to pay then and there. This saves time and ensures a seamless user experience. To increase conversion rate and prevent cart abandonment, it is highly recommended to integrate PayTabs Express Checkout window in your e-com website. While customers browse your online store, the checkout window keeps hovering on the screen, providing quick access when it’s time to check out.

Robust Security & Support

Confidentiality, privacy, and security are inevitable aspects of payment gateways. PayTabs is one of the online payment processors that deploy the latest and most effective security protocols to maintain confidentiality, privacy, and security of individuals transacting on an online store.

The majority of the online transactions are secured with 3D Secure Authentication to prevent any financial frauds. In addition to these, Dual Layer Fraud Protection & Management further strengthens security aspects. PayTabs adheres to the international security protocols. It complies with PCI-DSS norms and deploys DigiCert EV SSL certification for the stringent encrypted environment.

PayTabs – The Best Payment Gateway in Egypt

As the residents of Egypt are showing an interest in online transactions, it is the right time to integrate a payment gateway into your website. With its many payment features, ease of integration, seamless compatibility, and compliance with security protocols, PayTabs enables merchants to reap maximum benefits from their online business.