The Definitive Guide to Influencer Marketing for eCommerce Stores

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Influencer marketing is a relatively new concept in Ecommerce. However, it has gained widespread popularity in a short period of time. It has also emerged as one of the most efficient methods of marketing. A number of surveys have pointed out that more and more people are affected by the messages conveyed by social influencer. In order to increase the scope of your business, it is important that you are conversant with the various nuances of influencer marketing. So here are some tips which can help you bring the best out of your collaborators.

What is an Influencer: It is important to know what an influencer is and how influencer marketing works.  Generally, the concept of influencer marketing is confused with celebrity marketing, but both are drastically different approaches. Influencers generally have much smaller following but have more intimate contact with their base. Influencers also have very specialized following as they generally promote very specific areas of interests. With influencer marketing, you can target your market in a very granulated manner. The conversion rate for influencer marketing is also higher than most other forms of marketing due to this reason.

Know Your Market: like with any other marketing tool, even influencer marketing’s success depends on how well you know your market. In order to design a powerful campaign, it is important to be aware of unique features of your target market. Further, you should also know your market well enough to segregate that into smaller units with varied features. Such micro segregation is important to personalize your marketing campaign. Markets may be defined on different basis such as income, age or education level. Such study of the market allows you to design your campaign in a more personalized manner.

Identify the Influencer: once you have identified the discerning features of your target market, you can prepare the shortlist of the influencers in the segment. There are several criterion which can help you identify the influencers which are best suited for your product. In order to create maximum impact, you should try to steer clear of influencers who are already engaged with a large number of products. In such a case, it is highly likely that your product message will be highly diluted. There are several tools available which can provide you with the list of influencers working in your area. It is also important to look at the composition of their followers so as to ensure that your marketing efforts are targeted towards the right kind of people.

Differentiate the Influencers: influencers come in all shapes and sizes. To reap the most benefits it is essential that you differentiate between different types of influencers and choose the right ones fit for your requirements. It is important that your influencer has sizable following, otherwise your marketing efforts will not be cost optimized. Further, you should also look at type and level of engagement provided. Your influencer should be regular in providing updates to their fan following so that your messages reach their target audience in a prompt manner. It should be noted that while influencers have smaller following than celebrities they are able to provide more personal touch to your brand and products.

Craft your Influencer Message: you should closely work with your influencer to create the most compelling message for your campaign. First off, the endorsement should come from the influencer as it contains most genuine impression. Such endorsements are more personal in nature and thus are easily differentiated from mass promotion on products. Once they have prepared their own endorsement, you can work together to make the message more effective. Some of the main techniques to do so are to incorporate the links to your page and to offer special discounts. However, the task is not done once the message is disseminated, you can further increase the potential by sharing such messages on your own platform as well.

Influencer marketing is amongst the most promising upcoming marketing techniques. It is important that you measure your output and evaluate it accordingly. This step will let you identify your star performers. In the case of others, constant evaluation will let you find out the weak spots and address them.

Holiday SEO Tips: Make It Big on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Holiday SEO Tips: Make It Big on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Holiday season is here and it is the time to boost your revenue stream to end the year with a big bang. The season is full of different festive occasions to let you market your products in an innovative manner. Whether it is the Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you and your business should be prepared to provide the best services to your customers during this rush time. The online sales volume during this time period is on the upward trajectory and tends to set a record every new year. So, here are some SEO tips to help you make the best of this holiday time period.

Review Your SEO Strategy: the holiday season is the perfect time to unleash your creative potential. However, before you put all your ideas into practice, it is advisable to review your existing SEO strategies. You can start by optimizing the technical credentials of your website and fix the ways your pages are crawled and indexed. This exercise will form the foundation of finally getting your website properly ranked. You should work towards resolving your 404 error page issues and fix broken links, if any, on your websites. Further, to ensure that your website works smoothly during holiday rush hours, you should optimize meta tags and add appropriate keywords to your content.

List Holiday Specific Keywords: once you have optimized the bare bones your websites, it is time to introduce keywords to the content on your website. First off, you need to prepare a hit list of holiday related keywords. There are various resources available which can help you identify these keywords. Next step is to incorporate these keywords into your content in a seamless way. It is important that such keywords blend smoothly into your website and do not seem to be planted. You can also customize these keywords according to specific holiday you are preparing for.

Spruce up your Landing Page: landing pages are your first interaction with your potential customers, so it is important to get the first impression right. You can incorporate keywords into the data provided on landing page. It is also imperative that you design your website landing page with appropriate keywords, meta tags and descriptions. An attractive headline can keep your customers interested in exploring your website further. Some other recommended SEO tactics in this regard are the use of timestamps where you announce upcoming big events. This will not only entice your customers but also make them coming back for more. You should also ensure that your landing page has appropriate key words embedded.

Integrate SEO with your Marketing Plan: In order to get the best performance during your holiday season, it is important that your holiday marketing strategy makes appropriate use of SEO.  Such integrated policy would mean that you make optimal use of social media as well, which, in turn, should be aligned with paid advertisement strategy. This omni channel approach to holiday marketing planning will help you make the best of this time period. For this purpose, it is also advisable to properly analyze previous year’s trends.

Go Mobile Friendly: as more and more people are now opting for mobile shopping, it is important that your website is mobile friendly. Alternatively, you can think about investing in the development of your own app so that you are able to harness the ever growing mobile market. you may be required to make certain changes such as optimizing the size of various graphics and media used in your website. Further, your website content should also be AMP optimized to provide proper results. SEO is all the more important for mobile shopping as users tend to make more intensive use of search engines on their mobiles.

Review and Rework: once you have implemented your SEO strategy, it is imperative that you review it to ensure that all the details are going on as required. You can use several tools such as Google Analytics for this purpose, which will let you know the performance of various webpages. If there are any broken links, you should take prompt steps to fix them. Following an integrated strategy will help you achieve or even surpass your holiday season revenue goals.

Digital Marketing: Key for an e-Commerce Startup

Digital Marketing: Key for an e-Commerce Startup

You have a great idea; you have registered your name and your business; you have complied with the tax regulations, you have chosen a brand name, you have signed up for your domain, you are developed your website, you have selected a shopping cart plugin for your site or developed your own shopping cart, you have selected your payment gateway you have stocked your inventory.

Now you are all set! Your maiden e-commerce venture is about to begin! But, how do you get the word out that you are a new e-commerce venture and how do you attract customers to buy from your website, whether it is a marketplace or a single store. The answer lies in Marketing. Considering all forms of marketing available nowadays, the most effective form is to market through the digital form, especially social media.

The following factors are the reasons why you should concentrate on digital marketing:

  1. Variety of Content:

    As a business, you would have multiple forms of content that you can leverage to educate the consumer about differentiating factors of your e-commerce platform, be it blogs, infographics, images, etc…. From a content creation standpoint, focus on the USP of your platform and the experience that your platform provides.

  2. Pervasiveness of Search Engines:

    Most consumers search online looking for products to buy. Hence it is an imperative for your e-commerce platform to be SEO friendly. You should have optimized all the pages of your site/platform to be picked up by Google/Bing/Yahoo. Well, the most popular search engine is Google, therefore optimization of product pages on your site is a necessity. Most importantly, ensure your site has a search bar for any consumer to search for a specific product they are looking for. Search engine crawlers tend to rank sites higher with a product search option. This also enables your site’s product page to be featured for product searches done on the search engine.

  3. Analytics and Targeting:

    The role of analytics in the digital marketing space has grown over the years and it proves to be a great barometer of consumer assessment. You can often target a consumer who spends more time on your site by pushing out relevant ads of the product pages he has browsed, through remarketing (either google remarketing or facebook remarketing).

  4. Growth of Social Media:

    It is a no brainer that social media platforms such as facebook or twitter have grown to become hubs for consumer conversations. It adds value to have a strong social media presence and market yourself effectively on social media to create awareness about your new e-commerce venture.

  5. Social Listening:

    Using advanced social media listening tools to gain insights about your consumer, as in picking up clues from his conversations, actions, etc… Social listening tools enable you to keep a tab on your competitor and their navigation of the digital space. It is a must for analysing consumer behaviour and analysing competition.

  6. Video Marketing:

    Videos in the digital world are known to capture the consumer’s attention in a very short span of time. Video content can be used for paid/non-paid digital advertising leading the consumer to go to the site and browse through or purchase. It pays to invest in video marketing, as the ROI over a period is going to be highly profitable for you.

As you can gauge by now, digital marketing is an intrinsic lever to grow your e-commerce business. What are you waiting for? Start now! Subscribe to our blog to gain more insights on e-commerce. You can also sign up for a demo of our Payments Solution to understand the value that we can bring to your e-commerce venture.