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Hello from PayTabs,

I trust you, your family and loved ones are safe and sound and observing the safety recommendations during the exceptional circumstances brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. As the situation continues to unfold around the world, I wanted to reach out and personally update you on how we at PayTabs are supporting our employees, partners and you—our valued customers.


PayTabs primary concern and our highest priority has been and always will be the health, safety, and success of our merchants, partners and employees. I care deeply about the safety of my team, their families and close friends as it is the foundation of everything and this is why we have activated our remote working policy and requested all PayTabbers across all our global offices to work from home.

I always believe that business will have its own ups and downs and the economy will adapt and transform, but our people are our most important asset and should be protected and safe at all times.

As such, we have made some positive arrangements to ensure our employees stay safe, well sanitized and are able to support your business operations with the high level of service you’ve come to expect from us as your trusted payment solutions provider.


We have established a mandatory remote working policy with the appropriate technology platforms, infrastructure and online devices to ensure your and our comprehensive business continuity. Our engineering teams are well equipped to perform their tasks when working remotely. We’re confident that our payment systems and procedures will continue to seamlessly support customers and partners during this time.

Our customer and tech support teams will be on hand to assist your business needs during our usual business hours. Our account managers (who are only a phone call or email away) have the resources required and are dedicated to serving you.


And now for some good news, here’s an overview of a major initiative our team has been putting together behind their remote working desks to ensure that we support your online business and during these unique times of disruption:

We have launched for the first time in the Gulf region our #Stayathome and sell from your living room initiative. This will empower micro businesses, freelancers and small merchants with payment methods or tools to sell from the comfort of their homes in these trying times.

We hope these and other positive initiatives will assure you of our continued commitment to serving you, our e-tailers during this period. Please rest assured that you, our valued customers are at the forefront of every decision we make.


If we try looking back to what led to the location dependency in the past, it will point us in the direction of the limited availability of technology and infrastructure. Lack of technology advancement mandated that work environments had to be “central” as opposed to being flexible.

The digital era has given tools to companies of all segments across all industries. Because of the internet of things, we can work remotely, from any corner of the world and still feel like we’re contributing. Based on a report by PwC, 64% of millennials would like the opportunity to work from home. Take for instance the example set by freelancers, digital experts and content creators like graphic designers, web developers, bloggers and writers who work remotely.  Availability of high-speed internet, cloud-based applications and flexible spaces made this viable.

Distributed teams are composed of employees who work remotely from all around the world rather than being centralized. Did you know that WordPress runs 100% distributed teams? That means everyone works from home, or more precisely, from wherever in the world they wish.

We are all guilty of checking our emails on a vacation or while traveling for business. In fact, isn’t that what we do the moment we get off a flight? We look for connectivity. We are virtually connected without even realizing it and our location is no longer a limitation.

The virus has re-enforced a message. We have arrived into a new era of hyper connectivity. How many of us are ready?

Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this pandemic. We wish them a full and speedy recovery, and we remain inspired by those on the front lines in healthcare, transportation services, government, and many others who are caring for people around the world.

Stay safe and my best wishes for your continued health and business success.

Abdulaziz Al Jouf

CEO & Founder


PayTabs collaborates with DHL for the Benefits of its Partner Merchants

PayTabs collaborates with DHL for the Benefits of its Partner Merchants

Shipping costs are rising year after year and because of this, many merchants are finding it difficult to afford it. To make matters worse, goods often don’t reach their destinations on time. While many are affected by this, the merchants especially are feeling the heat. When the economy is booming, you need your goods and services to move at a fast and reliable pace. However, while slow and unpredictable shipping is beginning to have a domino effect on the growth potential of the economy, its rising cost is reducing the average customer’s spending power.

PayTabs partners with DHL

Especially, in a country like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia merchants add so much to the economy and they are gravely concerned about these shipping issues. But now, they need not worry much as we, their trusted partner, PayTabs have brought them a solution. The good news for the business owners who are active PayTabs merchants in KSA is that PayTabs has joined hands with one of the world’s largest logistics company, DHL to especially provide our merchant partners based in Saudi Arabia, a very special offer. With this new offer, they can now get their documents, packages, and shipments delivered locally or globally for less. Keeping the needs of our partners in mind, we negotiated the rates for domestic and international cargo and can assure you that we have brought you a deal that is going to benefit you a lot in the longer run.

The offer will be valid until May 1, 2020, or until otherwise informed. To reiterate, the offer is applicable for active PayTabs merchants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia only. Lastly, we want to clarify that while PayTabs is facilitating the offer, any queries or concerns about shipping or handling can be directed to the friendly support team at DHL who are always on hand to help.

PayTabs, as a leading payment gateway for websites that sell products or services, continues to strive to find solutions for anything that might be bothering our partners. Quite recently we took some measures to help our friends find more ground online via our social media outreach program that involves interaction with potential customers and clients from all corners of the world.

Our #Payshout campaign takes your content to a whole new level on various social media platforms, gives your brand new audience groups and boost your brand awareness. Similarly, when we realized the huge losses our merchants were incurring because of the sluggish yet extremely expensive shipping, we thought of joining forces with DHL. When we began offering a variety of payment options, we wanted our partners to reach out to millions of customers across the globe and promise them a hassle-free shopping experience.

Today, our associates enjoy the power of having the world of payments at their fingertips (accepting 168 currencies) courtesy our innovative and tech-savvy payments solutions. Now, with our new tie-up, the active PayTabs merchants don’t have to waste their precious time in evaluating the market rates and service reviews of different international courier companies. They can now simply use the services of DHL, a global market leader in the logistics industry, with ease and at substantially lower costs.

We are known for going out of our way to do our bit in making the lives of our partners easier and that’s why we are such a loved brand and we will continue to do our best. If you still aren’t, we welcome you to join the growing PayTabs family!

Benefits of being a PayTabs channel partner

Benefits of being a PayTabs channel partner

‘If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together.’ A companion is necessary in the journey of life. We couldn’t agree more! At PayTabs, our goal is to walk far and long, and that was the premise behind creating PayTabs channel partner program. This program gives you an opportunity to earn money while referring to PayTabs payment solutions. A mutually beneficial relationship at its very best!

What is the PayTabs partner program?

The PayTabs partner program was created to be a mutually beneficial arrangement between you and the company. Under this program, you become a channel partner with PayTabs payment solutions company in order to promote PayTabs as an online payment solution to your merchants. That is, you as a partner will be required to refer PayTabs online payment solutions to merchants. In return, you will be paid commission based on the monthly transactional amount.

Once you register as a PayTabs channel partner, you can start promoting instantly. The online payment solutions can be promoted through your website, advertisements, personal contacts and blogs. Once the merchants begin using PayTabs as per your referral, your payments will be processed on a monthly basis.

What are the benefits of becoming a channel partner?

  • It is a simple and easy way to earn some extra income by referring products and services of PayTabs.
  • As a PayTabs channel partner, you receive exposure to online marketing.
  • By becoming a channel partner, you enable yourself to offer comprehensive solutions to your own clients.
  • Give your customers access to globally recognized products and services.
  • By registering under the PayTabs Partner Directors, you get the exclusive opportunity to reach out to new customers.
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest highlights and proceedings in the PayTabs services, and also get exposure to the latest industry insights.
  • PayTabs provides you with a committed relationship manager with the sole purpose of providing support to the partners.
  • PayTabs provides a fully automated system through which referrals, transactions etc. can be easily monitored.
  • Get global recognition amongst partners for your achievements.
  • Get exclusive tools, support, and services that enable you to provide better solutions to your customers.
  • Special training and guidance from experts to help you provide better customer service and satisfaction.

The PayTabs channel partner program not only gives you the opportunity to earn good money but also provides you with all tools and support that you will need in order to achieve your goals. By partnering with PayTabs, you can make a ton of extra cash just by referring our online payment solutions to merchants, while we grow our client base.

With the special training and support that is provided by PayTabs to its partners, in addition to several ways in which you receive global exposure and recognition for your hard work, the PayTabs channel partner program is an opportunity not to be missed! A mutually beneficial program, becoming a PayTabs channel partner is a win-win for all!

Selling to international customers? How to cross borders with PayTabs

Selling to international customers? How to cross borders with PayTabs

With the advent of internet and eCommerce, selling in your backyard is equated with selling in another country. The medium of sale is the same – your website. But then comes the actual legwork of ensuring your product reaches its customer and the money reaches your bank account. There are a lot of minor but significant factors at play here. Marketing, packaging, currency conversion, shipping, taxes, local duties and more make a small business wonder if they are really capable of taking on the complex world of export trade.

Depending on what you are selling, you’ll need partners in each of these spheres who can support you when you start (when the business may not be much but you’ll need the same degree of professional support) and continue supporting you when your business expands and you need high-tech support points.

If you are thinking of taking your products to international shores, here are a few things to keep in mind before you cross borders

  1. Identify markets for your products

Though you may already have a rough idea of where to start, it is always good to back business decisions with data. Where possible, find out about competitors selling in the market and what their on-ground sales have been like. This allows you to make a fair projection of what your sales can be. Now you’ll be able to prioritise markets where you need to enter first based on the expected sales volume.

A successful initial entry matters a lot. It gives you the confidence to push forward and also helps convincing future clients that you sell quality products that are accepted in multiple countries.

For example, the food import laws in several countries are quite stringent. You’ll not only need FDA clearances but also ensure your packaging has all the relevant information that is mandatory for the particular country. During your application, you may even have to specifically mention countries where the particular item has been refused entry.

  1. Identify a local distribution partner / retailer

Many start-ups may not have the means to set up a local office unless the conditions are proven viable. For initial market entry, it is best to go with a local distribution partner. These channel partners should be experienced personnel who can give you a taste of what your future sales can look like. They can also be your resource who can provide intelligence on how to tweak things and make it work.

  1. Understand generic laws and tax laws in each country related to products shipped from your country

Even if your product is sold in a particular international market, there may be specific laws applied to products that are shipped from your country. This may include but not limit to taxes, duties and other general laws on quality and quantity.

  1. Identify a shipping partner

Shipping is a biggie. First, you need to get the packaging right which is acceptable to the country you are shipping to. Second, you need someone who has a reputation for timely delivery. Third, you need to work with someone who can initially deliver small quantities and then grow with you to deliver bigger shipments when your market expands. Lastly, shipping costs can eat into your profits, so you’ll need to calculate the shipping partner who provides all of the above at good rates.

  1. Identify a payment partner

After all the groundwork, you’ll need to guide your hard earned money to reach your bank account. For this you’ll first have to ensure that the payment service provider works with multiple countries and currencies, intuitively adds in the most popular wallets in the country, provides easy APIs and makes transfer easy and allows invoicing even if you are on the go. A tall wish list but entirely possible. Sign up for a free demo account here.

There are many things about international sales and export trade that one can learn only from experience. Success isn’t final and failure isn’t fatal if you have an experienced partner to support your journey.