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PayTabs: Not Just Any Payment Gateway

PayTabs: Not Just Any Payment Gateway

“People are the best show in the world. And you don’t even pay for the ticket.” – Charles Bukowski

There are two elements in that quote which resonates with the core business philosophy of PayTabs, i.e. People and Payments. PayTabs began as an idea with the sole mission to create a simple and secure platform for people and organizations to transact around the world.

At the heart of it, the mission seems simple enough, after all people are buying and selling in the new digital economy all the time. But the faultlines begin to appear once you deep dive into solving the problems of the payments processing industry, fuelled by the rapid e-commerce growth globally.

The problems are pretty striking when you look at it from a bird’s eye view:

  • Gap in the market in the context of multiple currencies being accepted as payments by an ecommerce platform.
  • End to end authorization, technology, infrastructure and services in the payments space being offered by a single solution provider: There aren’t that many players.
  • Security and Fraud Prevention is a major concern for the industry.
  • Not many alternative payments options available with majority of competitors in the industry.
  • Last but not the least, hidden charges by many competitors brings ambiguity to the minds of the merchants.

In the view of the above problems, PayTabs has created products which solve all of the above problems and thereby providing a breakthrough for the industry:

  • 160+ Currencies accepted on the platform.
  • Whether it’s multiple channels, schemes, acquiring banks, multiple shopping cart platforms, security infrastructure and systems, risk management and merchant services, we have you covered in all aspects in the context of building, operating and growing your e-commerce business.
  • Dual layers of fraud management infrastructure, dedicated fraud and account management.
  • 130+ alternative payments options designed to intelligent recommend you options that support your overall business goals.
  • No hidden charges whatsoever, we are completely transparent in our pricing.

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How’s Fintech Accelerating the Digital India Vision!

How’s Fintech Accelerating the Digital India Vision!

Digital India has been at the very heart of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision and the Fintech Industry has been at the forefront of that vision by enabling technologies that fundamentally change the way Indians transact in the new economy.  The statistics point to a large scale Fintech movement taking shape in India:

  • The Indian Fintech industry is poised to grow to $2.4 Billion by 2020.
  • The total transaction value of the entire Indian Fintech industry is forecasted to reach $73 Billion in 2020 growing at a CAGR of 22%

The tremendous talent advantage that India has coupled with the cost benefit provides a lucrative proposition for Fintech start-ups to sprout in India or to have bases in India. The increasing adoption of Fintech technologies by the large base of Indian consumers has positioned India as an attractive market worldwide. The primary players of any Fintech ecosystem include the following

  • Government & Regulators
  • Investors
  • Financial Institutions
  • Incubators, Accelerators, Innovation Hubs
  • Start-ups
  • Tech Vendors

For any upcoming industry to thrive in a vast and complex country like India there needs to be enough impetus from the government in terms of policies, infrastructure and taxes to build confidence among entrepreneurs.

In a diverse economy such as India, a wide range of Fintech products and services are required to cover the needs of a diverse demographic. Fortunately, India has the entire range of new age Fintech products and services, be it insurance financial services marketplaces, payment gateways, mobile wallets and payment aggregators.

As a testimony to the Indian market, PayTabs has recently started operations in India and you can experience the full scale of PayTabs’ global payment processor for receiving international payments by signing up for a free demo. We are a leading enabler in connecting Indian merchants to buyers across the world.

Data Sources: KPMG India Fintech Report



5 Key Factors Driving Online Payments in UAE

5 Key Factors Driving Online Payments in UAE

The recent surge in global online payments has been pretty evident across the world and the growth has been driven by stupendous growth in e-commerce transactions done in the Middle East. In fact, in one of our earlier posts, when we clearly stated that as per Capgemini’s World Payments Report 2017, the global growth in non-cash transactions has been driven by CEMEA (Central Europe, Middle East and Africa) & Emerging Asia, with UAE paying a leading role as the biggest contributor to growth in e-commerce and online payments.

The following 5 factors are driving the growth of online payments in UAE:

Increased Card Penetration:

The number of cards being used for any transaction has in fact risen to 10% of all transactions in the UAE and most of the transactions are being done online.

Growing Tourism:

UAE attracts a whole host of tourists and they always tend to pay online for most of their services like hotel booking and air ticketing.

Large upwardly mobile expat population:

The UAE has long been a global melting pot which is a testimony to the large expat population who are more tech savvy and purchase online.

Macro-economic scenarios:

The flattening of oil prices has meant that the country is diversifying its economy and focusing more on new age sectors such as e-commerce which has been aided by robust internet and smartphone penetration in the country.

Demographic Dividend:

The UAE has a relatively young population. Roughly about 24% of its 9 million+ population are below 24 years of age. Therefore it comes as no surprise that significant population in the UAE transact and pay online and pay online.

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PCI-DSS: Does it sound Greek to you?

PCI-DSS: Does it sound Greek to you?

Ever seen the green logo at the bottom of the checkout page for an e-commerce site? The PCI-DSS logo. You must have wondered what does the logo signify? Well, it is a mark of authentic security verification for the site and all the payment gateways associated with the particular site.

PCI-DSS stands for Payment Cards Industry- Data Security Standard. It is a worldwide industry body which verifies the security measures in place with regards to a payment gateway, an e-commerce site and banks as well. The certification and compliance measures are executed through globally approved scanning vendors of PCI-DSS.

One such vendor goes by the name of SISA, which recently audited PayTabs’ India office and ensured that operations in the particular office meets their security standards. SISA is a vendor which operates across the globe for PCI-DSS.

The PCI-DSS certification & compliance helps instill confidence among the uconsumer to provide their card details to the site or the payment gateway, because the card data is SSL encrypted or TLS 1.2 encrypted, thereby ensuring maximum security for the consumer’s card data.

The basic parameter of a PCI-DSS audit is to check for devices within the organization which has the potential to store, process and transact card data. No card data should be stored openly in any of the devices in an organization. All data should be in encrypted format. The CVV of a particular card should not be stored under any circumstances.

Last but not the least, the PCI council which consists of leading payments solutions providers such as MasterCard, Visa, Amex, JCB, RuPay and Dicover.

As a customer, whenever you are using your card details or bank details on any site or payment gateway, it is imperative for you to check for PCI-DSS certification/data encryption denotion.

To gain more insight on the security imperative for payment gateways, click here.

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Invoicing in a Jiffy!

Invoicing in a Jiffy!

As a merchant, one of your primary concerns is the invoice generation for your customers, who has placed bulk orders or offline orders with you, for the products you have sold or the services you have delivered. Especially, you are in the space of taking international orders, it is a necessity to have an invoicing system that works for you and takes care of multiple currencies and has provision for multiple customizations and itemizations as per your requirement.

Over the years, with the advent and penetration of e-invoicing, the transactional process between a merchant and a buyer has been made easier. Automated workflows help you save time and receive payments faster and leads to reduced exceptions and disputes.  All in all, switching from manual to e-invoicing is a win-win proposition for you that enable your business grow.

Don’t pay heed to certain misconceptions in the marketplace that paints a picture of e-invoicing being only for businesses that have a website. That’s not true. If you are a brick and mortar business, you can still benefit from e-invoicing without owning a website or a marketplace. In fact, it is not just convenient; an optimum e-invoicing solution comes with user friendly features such as logo, discounting systems, taxes, invoice terms, etc.

Ideally, an e-invoicing solution should provide you with multiple benefits:

  • Manage Multiple Invoices
  • Recurring Invoices
  • Speed, Reliability and Security when it comes to payments
  • Single Dashboard for all your transactions

Besides the above, an intelligent invoicing solution should help you keep a track of your productivity through financial reporting which results in better financial management, apart from providing real time financial analysis.

PayTabs has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the invoicing space with an intelligent and robust solution known as PayPage which adds tremendous value for merchants. Click here to learn more about PayPage and Sign Up for a Free Demo!